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Kung Food

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Delivery Fee Free within 4.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $15.00
Estimated Time Between 45 and 60 minutes

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Delivery Fee Free within 4.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $15.00
Estimated Time Between 45 and 60 minutes
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Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 03:00 PM
05:00 PM - 09:30 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 03:00 PM
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118 ratings


• 12/1/2019
Called after an hour and then they suddenly put it in the car and it was here in 10. We always have to do that with this place
• 11/8/2019
Ready in record speed, everything was very tasty especially the eggplant dish!
• 11/2/2019
We were missing one won ton soup in the order. Disappointing after waiting over an hour for delivery.
• 10/18/2019
It took two hours for the food to arrive.
• 5/31/2019
This is a reliably good place to get your favorite Chinese dishes. The food is always hot, the staff is friendly and the prices good.
• 3/21/2019
Food was great and delivery driver was very pleasant.
• 3/5/2019
Got the wrong item.
• 2/27/2019
Food is delicious, but delivery is 1.5-2 hours :o
• 1/31/2019
Delivery took over 40 minutes
• 1/11/2019
Crab rangoon was not great but everything else was delicious. Fast delivery, very courteous. Delivery guy insisted on tip but that's understandable I guess haha
• 12/9/2018
Food was delicious, but it took us over 2 hrs to receive the delivery (45 minutes late). They gave us a free appetizer for the wait.
• 11/7/2018
Food was very good. But one item was not included and there were 2 of the same item.
• 11/1/2018
As always, service was friendly and professional, and the food was delicious. I love Kung Food!
• 10/15/2018
Very speedy delivery, unfortunately, the food is not as tasty anymore as it used to be.
• 9/27/2018
Kung Food always kicks ass- best in the city
• 9/13/2018
The meatless chicken was very crispy and delicious! The lunch portion was a perfect amount for a meal. Veggie spring rolls were also crispy, mostly cabbage on the inside.
• 8/15/2018
Great tasting food and delivery every time.
• 8/15/2018
Excellent as always
• 8/1/2018
Buns not available. Soup very good, the rest average
• 7/27/2018
Though they both me the wrong soup, they were extremely quick to redeliver the correct one. Always great food and amazing service from Kung Food.
• 7/11/2018
food is always good and plenty. Great folks and business
• 5/28/2018
Kung Food is very reliable and fast.
• 5/24/2018
First time ordering. Ordered Walnut Prawns, they substituted a few cashews (no walnuts) w/o letting me know (thought that a little strange). Very generous portions and great flavor! Will definitely order again! :0)
• 2/28/2018
The delivery took over an hour. I can place the same order with yum yum hunan and it takes 20 min.
• 1/3/2018
food is always great and plentiful. Ready on time and one order enough to feed three people.
• 11/22/2017
Our replacement for the sad loss of Mandarin Villa in Hayes Valley -- but we are super delighted with Kung Food -- consistently the best food and excellent delivery service. We tried this with the Amazon app and the service was terrible! We recommend everything -- haven't had a bad meal yet!
• 11/2/2017
Tasty food, great prices and friendly people! Lunch combos are an amazing deal also. Thanks guys.
• 10/8/2017
Ordered pot stickers. Got boring fried unfilled wontons.... :/
• 9/30/2017
Food is good and fast delivery
• 8/23/2017
Love the food, quick, easy and reliable food quality.
• 8/14/2017
Always solid
• 5/25/2017
wonderful, great service!
• 4/3/2017
The food is always delicious and so easy to order.
• 3/23/2017
Food was great (as always), but the order took 1 1/2 hours.
• 2/9/2017
Awesome food. Very high quality meats and veggies, well above the norm
• 1/20/2017
Very good food and fast delivery. I would have liked chopsticks and soy sauce with the food.
• 12/7/2016
Food was great. Delivery was 2 hours late
• 11/2/2016
Fast great service. Peking Duck was fairly good. Garlic Chick so-so.
• 10/30/2016
Service was lacking until I was able to speak to someone. The fact that it took as long as it did added another 45 min to my order which was bad enough that I don't know if I'd use your service again willingly.
• 10/15/2016
Super quick delivery!!! And the food was awesome!!! Will order again thanks!!
• 10/13/2016
It took 45 min total (waiting 20 min at the restaurant) from the time I order on the BeyondMenu app until I actually got my order (steamed veggies with chicken). I think it's too long but I don't know how busy they were. I've ordered from this restaurant before (orange chicken) and that was average (chicken over breaded and cooked for my liking).
African Reign
• 10/5/2016
Besides locking myself out, the food was great.
• 10/3/2016
Delivery service took about an hour, which is fine because they told us it would. But rangoon's were a bit thin, and I'd only really recommend the kung pao. Would love some more recommendations/info on dishes via the menu. Thanks!
• 8/3/2016
Food at Kung Food is consistently good and the service couldn't be friendlier.
• 8/1/2016
Overall good. A couple quibbles but would order again.
• 6/30/2016
Flavor was delish- the pork was basically bacon, which, for me was too fatty, and requited a lot of fat removal, but still very yummy.
• 5/28/2016
The food is wonderful but I ordered for future delivery and they arrived 45 mins early. For that reason I can't give 5 stars.
• 5/26/2016
Must comment NO SPICE if you truly want mild