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Lao Sze Chuan

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Delivery Fee $4 within 3.00 miles
Delivery Minimum No minimum
Estimated Time Around 70 minutes

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Delivery Fee $4 within 3.00 miles
Delivery Minimum No minimum
Estimated Time Around 70 minutes
Chinese, Szechwan
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78 ratings


• 1/21/2019
All was as we ordered and when we picked up the service was attentive.
• 12/19/2018
Unlike the last ordering service for this restaurant, this service worked correctly the first time.
• 11/18/2018
Very fast service, food was hot, very happy overall. I did order extra sauce for the Moo Shu and was happy to pay for it, but I did not get it. Can you add extra sauce as an option?
• 11/5/2018
I swear the food has only IMPROVED over the year(s). The egg rolls were hot and crispy and the Soup was Spicy and Sour! :) I love this place... definitely the best Chinese food in Evanston by far.
• 10/10/2018
This was my first time using Beyond Menu. My order was ready when I arrived. Everything tasted delicious, as always!
• 10/9/2018
Couldn't believe that order arrived 20 minutes early. Glad I was home to receive it.
• 6/29/2018
excellent service for carry out. Taiwanese noodles and Singapore noodles were very tasty but slightly on the oily side
• 3/14/2018
very good. Food was excellent and fast service for pick up which is a plus!
• 2/8/2018
Delivery took about 20 minutes longer than quoted time.
• 1/26/2018
The fish was tasty, but the General Tao’s Chicken had too much breading on the outside.
• 1/7/2018
I always love the hot and sour soup at lao sze chuan, and my boyfriend usually likes the chicken with mixed vegetables and crab rangoon. The string beans and Mongolian lamb were new picks and I enjoyed both. The string beans were a bit spicy for me, but I ordered them medium spicy so that's partly my fault. Unfortunately my boyfriend's chicken was unusually spicy for him and he couldn't finish it.
• 12/31/2017
Fast and delicious!
• 12/27/2017
Mixed review: they have the best Asian food on the planet; that being said, we ordered delivery and it took 1 hour and 40 minutes to arrive. Either the restaurant or someone at Beyond Menu needs to do a better job informing customers if it is going to take that long.
• 12/26/2017
The food was delicious BUT the order was incorrect. I ordered eggplant but received green beans. I ordered dumplings but received wonton soup. Dinner did not come with fortune cookies which my kids were looking forward to. I know it was Christmas and they were very busy, but still bummed.
• 10/7/2017
It took over an hour and a galf to get my food. Not sure why it took so long. I had to call and ask where it was. I was ready to cancel when it arrived. At least it was still warm when it came.
• 8/21/2017
My online order was ready in a flash and the quality of the food was excellent!
• 7/14/2017
Beyond Menu does not have pork pot stickers (and many other items that the restaurant offers) on their site and that is really upsetting. If the restaurant offers them, this menu should too! I was sad when the order came and the dumplings were not the pot stickers that I searched the menu for. Will definitely call directly or use grubhub next time.
• 2/28/2017
The food was great, as usual, but the delivery person did not notice that one of the container was open and all soup was left at the bottom of the bag... Very disappointing...
• 2/16/2017
Lao Sze Chuan is one of our favorite places to order from. They have the best made tofu around and everything tastes superb. They are always pleasant when they deliver and we enjoy the atmosphere when we are in the restaurant. However, we were slightly disappointed with this order. We ordered extra spicy orange chicken, but it didn't seem very spicy. In addition, most of the food was cold by the time it arrived. It was not a bother to warm the entrees, but fried items like the Crab Rangoon and the Spring Rolls do not reheat well. The quality of the food was still better than other places we have ordered from and I believe it was a one time occurrence.
• 1/31/2017
Lao Sze Chuan knows how to bring the heat. Do yourself a favor and order a Szechuan dish and get what they're good at.
• 12/1/2016
• 10/22/2016
The wait time was around an hour, but the food was Soooo Good!
• 10/17/2016
We really like their food, but the delivery service is consistently slow. I have even had to wait upwards of an hour when picking up in the past.
• 10/8/2016
This is seriously the best chicken in evanston (Tony's with Three Chili). You will not regret ordering it. I liked that BeyondMenu gave me a choice of spicy-ness level. It was ready when I walked over. Again, you gotta get the 3 chili Tony's. The best.
• 9/20/2016
The surprise this time was Stewed Pan-Fried Tofu. It was our first time ordering this dish and it certainly was very tasty! Unfortunately the combination Fried Rice was very bland, we had to pour the sauce from stewed tofu to make it more edible. I guess I'll stick to chow mein next time.
• 9/18/2016
very good, as expected.
• 9/16/2016
Delivery was on time, hot, and well prepared. Food consistently excellent from Lao Sze Chuan. Crispy Shrimp were an unexpected hit. Delicious.
• 8/27/2016
Wish the website told me how long it would take for my pickup to be ready.
• 8/24/2016
The food was delicious - I was surprised, however, on how long it took to get it. It was over an hour. It would be nice to get a call from the restaurant confirming receipt of the order and an approximate delivery time. It took so long, I wasn't even sure they got the order.
• 7/22/2016
Food is always fresh, delicious and tasty!
• 7/21/2016
Crispy shrimp were amazing. Wish there was a lemon with it instead of orange. The scallion pancake was very greasy and somewhat dry but good taste. Would have liked a sauce for pancake on side.
• 5/14/2016
Moo shu chicken came with soy sauce, rather than moo shu sauce. However, this was corrected in a fast and friendly manner. Great service!
• 3/7/2016
Happy to see they full-filled my extra sauce request.