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Happiness Restaurant

3420 E.Sprague Ave, Spokane, WA 99202

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Asian, Chinese
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179 ratings


• 9/17/2019
Food is always delicious but it used to take only 25 minutes (which was AMAZING) were as this took over an hour and has the last few times.
• 6/8/2019
Can I do zero stars???? You just asked me if I’ve enjoyed my food??? It’s been two hours and it hasn’t even arrived yet.... last time I order here
• 5/22/2019
They always make the best Chinese Food, the egg rolls reminded me of when I was a child visiting China. Very authentic and no Chinese restaurant till this one has been able to make them that great.
• 5/21/2019
The food was amazing👏👏 The staff was very friendly and it was very quick and convenient!!
• 4/12/2019
Generous portions, especially the lo main, done right when I got there to pick up. Absolutely one of my favorite Chinese spots in town!
Scott Elaine
• 4/3/2019
Good food but it took 2 hrs to have it delivered somewhat frustrated with delivery time
• 3/15/2019
Took over an hour and a half, 2 calls, and no food.
• 3/1/2019
It took a while for our food to arrive but the food was hot and delicious and our driver was super friendly. I will definitely order again!
• 2/28/2019
Excellent as always!
• 2/20/2019
Don't expect to get your food quickly from this place.
• 2/17/2019
We order from here all the time and it's always great. The egg rolls are huge!
• 1/26/2019
All 4 dishes were excellent - Happiness is the best Chinese in Spokane!
• 1/19/2019
The food here is arguably (not to me, but others) the best chinese food in the spokane area. Great General chicken and AMAMAZING green beans in black bean sauce. Can be a long wait on delivery, FYI
• 1/5/2019
Food is always good. I asked for extra bamboo in my hot and sour soup and it did not seem like I got it but other than that great experience. Super easy!
• 1/2/2019
Fast service, large portion sizes and super tasty.
• 12/14/2018
Excellent hot and sour soup. The Schezuan lo mein and Mongolian beef are superb. The delivery guy is on time and extremely friendly. Awesome job, Happiness!
• 12/2/2018
Great food but I always have trouble with the delivery
• 11/27/2018
very slow, I don't think they had even started my order until I got there.
• 11/17/2018
Always great
Mary Lynn
• 11/9/2018
Absolutely wonderful dinner! From the hot and sour soup and crab Rangoon to the cashew chicken, kung pao chicken, and fried rice, everything was delicious. And the portion size was huge, fed four of us with leftovers. Happiness is the perfect name for the best Chinese restaurant in Spokane!
• 10/17/2018
Always wonderful & amazing food & service. Thank you
• 10/12/2018
Awesome food, fast delivery and it was hot when it arrived! The staff is very friendly!
• 9/7/2018
The food was delicious, delivery took well over an hour and they are just around the corner. Everything was exactly as asked for, Thank you!
• 9/6/2018
Love this app for this place. One of my favorites and this makes it easy to order for work lunch!.
• 8/27/2018
It took 2 full hours to have our food delivered. There was no fried rice with our family dinner. I usually love this place, but not sure I will ever use their delivery service again.
• 8/5/2018
I love the War Won Ton Soup!!! It is so full of goodness with shrimp, chicken, beef, pork won tons, and crisp veggies; and the portion size is more than enough for two people. Speaking of portion sizes, everything on the menu at Happiness has enormous portion sizes. Come prepared to share or take home food because you definitely won’t be able to finish it.
• 6/24/2018
This is my new go-to for ordering food
• 6/20/2018
Food is good. The hostess is friendly. Prices are reasonable. However, I don't think they received my online order or they did not realize an online order had been submitted, as I had to wait for the food to be cooked when I arrived for pickup and let the hostess know I was there to pick up my online order.
• 5/31/2018
The best place in Spokane for asian food. So fresh!!
• 5/26/2018
Was fresh and hot
• 5/25/2018
Food was excellent and the price and amount they give you is great! My favorite Chinese place!!
• 5/22/2018
Longest we've had to wait but everything was there and piping hot.
• 5/17/2018
We've been going here and using their delivery for years. The food, service and deliveries have always been above excellent. However, I'm sitting here waiting for an order that is now 1/2 hour late and the restaurant is now closed. Keep up the good
• 5/6/2018
The food was amazing and delivered at the time requested. Will order from them again!
• 5/4/2018
My family loves this restaurant.
• 4/27/2018
Amazing as always
• 4/27/2018
It was delicious I can’t wait to eat the left overs for lunch.
• 4/12/2018
My order was not complete when I arrived. I also picked up a co-worker's order that was supposed to be ready at the same time. It wasn't ready either and one of her items was incorrect. However, the food here is amazing and worth the short wait.
• 4/8/2018
Very good
• 3/26/2018
The best Chinese food in town. Fresh veggies, always well prepared and huge portions.
• 3/10/2018
Excellent food, delicious
• 3/7/2018
Food is great but be patient: it takes up to 90 minutes for delivery. Always hot and fresh!
• 3/6/2018
food was amazing as always!! thanks so much!
• 3/4/2018
Excellent food as always!
• 3/2/2018
Everything is always great!
• 2/24/2018
• 2/18/2018
Hot and fresh as always!
• 2/10/2018
Service and food were amazing as usual!