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China Wok

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Delivery Fee $1.25 within 4.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $10.00
Estimated Time Between 45 and 60 minutes

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Delivery Fee $1.25 within 4.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $10.00
Estimated Time Between 45 and 60 minutes
Monday: 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Sunday: 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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225 ratings


• 12/9/2018
Great mixed veggies and spring rolls and egg rolls. Very fast delivery. Food is always warm enough.
• 10/8/2018
Great food and was done earlier than I expected. First time I ordered the boneless spare ribs and they were really good. Will order again.
• 10/6/2018
Food was delivered hot and fresh. Very flavorful.
• 9/14/2018
• 8/25/2018
They forgot my crispy noodles
• 8/11/2018
The delivery was fast and the food was great
• 7/27/2018
Thee food was great.It was hot and fresh.
• 7/11/2018
always good. always ontime.
• 6/29/2018
Ordered chicken rice soup. Was given chicken noodle. The egg rolls and crispy noodles were very greasy. Normally have no issues. But this time there were many.
• 6/21/2018
I enjoyed my food .It was hot and exactly what I ordered
• 5/20/2018
Very good with getting food to customers as promptly as possible they always treat me well
• 5/20/2018
• 5/19/2018
My egg roll was lukewarm and they always take forever to get my food to me, anyways more than an hour. If that wasn't a thing, it would be great.
• 5/5/2018
Always great food!! Only take out Chinese food we will eat. Been eating at China Wok for about 12 years now. Even moved out of their delivery area and we still drive over from the Argyle area to pick it up.
• 4/27/2018
Food was GREAT, only thing was it took over an hour to get to me. I feel like that's more on the app than the restaurant.
• 4/16/2018
Best in the Normandy area
• 4/14/2018
These motha fuckas ain't put shITT amount in order. Got a life times worth of sauces tho. Upcharge fried rice is enough to fill a hamster belly. Good day sir.
• 2/26/2018
• 2/22/2018
Y’all got the best delivery man and great food just a lil off on the time tho but the food is worth the wait
• 2/4/2018
The food was freshly cooked and delicious!
• 1/25/2018
The best I have ever had
• 1/9/2018
Spring rolls and egg rolls were cold
• 12/23/2017
Great food!
• 12/12/2017
Didn’t get my egg roll didn’t get my fortune cookies
• 12/1/2017
Food was good but had to call for the order because the wait was a little long. Overall I'd order again and hope that it doesn't take as long
• 11/23/2017
high quality, fast delivery and food was still hot!
• 11/18/2017
Extremely pleased with the food. Order came out the way I had asked for it to be. Definitely will order again.
• 9/13/2017
delivery guy nice and food was also.
• 8/18/2017
The reason why I knocked off a star is because we didn't get one of our containers of white rice and an egg roll was missing. We were suppose to get white rice with the chicken w/broccoli and my general tsos chicken, we only got one container. I also ordered 3 egg rolls but only got 2. Sure my Hubby should have rechecked the bag before coming home but he didn't. We didn't see the point in calling and complaining because we didn't want to go back up there, hubby was tired and just got off work when he picked up the food. Honestly, we love their food, it is always good but this time they just forgot to add some items. People make mistakes so thats why I wasn't going to leave a 1 star.
• 8/6/2017
Food is great and excellent service
• 7/28/2017
Wonderful food, quick service, my favorite!
• 7/20/2017
My favorite place to grab fast Chinese food from. Been going here for years and the quality has never diminished. Family owned and operated.
• 7/2/2017
The order was correct and ready to go by the time I arrived for pickup. Thanks!!!
• 6/23/2017
The food was ok, but was disappointed that I did not receive everything I payed for. I did reach out to advise I had not received my drink in which they said they would bring. Still no drink
• 6/14/2017
Always nice to us. Food is always great. I'm a pain, like the Egg Foo Young thin & crispy. They do it for me every time. Last night I hit the wrong soup in, we offerred to pay for the right one, they declined. You'll be happy going here.
• 6/12/2017
Hot food. Fast delivery!
• 6/2/2017
good service. good food. cute staff.
• 5/28/2017
Superfast friendly delivery... The only issue is the rice did not taste the freshiest this time.
• 5/25/2017
The food is always wonderful!!!!!
• 5/3/2017
Just got my order at 2:58pm almost 1 1/2 for delivery
• 2/20/2017
The driver was an hour late. Food was good.
• 2/3/2017
Very gud
• 1/31/2017
Had to wait over a hour for food.... Wait I still have not got my food god only knows ow where it's at oh and where is my money I spent not a very happy person at all this is very inaccessible. I will not ever recommend this place to anyone
• 1/28/2017
General Two's chicken was soggy and by looking at it you could tell it wasn't made at the same time as th rest. But the rest was great as usual. We register order from here. And everything is usually great but sometimes, you get a soggy plate. And also th "hot" option is not hot at all, I'd have to put hot sauce on it. But it still taste great. Nice delivery drivers and usually on time or only ten mins late.
• 1/21/2017
It arrived quick hot and was still hot 45 minutes later when my family woke up from naps to eat
• 12/22/2016
I ordered my food and almost 2 hours have gone by and I have not gotten my food
• 12/15/2016
It was the best Chinese food I have ever eaten
• 12/8/2016
The teriyaki chicken was bland and not fully hot when it arrived. I asked for the fried dumplings and they came steamed and also warm. Phone service was rude and my order was late.