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Chinese Tea Garden

5226 Elysian Fields Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70122

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Asian, Chinese
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92 ratings


• 9/25/2019
Great and tasty
• 8/28/2019
Good food and no long wait
• 5/17/2019
Delicious. Generous portions
• 4/14/2019
The kung Pao chicken was rubbery and flavorless and the service was slow
• 3/21/2019
Very good, this is one of the best in the area. They have been here for years and the food has always been great
• 3/20/2019
• 3/6/2019
Love the convenience.
• 1/27/2019
very good service and good food! i love to be able to order online.
• 1/4/2019
I always order online & my order is never ready when I get there (30-45 mins later). This time, they didn’t follow my request on no veggies in fried rice. Frustrating. Food is good tho.
• 8/12/2018
Always a yummy plate full 😉
• 5/23/2018
The food was good but the restaurant has a very unwelcoming smell as you walk in. It's smells like really old and/or sewer smelling.
• 3/8/2018
This is on my way home from work. Ordered online, and pickup was a breeze. Good food, great portions!
• 2/16/2018
It was easy and convenient.
• 11/14/2017
I wish there were more veggies to balance out the dish.
• 10/10/2017
Wish I could give them a 5, but although the food was ready, hot, and fresh when I arrived, when I got home I realized my order was missing the fried wontons and hot mustard. I had to return to the restaurant to pick them up. They were very nice, but it was still an inconvenience. I believe the problem is that they were changing shifts (at 5:00 p.m.) when I arrived. That's not a good time for shift change because phone orders from folks getting off of work are coming in, and people are walking in to pick up orders. Perhaps they should do shift change at 4:30 to prevent the backlog and rush.
• 8/19/2017
All good!
• 7/27/2017
Quick and easy way to order. Food was hot and waiting for me when I got there to pick it up. The food was really good.
• 7/7/2017
Great Service
• 5/20/2017
Good food. Excellent service. Very easy and self explanatory to complete.
• 5/17/2017
The portions are always very generous and the food is good. Chinese Tea Garden is one of my favorite places for Chines food.
• 5/11/2017
Simple easy and fast! Love it!
• 4/27/2017
My food was great, as always. However, I ordered online and had to wait when I got there to pick up my order. I was told that online orders are received via fax to them. I would recommend that you place any online orders in advanced prior to picking it up. Other than that, it would have been a five star review.
• 4/7/2017
My order was ready when I arrived and the food was great!
• 1/30/2017
Food was ready when I arrived.
• 1/27/2017
Food used to be so much better here. This is the 2nd time in a row my order was bad. Cho cho was cold and chicken was dry with no sauce.
• 1/24/2017
Love the combo fried rice, cho cho and triple dragon
• 12/22/2016
Good is great!!! Service is way slow. You need to allow at least an hour from placing your order to picking it up. Showed up 30 minutes after placing order and still waited another 15 min!!!
• 12/18/2016
Service was slow. This is the second time I placed an online order thinking I would be saving wait time only to go to the restaurant and have a 30-40 minute wait. I placed the order and waited 30 minutes before leaving because of my last experience and still had to wait a half hour after paying for the food. My order was Wonton Soup and combination fried rice. Two items that I think should almost take no time for a Chinese restaurant. SMH. Food was okay though.
• 11/17/2016
Delicioso! I loved everything!
• 11/4/2016
Chinese Tea Garden has the best fried rice in the city!
• 9/12/2016
AWESOME and so much, had to save half for the next day. If you want really good Chinese food that taste like Chinese food go to Chinese Tea Garden. Thanks A Bunch I will be back.
• 8/21/2016
The restaurant never received our order. They had to call us to find out what we wanted.
• 8/4/2016
The meal was great. And having the ability to order through my app made it better.
• 7/26/2016
Everything we ordered was delicious.
• 7/15/2016
Didn't have fried bananas when I picked up. Lots of food. Pretty good quality. Friendly staff.
• 7/13/2016
Everything from this place is fresh and so tasty!!! I really enjoy my food every time I visit this establishment!!!
• 6/18/2016
the food is just amazing!!!
• 6/8/2016
One dinner plate is enough for two people or two meals. The food is delicious.
• 5/22/2016
The food is excellent like always but when we arrived to pick up our order, they hadn't started cooking the food yet. They didn't realize it wasn't online, making us wait an extra 20 mins.
• 5/18/2016
Food was awesome.
• 3/14/2016
It was really good. I wasn't expecting to be but it was great! HUGE portions. We were worried that one order of the Tong Cho chicken wasn't gonna be enough for four people but t was! Tasted great! Thx
• 2/25/2016
My food was ready when i picked it up and still hot. The rice was packed to the top of the container. So much i can eat the rest for dinner later on