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Lao Sze Chuan

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Delivery Fee $3.5 within 3.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $10.00
Estimated Time Around 90 minutes

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Delivery Fee $3.5 within 3.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $10.00
Estimated Time Around 90 minutes
Chinese, Sushi
Monday: 11:30 AM - 09:30 PM
Tuesday: 11:30 AM - 09:30 PM
Wednesday: 11:30 AM - 09:30 PM
Thursday: 11:30 AM - 09:30 PM
Friday: 11:30 AM - 10:30 PM
Saturday: 11:30 AM - 10:30 PM
Sunday: 11:30 AM - 09:30 PM
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111 ratings


• 6/14/2019
Excellent food. Love the crab rangoons!
• 5/29/2019
After having given glowing reports on the food after the first two orders and even recommending Lao Sze Chuan to family and friends, unfortunately this time their food was very bad. The prawns may have been cooked at an earlier time and were rubbery with extra batter and the Chow was pedestrian. The chicken though edible was not as good as previously. Either the chef had an extremely bad day or has since left them. I will give them one more opportunity in the coming weeks, assuming this was a one off mishap on their part and then review whether or not I should continue to patronize them.
• 5/4/2019
Very good food and prompt delivery while food was still hot!
• 3/15/2019
Fast delivery! Very friendly! Very fresh and tasty food! I haven’t had good Chinese food in a very long time. I will be ordering again soon!
• 3/2/2019
Pickup at 6:15
• 1/13/2019
Delivery guy was friendly. Food was excellent. Delivery was reasonably fast. Try the Wontons. Worth it.
• 12/26/2018
The food I got was very tasty and warm. However the Egg Drop Soup was not in the bags when I got home, so those we never got. It was Christmas and the place was packed. The order took about 2 hours so I wasn't about to go back and get the missing soup.
• 12/13/2018
very professional.
• 12/11/2018
Food was delicious!!! Ready on time and hot!
• 12/8/2018
The food was delivered promptly. This is our regular Chinese restaurant so we have a lot of experience with it. However, as of late the quality of the food preparation is hit or miss. Last night's was a miss. The Orange Beef lacked any kind of texture and was too chewy. The Kung Pao Chicken was a little on the sour side. With tip it cost $40 and wasn't worth half that. However to be fair, other times the food is excellent which, besides geographic convenience is why we continue to patronize them. At least in the restaurant you can return food not prepared well.
• 12/4/2018
Great lunch specials!
• 11/11/2018
On-time delivery, very nice delivery person!
• 11/5/2018
Very fast a friendly! Thank you for making my B Day lunch a success!
• 10/3/2018
I ordered three same lunch through online with different option. Food was delouse but they didn't put right order. I white rice instead of fried rice, spring roll instead of crap rangoon. I hope they more attention when they got order through online.
• 9/23/2018
We like the flavor of the Ma Po Tofu but would like the same dish with veggies in it. Do you make that? Love your food.
• 9/16/2018
Excellent, as always! First online order and it was ready right on time, hot and ready to go.
• 6/19/2018
Food arrived still nice & hot, and absolutely delicious, as always. Highly recommend.
• 5/24/2018
Ordered at 3 PM, for a 6 PM delivery. Knock on hotel door at 5:59. Food was very good, still quite hot. Kind delivery man. Well done!
• 5/14/2018
Great food! We love this place!
• 3/28/2018
The tofu was extremely mushy. Shouldn’t it be crispy? Wasn’t like how I usually order it which is cut in triangles and crispy
• 3/25/2018
• 2/27/2018
Would give them more stars (the food is excellent) but we asked for the food to be delivered at 12:45 and it showed up at 11:45, so we had to eat cold/reheated fried chinese food and was sorely disappointed. Called the restaurant and they said they didn't read the delivery time..... why have the option if they're not going to read it???
• 2/20/2018
everything was hot, delicious and better than expected.
• 2/17/2018
Great food. Friendly service. One of our favorite places!
• 12/27/2017
The last time I order it took 3 hours for my order to arrive and the food was cold. Their food always taste fantastic but their Take out/Delivery Service it TERRIBLE!! the quote time was 90-120 mins!!! It arrive literally 3 hrs. Unless my other place is closed, I'm never ordering here ever again.
• 12/15/2017
Yummy food!
• 12/3/2017
We love their food and their very friendly delivery service. Want to stay in and tired of pizza, order from Lao Sze Chuan. You won't regret it.
• 11/11/2017
Food was wonderful! Delivery was late. Waited 1hr 15mins. We will try again because the food is so good.
• 11/5/2017
Our food was tasty as usual, but our wait for delivery was almost two hours- not ideal.
• 10/2/2017
no chop sticks were included. could not find regular egg rolls on menu. Should have better descriptions of food.
• 9/27/2017
I've ordered food from all of the Lao locations about a hundred times and never had a bad order. It's the best sze chuan cuisine anywhere in the Chicago area.
• 9/24/2017
Food great as always, I had to wait a bit to pick up as the order had not made it from the computer to the kitchen (they apologized - first time this has happened).
• 9/23/2017
Quick delivery!
• 9/5/2017
This is hands down the best Chinese takeout that I have eaten. First the vegetable dishes are unique fresh and tasty ,.. and you get a choice of ways to prepare. Second the main dishes come with lots of veggies and not just carrots and celery. The dishes are not greasy and the takeout was ready on time ... great Asian food to eat in or take out.
• 8/17/2017
Food from Lao Sze Chuan is fabulous. Delivery was quick and on time.
• 6/9/2017
I have always received efficient service offering very good tasting dishes; except this time, I rated it one star less because the beef was way too cloyingly sweet and almost candied.
• 5/10/2017
Always yummy
• 5/10/2017
The hot and sour soup was too salty. The egg drop soup had wierd red color. The beff egg rolls were not crispy.
• 4/24/2017
great kim chee, Beef Noodle soup was nice and spicy and tasty. Vegetable panfried buns were ok. . Fluffy buns with okay filling which seemed like it was all greens and no other vegetables. crab rangoon serings were big. but nothing out of the ordinary taste wise. But I would definitely return to try the menu (which is extensive ) for authentic chinese
• 4/9/2017
Great food and quick, friendly delivery!
• 3/9/2017
Tasty food and quick pickup time! Would definitely recommend.
• 2/20/2017
Food was delicious and delivery very fast and friendly. Would recommend.
• 1/28/2017
Really good
• 1/28/2017
Extremely slow delivery. Terrible communication. When called the restaurant 1 h 30 min after ordering, they did not know anything about the order. They were very rude on the phone.
• 1/15/2017
Very good, with only one mistake in the order. Order the Pan Fried Noodle as 'mild' and it came 'spicy', but I ordered enough food that everyone was satisfied .......
• 1/15/2017
Very good!
• 1/3/2017
Every time I have ordered my food has been top notch! Best Chinese In the area!
• 12/26/2016
Some of the best chinese food ever except for the Dry Chili Chicken which came with over 30 whole peppers and doused with pepper flakes as well. We were literally sick from it. In pain. But the other items were terrific.