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Lucky House

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Chinese, Seafood, Vegetarian
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65 ratings


• 3/13/2019
I tried Lucky House because I had heard some good recommendations. The woman filling my order was very nice. I originally ordered bone-in spare ribs but they were out so she called to tell me she replaced the order with boneless spare ribs. I really hoped this would be good but other than the service it was not. It possibly was the worst Chinese food I have ever eaten. The hot and sour soup had a broth that taste burnt and unpleasant. It contained chunks of tofu and button mushrooms. It had no wood ear fungi or lily flowers that are standard ingredients in this soup. The Shanghai egg roll was visibly burnt and actually black on the ends. It contained no pork mixture that is typical of the type egg roll. It contained about a teaspoon of cabbage only. Why would you knowingly give your customer something burnt? The steamed vegetable dumpling was the blandest dumpling I have ever had.n it contained no flavor. It contained no vegetables or vegetable mixture other than again a minuscule amount of cabbage. Following suit the boneless spare ribs were also burnt. I actually enjoy the burnt ends boneless spareribs get under the broiler but this was a whole other level. Some piece were totally black and most were too tough to chew. The best dish was the Yaki Udon. The noodles were ok but for a house special it didn't cut it. No sign of any lobster meat. A small amount of chicken, bait size shrimp and a little pork. It was like they didn't have a cook or ingredients and tried to wing it. Something had to be wrong in the kitchen. Won't be returning.
Leigh Ann
• 2/23/2019
Not crazy about the rangoons. Everything else is wonderful!!!
• 2/7/2019
Everything was good
• 12/19/2018
Ready right on time that I asked , Great food and Lots of shrimp in the rice...Will eat here again, very good food, very nice people.
• 11/12/2018
Food was really good! Loved the chow fun!
• 10/21/2018
The food was amazing! We're definitely coming back
• 10/9/2018
Food here is pretty good. I was missing a couple of sauces but no big deal.
• 5/17/2018
Good food, fast service. Always a positive experience.
• 5/10/2018
Everything is good, boneless ribs a little fattier than other places but still good
• 4/4/2018
Great food and good prices
• 3/22/2018
The food was very good. We were missing a can of soda that came with the meal, and a side of garlic sauce for our steamed chicken.
• 12/30/2017
Very good Chinese food and great prices!!
• 12/8/2017
Always fresh, hot and ready when we come to pick up. They are especially great about accommodating our special requests! Our favorite Chinese restaurant in the area!!
• 11/19/2017
Easy to order. Recommend.
• 11/10/2017
The nicest people work there and it is some of the best Chinese food I've had!
• 10/22/2017
Last night I ordered two egg rolls, chicken rice soup and house special fried rice. Everything was excellent!!
• 8/15/2017
Ordering was easy. I love the way the menu is listed. I gave the time I needed my order and it was ready on time. The staff was friendly and the food was delicious.
• 8/14/2017
Food was good. Generous portions for lunch but 2of us got white rice instead of fried rice.
• 8/4/2017
Everything was great! The only thing was the beef and broccoli was a little salty. No big deal.
• 7/7/2017
My pfr was dry. When lucky house took over a number of months ago, everything was fantastic. I couldn't get enough! The decline has been slow but steady. Last time I ordered, I ordered spicy beef and the beef was completely unchewable. I'll still order from here but I'm getting too cautious about it-- saying to myself, "eh, they can't mess this up too bad," that is NOT a good sign. I hope the restaurant takes heed and amps up their game.
• 6/16/2017
Really enjoyed the fried pork dumplings; they have the perfect amount of ginger in them. General Tso was so-so, but everything else was solid.
• 6/13/2017
Good as always
• 6/10/2017
The food is GREAT! VERY tasty and fresh. The owners are very friendly and aim to please. You won't be disappointed
• 5/19/2017
The food was fantastic but the meal I ordered did not come with everything it said it was supposed to. However, it was only missing an egg roll and the online ordering was super easy and convenient. Lucky Star may not be the best around but they are definitely the best in town!
• 5/8/2017
Very friendly atmosphere! We just recently moved to Hebron, and were having difficulty finding decent Chinese take-out. Lucky House is definitely a contender! Very tasty, and good portions. Went in to pick up the food, and place was very neat and clean, staff very friendly and pleasant. It is a bit longer of a drive to come from Hebron, but we got spoiled at our old address by having the repeatedly number 1 in New Haven county rated Panda Garden deliver to us, so finding good Chinese has been a struggle. I will definitely be going back to Lucky House!
• 5/3/2017
Great food!! Always fresh The owner is always friendly and helpful.
• 4/14/2017
• 4/14/2017
Good food at a great price
• 2/2/2017
Food was good and price was great. Will definitely order from here again.
• 1/25/2017
The family running Lucky House is delightful. And the food is great. I amn not usually not a fan of General Tso's chicken because of its extreme sweetness. Lucky House makes it much much less sweet and far more flavorful.
• 11/6/2016
Vegetable lo mein was fine, crab rangoon wasn't great but maybe because I picked it up late so it became cold and chewy. The filing was good but the outside was chewy. I'm not blaming them so I'd give them another chance.
• 10/21/2016
The food is fantastic!!! The service is impeccable!!
• 9/30/2016
Not impressed with the bourbon chicken, huge fatty chunks if chicken. Huge pieces of onion in fried rice. Everything else was good
• 8/14/2016
Food was ready quickly and overall pretty good.
• 2/27/2016
Best crab rangoon ever