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Chef Tan

108 E Main St, Newark, DE 19711

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26 ratings


• 6/9/2019
The pork belly was tough, the portion was small, and did not meet expectations. Also the wontons looks looked like a glob of wonton instead of actual wontons. Do not recommend...
• 3/13/2019
Quick and delicious! Will buy again!
• 11/17/2018
When I got home from picking up my food, turns out they gave me chicken instead of pork. I ordered the “Pork” Dry Pot Dish. Other than messing up my order...the food was great!
• 8/24/2018
This is extremely authentic Chinese food; as a result, It may not be what you're used to. The flavors are great, but they use very little sauce and some odd ingredients (organ meat, stir-fried frogs, etc.). If you're adventurous, the food is great. Sometimes it's just over the top for me, though.
• 5/28/2018
Steamed stuffed buns seemed more like potstickers. I was expecting something different. But I liked them.
• 11/12/2017
Best chinese in Newark
• 3/22/2017
Delivery very fast!
• 2/14/2017
Excellent proper Sichuan. Will deliver utensils, but not plates. Would definitely order again.
• 1/27/2017
The Cumin Beef is absolutely amazing! It is delicious and spicy, and perfect if you love cumin. It's actually more of a craving--at least once a month I have to splurge on lunch and get Cumin Beef. I didn't enjoy the Salt & White Pepper Crispy Chicken as much, partly because the Cumin Beef really outshone it (it is hard to top) and also because the crispiness of the dish didn't survive being in a delivery container. It's hard to take out a crispy dish--it always gets soggy by the time it arrives, but the flavor was good. I am also a fan of the glutinous rice ball dessert (I didn't get it this time, though). The Kung Pao chicken here is also very good. The delivery was very fast, but I noticed that my phone number on the restaurant ticket was wrong (although I checked my original order that I submitted and it was correct there), so that is the only thing that could have been a problem if they needed to call me. Fortunately, they didn't and the food came quickly, delivered by a friendly person. Looking forward to ordering again! :)
• 1/2/2017
The food was delicious and ready in less than 30minutes. Very good and not as greasy as some Chinese. Beyond Menu makes ordering very easy with a complete menu with pricing and invoicing.
• 10/4/2016
Very good authentic Sichuan food.
• 8/20/2016
The ginger shredded duck is definitely not worth $17. The portion is small, with just a little bit of duck meat.