Red Ginger China Bistro
1185 Magnolia Ave #G.H.J, Corona, CA 92879
4.67starstarstarstarstar_half124 ratings
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$2 within 4.50 miles
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Delivery Minimum
Estimated Time
Between 45 and 60 minutes
Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Sushi
1185 Magnolia Ave #G.H.J, Corona, CA 92879
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4.67starstarstarstarstar_half124 ratings
starstarstarstarstar Jun 19, 2022
Excellent food!
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Aug 30, 2021
Took almost 3 hours for my food arrive and they forgot one of my shrimp fried rice. It was a very horrible experience
starstarstarstarstar Aug 03, 2021
Good food
starstarstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Jun 21, 2021
No flavor the mushrooms tasted bad
Rejoyce Lynl
starstarstarstarstar Jun 19, 2021
Loved it cooked to perfection!!!!!! Thanks a million…….
Rejoyce Lynl
starstarstarstarstar May 24, 2021
“We enjoyed the food and you cook with love”. Thank you for delivery to Chinohills CA. The service was great. Thank you for doing proper sanitation “No one got sick” we will definitely order again.
starstarstarstarstar Apr 23, 2021
starstarstarstarstar_border Apr 17, 2021
Noodles tasted like the old noodles from lunch. Very sticky and broke apart trying to serve them.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 07, 2021
Pleasant experience.
starstarstarstarstar_border Jan 11, 2021
Shrimp was very thin, couldn't taste shrimp only batter. In the 3 delight there was a piece of round clear plastic, husband almost broke a tooth.
starstarstarstarstar May 22, 2020
Ordering online is a breeze and service is really fast. Food is the best Chinese food I've had.
starstarstarstarstar Apr 15, 2020
The delivery took longer than I expected. Fried food was a bit soggy from steaming in a closed container.
starstarstarstarstar Apr 05, 2020
Food was delicious as always and delivered fast! Thanks for the extra sauce!
starstarstarstarstar Mar 31, 2020
Thank you for your quick service and delivery. Thank you for working during these crazy times!
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Dec 25, 2019
Food arrived over an hour late and the restaurant. When questioned the restaurant stated oh we didn’t check if we had any online orders. No apology or discount.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Nov 23, 2019
I always order for delivery from Red Ginger China Bistro but today my egg flower soup tasted like water.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Jul 18, 2019
Food is great ... the only problem is that it is not ready in time for pickup when ordering on line ... 20 to 25 minutes from time of placement of the order and still not ready.
Adam & Andrea
starstarstarstarstar_border Jun 15, 2019
I just picked up my order and the food is always good. Unfortunately, I ordered egg flower soup, but they didn't place it in the bag with the rest of the order. I wasn't about to go back. I hope they see this review and make the next order better.
starstarstarstarstar_border Apr 19, 2019
So good! Took longer then we thought but came hot and tasty! Thanks so much
starstarstarstarstar Mar 05, 2019
food is always good, always delivered hot, fresh and timely. beyond menu is also cheaper then ordering from doordash and grubhub. love it.
starstarstarstarstar Jan 17, 2019
food was delicious, delivery was fast
starstarstarstarstar Jan 02, 2019
The food came hot. The order was correct and the delivery person was very friendly. The food was delicious as always! Can’t wait ‘til next time 😊
starstarstarstarstar Sep 29, 2018
Speedy online delivery and order ahead service. The food is always well-seasoned and delicious! The staff is very pleasant and friendly. We order from here often. Red Ginger China Bistro is wonderful!
starstarstarstarstar May 02, 2018
The food is always delicious. We have food delivered at least 3 times a month. However this last delivery was wrong. I had special instructions as I am allergic to peanuts and someone did not omit them from my order as requested. This could have been critical, but it was obvious the peanuts where in the food. Things happen.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 22, 2018
Fast service and the food was excellent!
starstarstarstarstar Feb 26, 2018
Awesome Food !!!!
starstarstarstarstar Feb 09, 2018
Hot & Fresh Food! The ONLY place I go for great Chinese Takeout in Corona.
starstarstarstarstar Jan 12, 2018
Great food-everything was delicious and hot. I like the fact that it’s not cooked until you order it. Wi. Definitely go back
starstarstarstarstar Dec 21, 2017
Love this restaurant.
starstarstarstarstar_border Nov 13, 2017
Food was good as always. Took a little longer than expected.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Nov 07, 2017
Food not as good as when restaurant first opened. Had MooGoo GaiPan and MuShuPork, it had so much oil it was sickening. Also had orange chicken, it was ok. The fried rice was more like steamed which was ok because we prefer steamed. We ordered on line and when you order dinners for two or more it there's no option to choose like a steamed or brown rice instead of fried as an example. We'll be looking around and trying other asian restaurants.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Oct 07, 2017
The order was ready when I arrive but when I got home I didn't have the chicken satay. It was a container of lettuce, dry chicken strips and sauce. The other two items didn't seem to have enough flavor like what we ordered the week before.
starstarstarstarstar_border Sep 06, 2017
Food was excellent! Crispy duck & minced chicken lettuce wraps.
starstarstarstarstar Aug 27, 2017
Never had any problems ordering on "Beyond Menu", as it has always been quick and easy to do. Food has always arrived in less than an hour, I'd say about 30-40 minutes after ordering. Food is hot, fresh, and absolutely delicious. The person making the deliveries is very professional, and polite as well. Highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoys some good chinese food.
starstarstarstarstar Aug 06, 2017
We love Red Ginger's. My wife would have it everyday if I let her.
starstarstarstarstar Jun 05, 2017
Love there food! Always yummy!
starstarstarstarstar May 09, 2017
I really enjoyed my sweet and sour shrimp. It was cooked perfectly as always. Also, the person that checked me out was super nice. I think he was either the owner or manager.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 16, 2017
Always great food and quick delivery.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 11, 2017
Took a bit longer to arrive than expected, but worth the wait to have great food.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 04, 2017
food is always good in my book. I recommend it too.
starstarstarstarstar Dec 25, 2016
Best hot and sour soup in Corona. We drive by two other Chinese food restaurants to go here for take out!
starstarstarstarstar Nov 20, 2016
It was worth the wait...
starstarstarstarstar Nov 18, 2016
Great food, fast friendly service.
starstarstarstarstar Nov 06, 2016
Excellent food, great service!
starstarstarstarstar Oct 16, 2016
A++ Quick Delivery, Got everything PERFECT!! Even read my order notes!!
starstarstarstarstar Sep 26, 2016
We ordered online for a late lunch while we watched the football game. We ordered with a future pick-up time, and the food was being delivered to the front counter when I walked in the door. The food was fresh, tasty and hot, and it was packed very well. The portions are huge and the prices are very reasonable. Three lunches and an appetizer were only about $25, so a great value too. We've ordered from there many times over the past 4 years and have never been disappointed in any way. Excellent!
starstarstarstarstar Aug 23, 2016
We thoroughly enjoyed our meal. The food was delicious at just the right temperature. The delivery person was timely and very friendly.
starstarstarstarstar Aug 03, 2016
First time customer and I was very impressed by how the food was delivery exactly when it indicated it would. The quality of food was great and the amount of food was more than expected!