Golden Blossom Buffet

2760 Jefferson Centre Way, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

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Dear customers,

We have been carefully keeping our eye on the ongoing national crisis that is COVID-19. With that in mind, we carefully considered the general health and well- being of our staff, customers, and all of your loved ones. With hope and concern in our horizon, we want to inform you that we will be temporarily closing until we feel it is safe for our customers and staff and until everything is under control according to the CDC.

Thank you all for your kind understanding and please take care of your loved ones and stay healthy.

With love,
Golden Blossom Buffet
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Asian, Chinese
Monday: 10:30 AM - 09:30 PM
Tuesday: 10:30 AM - 09:30 PM
Wednesday: 10:30 AM - 09:30 PM
Thursday: 10:30 AM - 09:30 PM
Friday: 10:30 AM - 09:30 PM
Saturday: 10:30 AM - 09:30 PM
Sunday: 10:30 AM - 09:30 PM
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4.48starstarstarstarstar_half95 ratings


starstarstarstarstar • 6/6/2019
Always terrific and great service.
starstarstarstarstar • 3/29/2019
Amazing as usual.
starstarstarstarstar • 3/29/2019
Always great food and great service.
starstarstarstarstar • 12/23/2018
Always amazing!!!!
starstarstarstarstar_border • 11/25/2018
It was wonderful!
starstarstarstarstar_border • 8/11/2018
Missing an order of large fried rice and the white rice on the side of another order. Other than that, food was good.
starstarstarstarstar • 8/5/2018
Food is always great, alot for your money, people are always sweet as they can be..The best place to get Chinese food in town..
starstarstarstarstar • 6/7/2018
No issues at all using this service.
starstarstarstarstar_border • 5/13/2018
Excellent, hot and ready when I arrived to pick up
starstarstarstarstar_border • 4/13/2018
food leaked inside box and got all over my car seat
starstarstarstarstar • 3/18/2018
It was done quicker than anticipated and it was great!!
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border • 3/13/2018
Soup was delicious. General Tso's Chicken was bland and tough.
starstarstarstarstar • 2/15/2018
The service and food was exceptional!
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border • 2/9/2018
Great people but chicken and broccoli always taste different everyteverytiime I get it
starstarstarstarstar • 1/26/2018
Always enjoy eating here!
starstarstarstarstar • 12/14/2017
starstarstarstarstar • 10/8/2017
I have no complaints about the food. It was still really hot when it was picked up and brought home. Good amount of food for the money. The menu selection wasn't as clear or specific as what it needs to be. I ordered shrimp fried rice and there was a place to add vegetables, the vegetables were on the rice. If I knew that's what I had ordered I probably wouldn't have added the vegtables. Other than that everything was really good
starstarstarstarstar • 9/19/2017
Food is awesome as always!
starstarstarstarstar • 9/8/2017
Food was excellent & staff was very friendly upon arrival to pick up my dinner.
starstarstarstarstar • 6/26/2017
Great service and food as usual!
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border • 6/11/2017
Order was wrong. Forgot our soup and it was chicken fried rice instead of plain. Also gave us chicken on a stick which we did not order.
starstarstarstarstar • 5/30/2017
Very easy to order and my food was ready when I got there. Everything was hot and delicious!
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border • 5/23/2017
I have eaten at Golden Blossom since they opened 8...10 years ago and usually dine in or get a buffet to go. My wife picked up my online order while she was running errands. She doesn't eat Chinese and had no idea what I had ordered. I ordered the Singapore Mai Fun and then in the instructions typed "vegetarian please". I got Singapore Mai Fun with ALL the meats--chicken, pork, beef and shrimp. Very upset since I AM a vegetarian and the order was $16--which got donated to my coworker today for lunch! Great online ordering experience...until the food got home. :/
starstarstarstarstar • 5/23/2017
Good as always. Thanks Golden Blossom
starstarstarstarstar_border • 4/9/2017
The honey chicken was good, not too sweet.
starstarstarstarstar • 3/26/2017
Delicious, fresh food! Nice and hot.
starstarstarstarstar • 2/5/2017
Great food, good service, and a fair price.
starstarstarstarstar • 2/1/2017
Convenient, Fresh, Hot & Delicious!
starstarstarstarstar • 11/5/2016
Everything was excellent! Food was piping hot and delicious! Love the House Special Soup!
starstarstarstarstar • 10/24/2016
This is our "go to" Chinese place. People are friendly, food is plentiful & hot, price is right, and location is convenient!
starstarstarstarstar_border • 10/23/2016
There was an option online to substitute Lo Mein in for rice on the Honey Chicken. The same option wasnt' available for the Sweet and Sour chicken.
starstarstarstarstar • 10/22/2016
Generous portions. Tender beef.
starstarstarstarstar • 10/9/2016
First timer doing this, I have to say the service was exceptional. Would definitely recommend and we will be back again. Ty
starstarstarstarstar • 9/28/2016
The food here is amazing. Great portions and taste is excellant
starstarstarstarstar_border • 9/17/2016
I asked for the sweet and sour red sauce and I didn't get it even though I asked the man who brought me the take out sack if all the sauces were in there and he said yes. The Crab rangoon was the best I've ever tasted. The rest were very good.
Jessica Bobby
starstarstarstarstar • 9/11/2016
Love this place always nice and they always put something extra wen we spend over $40 bucks excillent food
starstarstarstarstar • 8/28/2016
Wonderful food and service!
starstarstarstarstar_border • 8/10/2016
Good orders were ready within the time stated.
starstarstarstarstar • 7/31/2016
Love this place. Very clean and a nice staff.
starstarstarstarstar • 6/5/2016
Very fast service.
starstarstarstarstar • 5/20/2016
starstarstarstarstar • 5/11/2016
Great food and even better service. My go to for Chinese.