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China Kitchen

3451 Peach Orchard Rd, Augusta, GA 30906

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22 ratings


• 6/18/2019
The wonton soup tasted like perfume.The spring rolls and egg rolls were good but the fried rice was bland.The chicken and beef were ok but not good enough to finish.
• 6/15/2019
Debra Overton
• 4/6/2019
Didn't enjoy! none of it
• 12/26/2018
This place always gets the order right. Great food quality and taste, 5* Best price around for chicken wings as well.
• 8/15/2018
My food was great & right on time.
• 7/26/2018
Good food, friendly people
• 5/28/2018
Food was good! On-line ordering was very effective.
• 4/14/2018
Good food. A lot of extra cabbage as garnish in the bottom of my QT of chicken lo mein. Brocolli with Beef and Broccoli was VERY fresh and quite a lot of it and well ballanced with plenty of beef. Made up for the extra cabbage in lo mein. Gen Tso chicken was not spicy at all. At all. other than that it tasted good. Tasted as good as any strip mall take out places. Super friendly and courteous counter service. I would buy from again.
• 3/29/2018
Like most places in Augusta, anything "spicy" has no real heat. The real complaint I have here, though is that I ordered spring rolls and instead got plain cabbage egg rolls. Why the hell does anyone on earth even make plain cabbage egg rolls?
• 10/5/2017
The food was ready for me, and I was offered additional condiments. Overall service was excellent, and the food delicious! Would highly recommend China Kitchen on Peach Orchard.
• 5/25/2017
Order on line and pick up. Love this place!
• 11/13/2016
Everything was delish and none of it made us sick! Win win