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Almarah Mediterranean Cuisine

12129 Ranch Rd 620 N, Austin, TX 78750

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Monday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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39 ratings


• 6/9/2018
Very tasty food.
• 3/31/2018
Awsomr, food was ready and hot great service.
Collin Cutrone
• 3/30/2018
The food was delicious. It just took an hour and a half to get here and was mostly cold when it did. I called the restaurant and they told me the driver left. The restaurant is 9 minutes away. Half an hour later the food showed up. I understand that delivery people often have to deliver more than one order at a time, but it shouldn't be so many orders that the last few are cold.
• 3/25/2018
First time visit, loved everything!!
• 2/10/2018
Amazing Food! The best Mediterranean pizza I have ever had. The hummus, labneh and tabbouleh are so good and very similar to what I used to eat at home in Brazil
• 1/30/2018
Always good. Delivery isn’t super fast but the food is always hot
• 12/20/2017
Took over 1.5 hours for dinner to arrive . Food was okay.
• 12/20/2017
The food is so very amazing. Prepped with excellent care and fast service. I was able to order before they even opened and food was ready before I got there.
• 12/2/2017
Food is always great. Love the salads, gyros, dolmas, pizzas!
• 8/26/2017
Food was great. Pita was awesome. Order was ready on time.
• 8/26/2017
Although we ordered the Baba ghanouj, we received the hummus. The hummus was great but just a bit disappointed with the order error. The shawerma was fantastic!
• 6/15/2017
The food is always delicious.
• 5/21/2017
Delivery took 90 minutes, and food was cold. We have ordered many times before and this was the only issue.
• 5/7/2017
The food was actually really good, but it took almost two hours for delivery.
• 4/12/2017
If ordered this many times it was a little slow to arrive this time but usually they are here within 25 mins so no reduction in stars food is excellent as usual
• 7/24/2016
I did not receive my soda, but overall the food was great.
• 6/9/2016
Really quick and very tasty!
• 4/23/2016
Best Mediterranean delivery in the area!
• 4/2/2016
It was good, but we did not receive the desert we ordered.