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Mae Phim Thai

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Delivery Fee Free within 1 mile
Delivery Minimum $25.00
Estimated Time Between 45 and 60 minutes

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Delivery Fee Free within 1 mile
Delivery Minimum $25.00
Estimated Time Between 45 and 60 minutes
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50 ratings


• 3/17/2019
Online order was ready and waiting for us. Pad Thai had lots of chicken and sauce. Very yummy. Very convenient to nearby hotels.
• 3/16/2019
Food was ready and bagged when I picked up, and was delicious when I ate it. Whole operation of ordering on line and me picking up went perfectly.
• 1/14/2019
Panang curry was excellent: the just-right substitute for chicken soup, on a day when I was suffering from a cold.
• 11/30/2018
Excellent food and love the restaurant help! Excellent ordering experience ~ complete and easy! the way to go ~ not needing to order then stand and wait for order in that VERY tight space. Thank you.
• 11/15/2018
Good food, great service!
• 10/29/2018
Order was ready when I arrived, and the curry was delicious!
• 10/4/2018
They were really busy because it was lunch time but it was great to be able to get my order immediately and walk out. I would highly recommend the online ordering.
• 10/1/2018
Delicious, ready fast, nice simple red curry
• 4/19/2018
Excellent Service. Fantastic Thai Food
• 3/30/2018
Service we outstanding!
• 3/12/2018
Excellent! Ready quickly and delicious!
• 3/1/2018
Was ready when I arrived and it was excellent!
• 11/28/2017
I ordered a stir fry beef dish. The stupid website "required" me to tick one of the following boxes: Chicken; Pork; Tofu. Assuming these would come 'in addition' to the STIRFRIED BEEF dish I ordered, I ticked tofu. Guess what, I got stir fried tofu.... and NO beef. Not smart. Pham Thai was good, however.
• 9/19/2017
The food tastes delicious! The only reason why I'm giving 3 stars is because they give very small portions of food for what they're charging compared to other places. I probably won't come here again only because i can get my money's worth of food easily at another great restaurant. Great food here though!
• 8/30/2017
The order was ready in short time and the experience was good
• 8/5/2017
these guys are super nice and always yummy, I'm a vegetarian & work close to here & not once have I had a problem. I even get it delivered 😉 always hot, consistent & delicious
• 5/24/2017
• 4/25/2017
Quick service and very good food.
• 2/23/2017
I think there may have been cream or milk in the pumpkin curry. It tasted good but I felt like I had some dairy and that was not good for me. The rest of my day was rough. I wish I would have known. This order was for a lunch at my office. Everyone else seemed like they liked what they ordered. My boss said the Duck soup was very good. I liked the pot stickers very much.
• 2/17/2017
Very nice as usual.
• 1/17/2017
Excellent food. On time with fair prices and friendly service.
• 1/6/2017
Exactly what I wanted. Ready to pick up, tasty and a good price.
• 9/12/2016
I ordered the Chicken Pad Thai and it hit the spot! Very yummy!
• 8/13/2016
I was disapointed with what I got for my dollar. My order were 6 crab ragoons and padthai and i feel like while they both tasted good I am disapointed in my order compared to what I have gotten in the past from them. They used to be a top pick back in 2008 or somethin like that but now I feel like the popularity has made the venue lazy and greedy with their higher wnd prices for food that I have gotten at the same quality from places such as panda express and thai togo which are both known for fast food- quantity over quality. I wish that this place would swap back to wanting to givw quality meals rather than giving padthai with as little sauce possible or overly priced Crab in the Blanket. I've known that this place isn't as good as it was but I continue going hoping that it will improve to its greatness again.
• 6/15/2016
This is a great convenience when you want to eat and don't have much time....will definitely do it again
• 3/28/2016
Fast food preparation and good food