M&P Thai Noodle

1725 SW Hwy 101, Lincoln City, OR 97367
4.50starstarstarstarstar_half210 ratings
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Between 30 and 35 minutes
Delivery Fee
$6.98 within 5.00 miles
Delivery Minimum
Estimated Time
Between 30 and 35 minutes
1725 SW Hwy 101, Lincoln City, OR 97367
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4.50starstarstarstarstar_half210 ratings
starstarstarstarstar Mar 30, 2023
Consistently high quality service, food and flavor. I'm the unlikely event something went wrong, they always fix it - to everyone's satisfaction. Highly recommend!!!
starstarstarstarstar Jan 14, 2023
I get picture updates when my order is ready and this is the ONLY place that can make it spicy enough for me. Thank you !
starstarstarstarstar Nov 25, 2022
Great food, great people, great service!!!
starstarstarstarstar Nov 17, 2022
Great food and very respectful service :)
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Jul 30, 2022
The drunken noodles were dry and almost crunchy in parts of them and the salad roll was just that- lettuce only, couldn’t find any chicken or any other vegetables or herbs that were indicated on the menu description. Plus they have plastic all over the darn restaurant to keep the customer away from them and they placed your food into a plastic box that you had to reach in to to retrieve (no table service) while you were in the restaurant! When I first walked in I was greeted by dirty dishes sitting on a table in one of their dish tubs. They couldn’t walk three more feet to get it into the other area where nobody would see it? The owner was rude and although I was only the one there for takeout he acted as if he had 1 million orders ahead of me. Maybe wait an extra 10 minutes from what I was quoted. Also their doors were confusing as to which one to go in and a customer actually had to tell me I had just walked in the wrong door. I will never go back there again!
starstarstarstarstar Jul 13, 2022
Great food, great people!! Good place for Thai cuisine and friendly service :)
starstarstarstarstar Jul 08, 2022
Delicious food every time! Great service and freshest ingredients always. Thank you!
starstarstarstarstar May 31, 2022
Great Thai place! My preference here is the pho or curries. Appetizers are also very solid. The food and service are very consistently good.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 12, 2022
Thai fried rice is the bomb! Love this place and delivery is fast! ♥️
starstarstarstarstar Feb 19, 2022
Best Thai in Lincoln City!
starstarstarstarstar Jan 07, 2022
Best mango sticky rice I’ve ever had!
starstarstarstarstar_border Dec 27, 2021
Delicious food but small portions
starstarstarstarstar Dec 27, 2021
M & P is consistently perfect in every way. They set the bar for all others.
starstarstarstarstar Oct 27, 2021
So delicious and friendly delivery driver
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Oct 11, 2021
Super spicy when asked for mild. Burnt crab Rangoon and soup had zero flavor.
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Sep 17, 2021
I ordered salad rolls and got some lettuce wrapped in plastic. Literal plastic.
starstarstarstarstar Sep 15, 2021
Absolutely delicious! I had chicken satay with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce with a regular Thai iced tea. Service was great! Food was freakin' delicious, hot and just what I wanted! I'll absolutely stop by again when I come back in town! Thx!!
starstarstarstarstar_border Sep 06, 2021
Beyond menu made them late
starstarstarstarstar Aug 30, 2021
Good service and very tasty food
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Aug 15, 2021
Honestly, I put spicy, as I like pretty spicy food, but both dishes burned my taste buds they were so hot and every bite made my mouth hotter. I know now to get medium next time. But taste was good.
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Aug 06, 2021
Took over an hour for my order to be picked up and only ordered fried rice.
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Aug 06, 2021
Three items ordered and took over 90 minutes.
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Jul 30, 2021
Poor driver routing. Cold food
starstarstarstarstar Jul 12, 2021
Ooohhhhhh sooooo yummmmmmy.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Jul 10, 2021
Food was cold, nothing to crack crab with so waste of a dish, and took an hour to get our food delivered.. paid a lot as well
starstarstarstarstar Jun 19, 2021
Some seriously delicious Thai food!
starstarstarstarstar_border Jun 19, 2021
Food good, delivered in a timely manor. Soda not cold
starstarstarstarstar May 28, 2021
It was DELICIOUS! Here on vacation and wanted something home cooked for my kids. They did not disappoint, the food was fresh and had great flavor. Awesome job chef!
starstarstarstarstar May 27, 2021
Exceptional quality food! Large portions.
starstarstarstarstar_border May 04, 2021
The food is sooooo delicious! And good customer service, I just wish the portions were bigger.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Apr 27, 2021
Food was bland, lacked flavor. Vegetables were not cooked all way.
starstarstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Apr 19, 2021
The pad thai was WAY too spicy- which says a lot because personally I love spice. The crab cream cheese mixture in the crab puffs was fantastic- however the crab puffs themselves were overcooked.
starstarstarstarstar Apr 13, 2021
Food delivered in a timely manner
starstarstarstarstar Apr 12, 2021
Absolutely delicious.
starstarstarstarstar Apr 06, 2021
Came fast and tasted great
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Apr 03, 2021
Never got the food. They need a new delivery driver. He can't take instructions.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 28, 2021
The scallops were a little cold but I think because they were on top of the noodles. It was still delicious. Perfect spice.
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Mar 28, 2021
We clearly received someone else’s order. There were several missing items and the items we did receive were wrong. We did get yakisoba which we ordered but there was no spice and we ordered it spicy
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Mar 25, 2021
Food didn’t show up in two hours.tried calling no answer.store was sure to get the money and the pretip I left before getting service.... won’t fall for that again.
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Mar 25, 2021
Never received
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Mar 23, 2021
Shrimp was in the wonton soup- now I can't eat it. Sucks to pay $16 for something, to not be able to eat it. The satay is tough & inedible, the rice is very cold and the fried wonton are soggy. So much for dinner after waiting 2 hrs for delivery.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 22, 2021
Amazing food, friendly service. This will definitely become a favorite stop at the coast.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Mar 19, 2021
Food is always great. We order frequently. But this time it took 2 hours to get it delivered. Very disappointed.
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Feb 27, 2021
The food is good but not worth dealing with the rude owner. I have ordered pickup and delivery. The delivery took 90 minutes. I called after 45 minutes to check on it, and the owner was obnoxious.
starstarstarstarstar Feb 19, 2021
M&P Thai is always great!
starstarstarstarstar Jan 01, 2021
My first time ordering from your restaurant. Everything was amazing. Delicious food, big portions and a friendly delivery driver. I can’t wait to try out more of your menu!
Xander C
starstarstarstarstar Jan 01, 2021
Great service and amazing Thai!!! Will order again when down at the beach house again!
starstarstarstarstar Dec 31, 2020
We love M&P Thai and always look forward to our trips to Lincoln city so we can enjoy the food!