Fontana Sushi
4.81starstarstarstarstar159 ratings
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8601 West Cross Drive Unit F4, Littleton, CO 80123
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4.81starstarstarstarstar159 ratings
starstarstarstarstar Apr 26, 2021
Awesome place!
starstarstarstarstar_border Apr 17, 2021
Great food! As per usual and as expected. However we ordered a mixture of hand rolls and roll, but then all came as rolls. Not a big deal, everything was delicious!
starstarstarstarstar Apr 09, 2021
The rolls are getting smaller and smaller it seems they are good but small
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Mar 15, 2021
Never got my food
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Feb 14, 2021
One item was wrong, and I specifically asked for extra Katsu sauce and was given none.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Feb 07, 2021
Didn't receive text/call when order was ready.
starstarstarstarstar Dec 22, 2020
Always good
starstarstarstarstar Oct 20, 2020
I should have ordered oneore small roll but the roll I got was delicious
starstarstarstarstar Oct 05, 2020
Sushi is really good
starstarstarstarstar Jul 01, 2020
We generally love Fontana. But tonight was carry out only and my wife’s bday. We thought everything was amazing!! Kids loved everything as well which is hard to do.
starstarstarstarstar Jun 14, 2020
This is seriously one of the best sushi places in Colorado!
starstarstarstarstar Jun 06, 2020
Love Fontana!!! Always fresh and delicious.
starstarstarstarstar May 22, 2020
Lunch was perfect!
starstarstarstarstar Mar 11, 2020
Perfect...every time.
starstarstarstarstar Jan 05, 2020
The food is Amazing.
starstarstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Jul 30, 2019
I ordered a salad- was great! Avocado rolls- good but warm Tempura shrimp rolls- great! IKURA 2 individual pc- BAD Eggs tasted fermented really strong, I had to wash mouth out. Please don’t serve!
starstarstarstarstar Jun 20, 2019
The restaurant is great. Food is wonderful. The staff was easy to work with. The app is horrible because they didn’t get my order faxed to them until I arrived when my order was supposed to be ready.
starstarstarstarstar_border Feb 09, 2019
Excellent food and service.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Dec 03, 2018
We ordered in, which is not the wisest thing to do with sushi. It was fine, but not anything to write home about for the price.
starstarstarstarstar Sep 23, 2018
Food was awesome and ready pretty quickly.
starstarstarstarstar Aug 27, 2018
Salmon sashimi is always excellent!
starstarstarstarstar Aug 10, 2018
Fontana Sushi is great!
starstarstarstarstar Jul 20, 2018
starstarstarstarstar Jun 08, 2018
We eat here so much. We have yet to try a sushi roll from here we don't like!
starstarstarstarstar May 07, 2018
The Salmon sashimi is always amazing.
starstarstarstarstar Apr 14, 2018
Great, tasty and thoroughly enjoyable. Ate like a piggy and had nothing to put away.
starstarstarstarstar Apr 05, 2018
Won't go to another sushi restaurant. Tried many, but they either put wasabi on everything (we prefer it to be a side choice) -or- they are ridiculously expensive. Fontana always has really fresh fish for a price we can afford which, for us, is what counts the most. That's not to say the Special Rolls and everything else isn't mouth-watering and beautifully presented, it's just not what I would call a Yuppie Snob Bar pretending to be in downtown Osaka. As for service, the waitstaff are very stable; same people every time. They are like family now, so it's hard to be objective, but here's my latest experience. I made my online order, set it to ASAP, waited 10 minutes, drove 10 minutes and waited there for 10 minutes. The restaurant was mostly full (end of lunch hour), so I think this was a short wait for me without patrons dining in being shortchanged on service. I have found that if I order in advance and set a certain time, it is ALWAYS ready and waiting for me at the designated time. Finally, I am disabled, but COULD manage carrying my order out. But they ALWAYS carry it to the car for me. Like I said: Family.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Mar 31, 2018
The food is always great here, but the service is sub-par. Don't expect it to be quick and don't expect the staff to know what's going on.
John &
starstarstarstarstar Mar 28, 2018
We love Fontana Sushi. Their food is outstanding and the service is very good. I like the atmosphere in the restaurant
starstarstarstarstar Jan 22, 2018
Fish is consistently excellent. Staff is always friendly and attentive. It's the only place we go for sushi for the last 10 years.
starstarstarstarstar Nov 03, 2017
We have been eating at Fontana's for several years, both in the restaurant and more frequently take out. The sushi is always fresh and the rolls are excellent. And they have a very friendly staff. It's a great place to have so close by.
starstarstarstarstar Oct 07, 2017
The food was ready within minutes of me picking it up. And the sushi at Fontana is always great!!
starstarstarstarstar Sep 30, 2017
This is our place. We used to be lured with coupons to try other sushi restaurants but were ALWAYS so disappointed that we just gave up and came back to Fontana Sushi again...and again...and again. We particularly like their spicy tuna, crab and salmon, either as dedicated rolls or as a ingredient to a special roll. The sauces on the rolls are also excellent with the King Crab and Sweetheart roll sauces being our favorite. The sashimi is thick cut and always amazingly fresh! We always start with Miso Soup - LOVE IT. The seaweed salad is a favorite, as well. As good as the food is, the people are even better. The servers are always quiet and efficient, but it pays to get to know them. There is no revolving door for employees here; all of our servers have been here for years. We enjoy it when they tease us about our predictable order - it's like family. I'm sure you can go down to Cherry Creek and find sushi and sashimi that is "prettier" or more exotic. But if you want consistently good, fresh sushi in the SW Denver area, this is the place.
starstarstarstarstar Sep 28, 2017
I love this place, and have it often. I love that I can order online and it's ready when I get there. I only wish they delivered.
starstarstarstarstar_border Aug 21, 2017
So easy
starstarstarstarstar_border Jul 17, 2017
Service and food were both outstanding! Would recommend to anyone wanting good, fast and courteous service. Will definitely return. My only problem was I didn't order enough for my two ravenous grandsons!
starstarstarstarstar_border Jul 17, 2017
The spicy tuna roll was average but the spicy shrimp roll was outstanding!
starstarstarstarstar Jul 16, 2017
Fontana always has fresh and delicious rolls. They are my go-to for good sushi every time!
starstarstarstarstar Jul 15, 2017
ALWAYS great quality of sushi and service! Very creative chefs as well.
starstarstarstarstar Jun 04, 2017
We love the sushi at Fontana, whether it's take out on eat in. The take out is always ready on time and fresh.
starstarstarstarstar Jun 03, 2017
Everything was wonderful. Great packaging and easy pick up. Great deal!
starstarstarstarstar May 20, 2017
Still an amazing place for some sushi and holy god did they give a ton of wasbi
starstarstarstarstar Mar 18, 2017
Great food, even better service!
starstarstarstarstar_border Mar 05, 2017
The crab cheese wontons get a little soggy if you do them as takeout.
starstarstarstarstar Jan 31, 2017
Great food, great service, as always!!
starstarstarstarstar Oct 21, 2016
Always great
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Oct 10, 2016
The sushi was good, but they got my order wrong... I ordered hand rolls and did not get them very disappointing
starstarstarstarstar Sep 06, 2016
Always a great experience.