China Cafe
8625 Preston Hwy, Okolona, KY 40219
4.69starstarstarstarstar_half189 ratings
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8625 Preston Hwy, Okolona, KY 40219
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4.69starstarstarstarstar_half189 ratings
starstarstarstarstar Jan 02, 2021
Hot and delicious!
starstarstarstarstar Dec 23, 2020
starstarstarstarstar Dec 02, 2020
Always delicious.
starstarstarstarstar Nov 13, 2020
Best chinese food we've found in Jefferson or Bullitt county
starstarstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Nov 11, 2020
Wrong food was delivered
starstarstarstarstar Nov 08, 2020
Was looking to order from another service, but this app had the best prices and didn’t try to stiff you. All my food was hot and delicious. Glad I found this app
starstarstarstarstar Oct 11, 2020
The food is always good and the price is great. The combo meal is my favorite.
starstarstarstarstar Oct 10, 2020
I hadn't ordered from here for awhile. Food was still as I recall. Very fresh and tasty. This will be my fav go to.
starstarstarstarstar Aug 28, 2020
Hot food and tasty
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Jul 19, 2020
Small meal size. Was advertised 3 egg rolls only received 2. No chopsticks came with meal.
Leigh Ann
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Jul 18, 2020
I ordered 4 egg rolls, only received 2 that were actually black at the ends that I cut off. Generals chicken was a bit overdone as well with mushy broccoli.The fried white rice was extra dollar. How can you need up fried rice. It had a twang to it and very brown. Ate it anyway because after waiting we were very hungry. Sweet and sour chicken was good but surprisingly came with a very small side of white rice. Should have asked for my money back for both orders of generals chicken but I didn't. I only asked the store to send me back 2 egg rolls that I had wanted. The guy gets here and actually told me the manager wanted the burned rolls back that I cut the ends of off. Really? The nerve! After spending that much between the food, fees, and tip. I should have ordered a steak somewhere! Won't be ordering anytime soon. Hey management, offer me a refund at least. You must have had a bad night or someone was too hurried with the cooking. I'm really surprised this was not better. I was really craving a good delicious chinese meal tonight. ☹️
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Jul 18, 2020
Side order of house speci fried rice was not included. Some version of lo mein was sent instead.
starstarstarstarstar May 29, 2020
i order from here a lot. Food is always correct. tastes great. delivery drivers are always nice. I highly recommend!
starstarstarstarstar May 13, 2020
La comida estaba deliciosa y limpia
starstarstarstarstar Feb 16, 2020
Delicious!! Very fresh and so good!! The best crab Rangoon ever.
starstarstarstarstar Feb 14, 2020
it took a little less than an hour to get here but it was good and fresh we also ordered as soon as it hit 11:00
starstarstarstarstar Jan 19, 2020
Food was hot and fresh
Martin Vickers
starstarstarstarstar Jan 19, 2020
Food was great. Best eggrolls ever.
starstarstarstarstar Dec 05, 2019
Food was great! From the time I sent my order until my food was delivered, it took approximately 20 to 25 minutes. Really fast delivery! Order was complete and correct!
starstarstarstarstar_border Aug 21, 2019
was good
starstarstarstarstar Aug 04, 2019
Always great food and service!
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border May 13, 2019
Made me sick had me throwing up and diarrhea
starstarstarstarstar_border Feb 01, 2019
They messed up at first but did correct order in the end. Once order was straight there was no issues. Food is good.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Dec 31, 2018
There was a disconnect with the order I placed on BM and the order received by the restaurant. 3 of the 4 items had errors. We paid extra for fried rice that we didn't get. Also, the spicy factor was altered. We also received a different number of egg rolls than what I ordered.
starstarstarstarstar Dec 19, 2018
I ordered 22 lunch specials for my class Christmas Party. We got our food fast, it was all fresh,hot and our order was correct! That is a ton of food. Thank you for great food and wonderful service.
starstarstarstarstar_border Dec 01, 2018
I would have liked the vegetables in the shrimp chow mein a little crispier.
starstarstarstarstar Nov 30, 2018
Loved the coconut shrimp
starstarstarstarstar Nov 17, 2018
Super fast delivery! Food was great.
starstarstarstarstar Nov 10, 2018
Always good food.. but I thought my order was for 3 egg rolls but I only got 1.
starstarstarstarstar Oct 18, 2018
Order was correct and delivered quickly.
starstarstarstarstar Oct 04, 2018
Excellent and fresh food in a reasonable amount of time! I could tell it was cooked just for me!
starstarstarstarstar Aug 26, 2018
Great food and excellent service. I place a lunch order for students on Friday, we always get our food a head of the estimated delivery time.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Aug 10, 2018
It was alright. Not a fan of the crab Rangoon, tasted like just plain sweetened cream cheese, and the szechuan delight I requested to be hot was so mild my one year old son ate it without issue...
starstarstarstarstar Jul 18, 2018
Love Chine Cafe
starstarstarstarstar_border May 24, 2018
Decent delivery speed. The food was good and I will order again.
starstarstarstarstar Apr 27, 2018
Excellent as always!!
starstarstarstarstar Apr 21, 2018
I’m a teacher and I order lunch on Friday’s for students. (I order, they pay) China Cafe always has our order to the school on time and it is fresh, hot and delicious!
starstarstarstarstar Apr 17, 2018
Food was very good. Very good price, will order again.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 17, 2018
Always great food!!!
starstarstarstarstar Mar 15, 2018
Very fast delivery and good food. Plenty of sauce for everything we ordered.
starstarstarstarstar Feb 03, 2018
Great service and great food will most definitely order again
starstarstarstarstar Jan 14, 2018
Super delicious and got to us quickly!
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Jan 08, 2018
Only one white rice was included - paid for two. Not a huge deal, but....
starstarstarstarstar Dec 31, 2017
The food was great!
starstarstarstarstar Dec 24, 2017
good delicious.. my favorite orange chicken with chicken fried rice
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Dec 03, 2017
It was ready when I got there and the checkout was quick and the cashier was friendly. I got fried rice and it consisted of rice and onions. I’ve had much better in the past. This just didn’t have much flavor and it was disappointing
starstarstarstarstar Nov 24, 2017
Fresh hot food served in a timely manor i am never disappointed whrn i order here
starstarstarstarstar Nov 17, 2017
This restaurant is amazing! They always make my food correctly and the delivery is fast.