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Toyo Hibachi & Asian Fusion

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170 ratings


• 8/24/2019
The workers at the front are awesome great customer service which is hard to find and my food was delicious especially the miso soup the best I ever had!!
• 7/19/2019
I love Toyo
• 6/7/2019
Always great food!!
• 5/12/2019
Well, food good as usual....notes in order asked for no chopsticks and 6 fortune 2 fortune cookies. This was an order for $125.... Come on now!!!!??
• 4/8/2019
Thank you so much<3
• 3/31/2019
I order/eat at your restaurant all the time and I always have issues with to go orders missing items etc. Today there was no sauce for the sweet and sour chicken and the containers completely melted.
• 3/11/2019
The food (noodles and dumplings portions) was not at all hot when it was picked up. It was however, very tasty once reheating.
• 2/20/2019
Delicious, easy and super fast. Can’t wait til the next sushi night!!
• 2/7/2019
Very fresh and delicious!
• 1/29/2019
Very convenient ordering online. Everything was as ordered and ready for pickup upon arrival.
• 1/26/2019
Did not receive same Pricing. Did not receive added sauce upon request.
• 1/12/2019
The food was fast and wonderful. They left off the rice, so that was a bummer.
• 1/1/2019
The soup we ordered didn’t have any flavor. And the sesame chicken is always sooo good but this order it was not crispy. It was almost mealy -
• 12/18/2018
Ordered online for a staff luncheon. Our food was ready for pick up on time and delicious! Thank you Toyo! Colchester Dental Group
• 12/9/2018
My order was placed but for some reason wasn't received by the restaurant. But they were great with quickly preparing my order and honored the discount from the online order!
• 11/17/2018
Eggroll was so tiny for $2! The eggroll and pork fried rice should be included with the meal. Expensive but Food is good everytime.
• 10/27/2018
• 10/21/2018
Awesome food...every time!
• 10/10/2018
Very good but you gave me spicy salmon and avocado when i asked for salmon avocado. Always a mistake with the order.
• 10/10/2018
Vietnameses rolls not available. Someone called me after the order was due for pick up to tell me. I then needed to wait an additional 10 minutes for it to be ready. After leaving I was called to tell me they forgot to put the rice in my bag and I then had to go back to pick it up! I was in a rush and this was extremely time consuming. I will pick a different restaurant next time I don't have time to wait.
• 9/15/2018
Super fresh and super delicious
• 9/8/2018
After recently moving back to CT from a fishing town on the south coast of MA, we have been reluctant to try sushi anywhere, figuring it would never be “off the boat” fresh like we are used to. This place was real complaints. Just not really “wowed” by anything we tried. Rolls seemed a bit overpriced for what you got. I’m not one to go for cheap sushi...I don’t mind paying a premium for something fresh, just wish we got a little more for what we paid. Overall, not a bad experience, and we will try some different items in the future.
• 9/7/2018
Awesome service
• 9/7/2018
Always very good
• 9/2/2018
Awesome as usual! Love Toyo!
• 8/28/2018
Only thing missing was a take out volcano bowl👌
• 7/27/2018
Excellent, as usual
• 6/13/2018
Everything always perfect!
• 6/9/2018
Spicy yelllowtail and spicy salmon roll were disappointing. It might be that other restaurants I have had these hand rolls before have not been chunky but more of a paste type consistency. Additionally, while it tasted fresh, it tasted more like a lesser quality cut of the fish. Presentation and order preparation were excellent.
• 5/19/2018
Absolutely delicious!
• 5/17/2018
Excellent as always highly recommend
• 5/6/2018
best of the best
• 4/19/2018
Very good!
• 4/18/2018
I really like Toyo and the dishes i order, but today i ordered vegetable Gyoza but received prok, which is problematic since im a vegetarian. Pretty disappointed there.
• 4/8/2018
The ordering process was easy to use and the food was excellent. First time using this ordering site, but I definitely would consider using it again. A special bonus was the 10% off coupon that could be used with the order immediately. Very good experience all the way around. I have dined at the Tokyo Hibachi Grill before but a first time doing take out and based on the experience, will do it again.
• 4/3/2018
I specifically ordered and paid for the hibachi sauce you use on chicken and shrimp- the creamy one and just got a large cup of mayo.
• 3/31/2018
Food was great, but had a very long wait (45 min. from the time I ordered)
• 3/27/2018
I love this place, fresh fish and the best spicy salmon/tuna around. Also the special rolls are SOOOO SPECIAL
• 3/24/2018
Awesome experience all around. Food was ready when expected and was delicious!
• 3/19/2018
Delicious fresh and hot.
• 3/16/2018
Best place ever
• 3/10/2018
• 3/4/2018
Very good!
• 3/4/2018
Excellent web service... Well implemented!
• 2/27/2018
The last 2 times I’ve ordered using the app, they have not given me all I’ve ordered. Once my order gets to the restaurant, the person there is not typing in all my items to the kitchen. I’ve never had an issue until the last 2 times I’ve placed orders. It’s frustrating since it’s take out and I don’t realize the mistake until I’ve already gotten home.
• 2/25/2018
Very good
• 2/16/2018
Easy to order online. Quick service. Loved the pork dumpling and General Tso’s Chicken. Duck just okay. Wish some of the items came in smaller sizes, not just entree.
• 1/28/2018
As always food from Toyo FABULOUS!