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1615 East 61st St Ste 500, Park City, KS 67219

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94 ratings


• 3/20/2019
Good food - they add bell peppers to my mongolian beef for me. Crab Rangoons are my fav! My son and husband love the jalapeno chicken
• 9/30/2018
The Mushroom Chicken was kind of bland, but everything else was fabulous.
• 5/25/2018
Everything in our order was very good. Plenty of food for two meals!
• 4/1/2018
The food is priced well and quite plentiful. It is always hot and very, very good.
• 3/8/2018
It was fantastic!!! Always is. We were so thrilled when they included rice noodles on their menu. They're so good.
• 1/19/2018
The food is always hot and ready to go when I pick up my order. I may have to wait five minutes, but it's worth the wait.
• 12/25/2017
Always good!
• 12/15/2017
my first order and it was ready when I got there and was DELICIOUS! awesome experience and will definitely go back!
• 10/31/2017
Food was generally good but found a hair in the fried rice, which pretty much ruined that part of the meal.
• 10/25/2017
Order was ready on time, and was delicious!
• 9/8/2017
Always fast and great food
• 8/1/2017
Always fantastic service and food.
• 7/10/2017
Always good. my families local location.
• 7/8/2017
Very good, strong orange flavor, it was excellent!
• 7/5/2017
Excellent food! We love it!
• 4/30/2017
Service was fantastic. The food was hot and ready when I went to pick it up, The staff is very courteous and friendly. This is my favorite Chinese restaurant and I really appreciate being able to order on line.
• 4/22/2017
Always Delicious
• 2/10/2017
Easy to order! Food is always excellent!!!!
• 1/7/2017
Menu should say that combination sweet and sour does not contain shrimp.
• 1/6/2017
We eat there a lot. It's always fantastic. My only request would be that they start making rice noodles.
• 12/23/2016
Great portion sizes, and remember that with the Combos you get a spring roll and Rangoon.
• 12/22/2016
• 11/29/2016
So easy to read and order. I like the special instructions space under food order. I can add or delete an item or part of an item.
• 11/29/2016
Food was quick and tastes great.. good portions too.
• 11/27/2016
Food is good for the price. Very American Chinese.
• 10/30/2016
The service was great. I loved being able to order on line. My husband doesn't care for Chinese so I was able to get what he wanted and then pick up my dinner.
• 10/23/2016
Great job
• 10/12/2016
The lemon for the lemon chicken was more like water and lemon juice. My husband said it was the worst he has ever had. Everything else was quite good though. The only other critique was that I ordered online, arrived 20 minutes later and we still had to wait another 15 minutes before receiving our food.
• 9/9/2016
Always fantastic.We eat there quite a bit.
• 7/4/2016
The food is great. Good service. I love using this app.
• 6/6/2016
We eat here pretty frequently (about once a week or more). The food is great and the portions are large so unless you're a big eater or really hungry, you can save some for later! They have a large selection on the menu and really, everything I've had (which is a lot) is very good! The staff is always very friendly and the chefs are quick! I love that they now have a website where people can order online. Very convenient!!! And Chopstix has never gotten our order wrong....ever! That means a lot to us! The prices are reasonable as well. I have NOTHING negative to say about Chopstix! I personally would love it if they made cold spring rolls with the rice wrappers but I believe (I could be wrong) that's Vietnamese style so I can understand why they don't make them that way. Anyway....I give Chopstix an A+!!!!!
• 5/28/2016
We ordered veggie fried rice because it's usually the only thing my four-year-old will eat when we do Chinese food, but this veggie fried rice had big chunks of mushrooms, broccoli, and others. It was delicious, but I wound up trading my daughter for the regular fried rice that came with my meal. It was all delicious. The Teriyaki chicken was thick slices of chicken instead of what most other Chinese restaurants serve and it was DELISH. Plus, pricing was great for all that we got, dinner last night and lunch today! We will definitely be back!
• 5/27/2016
Fast and delicious . They gave me Kung Pao Chicken instead of shrimp, but it still tasted great
• 4/13/2016
Good local food. Very quick