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Delivery Fee Free within 3.25 miles
Delivery Minimum $13.00
Estimated Time Between 45 and 60 minutes

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Would like you to inform that we didn't accept any small order in our menu after 3:00PM ! Thankyou
Delivery Fee Free within 3.25 miles
Delivery Minimum $13.00
Estimated Time Between 45 and 60 minutes
Asian, Chinese
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161 ratings


• 11/7/2019
Food was great but took over an hour to arrive because of manager.
• 9/19/2019
Great service and food!
• 9/1/2019
Awesome food!
• 8/25/2019
All the food was great except the shrimp with snow peas could have had more shrimp, it was a lot of sauce and snow peas.
• 8/2/2019
The food is always good but today it was not. The egg rolls were greasy. The food was tasteless
• 7/29/2019
Where is my food, it’s close to a hour..
• 7/16/2019
I enjoyed the food it was hot and delicious
• 7/6/2019
The food was excellent. I really enjoyed it Will order again
• 7/1/2019
Took a little more than an hour to get my food and it was cold on top of it. I ordered a chicken lo mein and it tasted as if it was cooked in the same oil they cooked the shrimp.
• 6/23/2019
What happened? Different cook? The House Crispy Scallops, which were delicious last time, were just breaded scallops and chopped raw scallions. No sauce at all this time. Good thing we ordered extra snow peas. Last time had a little sauce that added a lot of flavor. Lo Mein and Szechuan were good, but not great. Will try again.
• 6/23/2019
Excellent food. Timely delivery.
• 6/16/2019
Inedible. Undercooked. Threw it away and ordered from somewhere else.
• 6/11/2019
Take a long time. I set time for asap
• 6/11/2019
Faster service when we request time
• 6/8/2019
Quick delivery and everything was delicious.
• 5/21/2019
Fresh food and fast delivery service. Keep up the good work!
• 5/21/2019
Always the best food, the freshest food...and for the best price in town! We order from Hunan Express at least twice a month.
• 5/21/2019
Highly recommend !
• 4/7/2019
Food is very fresh
• 3/25/2019
Food is pretty good
• 3/22/2019
The food is good and the service is fast, but I ordered egg rolls with a coupon I was intending to use, and they were not delivered. I was in a hurry and could not call the restaurant to ask for the order to be completed. I hope they will include them next time. Please read all the notes in the text box - it is the only way the web sites allows the customer to use a coupon.
• 1/26/2019
The meal was just OK. 1st time trying the Kung Pao chicken and it was not as good a meal as I have had elsewhere. General Tso’s chicken was good, but the quantity was less than they usually serve.
• 11/13/2018
• 11/9/2018
Sweet & Sour chicken with veggies: i would like the veggies cut smaller. and more chicken fit into the container or the veggies in a separate container
• 9/30/2018
Good price and quick delivery. Thank you.
• 9/23/2018
The order was for 8 people. MORE NAPKINS PLEASE!, thanks.
• 9/9/2018
Best thus far - price, quality and portion.
• 8/10/2018
Hot and Sour Soup has been inconsistent from here. Sometimes it is very good and sometimes not as flavorful. Everything else was very good as usual.
• 8/7/2018
Fast delivery. The eggplant was ok; should have been cooked some more, it was too white for my taste. Everything else was good. I asked for napkins and they gave me too little for $30 worth of food. Napkins are cheap, come on!.
• 4/15/2018
I never have to wait too long! Good food, too.
• 2/20/2018
Food came on time and was delicious and still hot.
• 2/5/2018
Order was 100% accurate and delivered on time. Food was good. Egg Rolls were a little greasy...even more so than your typical Egg Roll. Fried rice, was fantastic and not too heavy. We will definitely order from them again.
• 2/3/2018
Always great food, fast service and a very pleasant delivery person. We will continue to remain faithful customers!!
• 1/16/2018
The food was very good. The shrimp were not as big as as they used to be, but good.
• 1/9/2018
Food is great.
• 11/21/2017
The food was really good and what we order. Only thing is too expensive and no promotion for when you spend a certain amount
• 11/11/2017
This store has been very good for about a year! Ingredients seem fresh and very tasty!
• 10/22/2017
Excellent food and service. Consistency in quality we can rely on.
• 10/3/2017
The food was very good and arrived in a short time.
• 9/18/2017
Food was GREAT~!
• 9/17/2017
Food was ordered for pick up. It was hot and ready when I got there!
• 8/30/2017
Quick delivery and I got 2 fortune cookies!
• 8/22/2017
Always love their crab wontons!
• 7/21/2017
I love this place
• 7/16/2017
Shrimp tempura did not deliver well. Ended up being soggy. :( I just don't think ordering tempura for delivery worked well - not fault of restaurant - just a bad choice on my part.
• 7/7/2017
Great food. Quick service.
Jo Ann
• 6/18/2017
The noodles that can with the soap were stale.But liked everything else
James C
• 4/15/2017
The meal was quite good - loved all the veggies in the Kung Pao Chicken, however it was so sweet. I also wondered if MSG had been used. This dish is usually spicy but this one was not. The sweet and Sour Pork was more sweet than sour and was disappointing. the soup was delicious and nice and spicy.