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4.63starstarstarstarstar_half324 ratings
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Asian, Chinese
3482 Sullivant Ave, Columbus, OH 43204
11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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4.63starstarstarstarstar_half324 ratings
starstarstarstarstar Mar 19, 2021
I saw they had some vegetarian options on the menu for lunch. I tried the General Tso's Tofu and was pleasantly surprised. Big cubes of tofu cooked the way I like it. A little crispy on the edges and just the right amount of sauce.
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Jan 20, 2021
Was horrible
starstarstarstarstar_border Dec 30, 2020
Not much rice n meat was not much either but is was tasty two thumbs up.i will eat again .also 3 packets soy sauce n one sauce for 4 egg rolls not enough .but friendly fast n food does taste really good .
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Dec 25, 2020
I am still waiting on my food two hours later
starstarstarstarstar Dec 03, 2020
I enjoyed the food it was delicious 😋
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Nov 25, 2020
Just okay food, not a fan of the teriyaki sauce on the chicken. My beef and broccoli had lots of fat in it.
starstarstarstarstar_border Feb 11, 2020
Good food
starstarstarstarstar_border Jan 21, 2020
This’s a recommendation about the my Mongolian chicken dishes.” Too much white Orion “ besides that if was delicious.
starstarstarstarstar Jan 10, 2020
They are always very polite and friendly. The food is always ready when asked for and always good. Very much recommend.
starstarstarstarstar Dec 27, 2019
Ive been ordering from here now for years! They are always fantastic and have great food. I sometimes order from other places but they overcharge or arent as good i always come back to asian wok.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Oct 02, 2019
I did not receive the extra shrimp I paid for.... this is the first time they made a mistake after many orders... but still not happy...
starstarstarstarstar_border Sep 18, 2019
Was missing my eggroles. Got the sauce though. Restaurant delt with it well
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Sep 07, 2019
The food is always good however they have repeatedly forgotten items from my order on more than one occasion this is the third time I have ordered a sweet tea and paid for it even though I did not receive it. This greatly disturbs me.
starstarstarstarstar_border Aug 06, 2019
Food was perfect except is was only 4 pieces of chicken instead of 5 per order as it states in the menu
starstarstarstarstar Jul 21, 2019
Love this place!!
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Jul 18, 2019
Never got my food.... A car showed apparently didn't get out of the car to knock on the door or ring the door bell to let me know that he or she was here.....
starstarstarstarstar_border Jul 10, 2019
Spring roll mostly dough. Hardly anything inside. Will not order again.
starstarstarstarstar_border Jul 04, 2019
Delivery was fast food was hot and amazing
starstarstarstarstar Jul 03, 2019
starstarstarstarstar_border Jul 02, 2019
Love this place
starstarstarstarstar Jun 25, 2019
Easy to order with app! Very delicious!
starstarstarstarstar Apr 19, 2019
Love online ordering so fast and easy . Loved our food.
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Apr 04, 2019
!!!Warning!!! The food tasted spoiled or like it's been stored in a warm location or left out over several nights...chicken didn't taste like chicken maybe because it was the health department
starstarstarstarstar Feb 22, 2019
Honestly haven't had anything I dont like here. I have always been happy with service as well. There is no competition with these guys!
J Michael
starstarstarstarstar_border Feb 22, 2019
Aways good food...
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Feb 21, 2019
The food was good. It took more than an hour for the delivery to arrive so that was not good.
Todd & Lizz
starstarstarstarstar Feb 15, 2019
Food good as usual
starstarstarstarstar Feb 02, 2019
Excellent food!
starstarstarstarstar Jan 25, 2019
Food is always good and delivery is fast
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Jan 25, 2019
Food was, as always, delicious. I placed the order to be delivered at 12:15 pm. At 12:30 I called to see where it was. Was told it was on the way. It arrived at 12:45. The driver was on his phone when he pulled up and still had it at his ear when he came to the door ( i really could care less what kind of cat food his wife wants him to buy). We have ordered online many times and not had any problems. Not sure what happened this time.
Todd & Lizz
starstarstarstarstar Jan 24, 2019
Good as always. However I ordered a Sid's of 2 spring rolls and only got 1. The road I live on is kind of a hill and it was very icy and it took the poor delivery driver quite a while to get up it and I'm sorry for that.
Todd & Lizz
starstarstarstarstar Jan 17, 2019
Got here right on time, was hot, and delivery driver was very nice. He even brought my paper up from the end of the driveway. This is absolutely our new place.
starstarstarstarstar Jan 10, 2019
Always great food, great service and fast hot delivery. Best Asian food on the Westside! Only issue is they do not give options on soda pop, so you might want to call for their selection.
starstarstarstarstar_border Dec 28, 2018
good! wasn’t late or anything.
starstarstarstarstar Dec 13, 2018
Delicious as always! Such an excellent cook!
starstarstarstarstar Nov 03, 2018
Driver was super fast and super nice! Food was great too! Mmmm
starstarstarstarstar Nov 03, 2018
The food was awesome. I love it everytime.
starstarstarstarstar Oct 04, 2018
I just love the food and will order again and agin.
starstarstarstarstar Sep 19, 2018
crab rangoon is some of the best i've had they actually put lots of cream cheese in them. the tso's chicken was great.
starstarstarstarstar Sep 08, 2018
Their food is always good and I love the staff
starstarstarstarstar_border Aug 16, 2018
I ordered the General Tao's Chicken hot, but it wasn't very spicy at all. There also wasn't as much rice as I'd have liked. Other than that, everything was great.
starstarstarstarstar Jul 19, 2018
Fast service and really good food.
starstarstarstarstar Jul 01, 2018
The food was good as always. Delivery was prompt, and the driver was pleasant.
starstarstarstarstar Jun 08, 2018
got here pretty fast. the food was great still extremely hot so it didn't get cold on the way. great service.
starstarstarstarstar May 23, 2018
Quick Delivery and Good Food!
starstarstarstarstar May 20, 2018
Was very good. Everything was cooked perfectly. Healthy portions. Quick and friendly delivery.
starstarstarstarstar May 11, 2018
Best Chinese take out in Columbus!!!
starstarstarstarstar Apr 02, 2018
Web site would not let me order on line. I had to call them. Got order very quick as I live close by and the food was wonderful. Best spring roll I have had in a long time. I love their Lo Mein. Can't best the price. Worth every penny. Thank you.