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J.J. Chen's Eatery

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Delivery Minimum $6.00
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Delivery Fee $2 within 3.00 miles
$3 within 4.00 miles
$4 within 5.00 miles
$5 within 6.00 miles
$6 within 7.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $6.00
Estimated Time Between 45 and 60 minutes
Cantonese, Chicken, Chinese, Dim Sum, Noodles, Szechwan, Vegetarian
Monday: 10:30 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:30 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:30 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:30 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:30 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:30 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:30 AM - 10:00 PM
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309 ratings


• 7/12/2018
Lo Mein and Crab Rangoon were wonderful. I've ordered the Happy Family before and was satisfied with it but this time the sauce was more like water, not very flavorful. But this won't prevent me from order from JJ Chen again.
• 7/6/2018
Excellent food, great value... very happy. The fried chicken and the Crab Rangoon were crisp; the Lo Mein had excellent flavor; the Kung Pao Chicken was Extra-Hot, as ordered; and the Egg Foo Young was perfectly done, with gravy that wasn't congealed or gross in any way. Plenty of food for 2-3 meals for 2 people. I ordered online, for pickup at a specific time, and there was NO wait when I arrived, but everything was piping hot. I highly recommend JJ Chen's.
• 6/27/2018
Always on time and the food is hot...AS it should be...Excellent..
• 6/26/2018
Food is always fresh and tasty.
• 6/19/2018
Excellent food. Excellent service!
• 5/28/2018
Very fast delivery! Good food.
• 5/22/2018
Great food as always, and awesome delivery guy!
• 5/22/2018
on time and hot.
• 5/20/2018
Food was excellent and the service fast. Loved it
• 5/11/2018
Everything I ordered was fabulous!
• 5/6/2018
Great food. First time trying and we will order again!
• 5/4/2018
Hot, on time and super yummy! Wish there were a few more broccoli florets with the General Tso's.
• 4/26/2018
Everything was great !
• 4/14/2018
Always good
• 4/7/2018
So delicious, we haven’t had Chinese food this good in awhile. The beef in the lo mein was tender, and the sweet and sour chicken was crispy. Will def be back!
• 4/5/2018
Delivery service was pretty quick and the driver was friendly.
• 3/20/2018
Beef tenderloin was really good. Not enough chicken in the hunan chicken. It was mainly vegetables.
• 3/19/2018
We have a house member that is allergic to Gluten and will have a reaction to the smallest amount. JJ Chen offers a Gluten free option on several menu items and even called prior to making the order to verify what items needed to be Gluten free, Items arrived on a timely basis and packaged in a manner to keep the Gluten items safe. All Menu items were consumed with-out issue (Even the Gluten laded items that I consumed)...Thanks JJ Chen
• 3/14/2018
Today's beef chow fun tasted weird... Not the beef chow fun that I always enjoyed... I loved fried wonton.
• 3/7/2018
Food is always good, Must have different cooks sometimes it is great other time is just okay. Should be 5 star if more consistent
• 3/2/2018
Love the food! Got it in 10 minutes!
• 2/24/2018
It's hard to find a good Chinese place - this one is great!
• 2/6/2018
Great food. Super fast delivery!
• 2/6/2018
Came early and hot. Generous portions for a very reasonable price! Will definitely order again
• 1/28/2018
Awesome House Lo Mein!
• 1/24/2018
Great food and fast delivery.
• 1/5/2018
Amazing food, as always. I came here because my Chinese roommate always ate here. The food is brilliant, always hot and such a great deal!
• 12/30/2017
The food is always good but they forgot the gravy I ordered. By the time we realized it we were done eating. They never have made that mistake before. First time for everything I would still order from them again.
• 12/28/2017
I ordered today. The food came hot and it was really good. I hope to try the dim sum next time.
• 12/26/2017
The food is always good and always hot when it gets to my door.
• 12/6/2017
Food came timely enough. Very nice sized portions. Sauce was leaking and it was a little messy. They forgot the rice for an order but the owner or manager or something redelivered it himself. Very nice man.
• 11/29/2017
Wish broccoli pieces were cut a little smaller but taste was great. Great customer service
• 11/25/2017
This time, I loved it. Rice was nice and soft. I loved noodles as well. Thank you.
• 11/12/2017
I loved it. Only one thing that I was not satisfied was rice. Rice was a little bit undercooked and I understand that you guys were in hurry. Maybe next time!
• 11/9/2017
Delivery was on time, food was hot and delicious..
• 11/7/2017
Came timely and perfectly prepared.
• 10/31/2017
Delivery was fast, and driver was very polite. As always, food quality was fabulous.
• 10/21/2017
Good food quick delivery
• 10/17/2017
Tremendous variety of food available! Everything we ordered and had was great! I love that when you order online, you are asked what type of rice you want and what level of spiciness you want in your dish. Overall a very good dining experience! We want to order again soon and try many of the other dishes!
• 10/16/2017
Very friendly, prompt and the food is delicious
• 10/13/2017
Curry Chicken was a bit more spicy than expected. Both meals were good.
• 10/6/2017
Not sure why it felt different, but this time it was extra good and fresh!!!
• 9/23/2017
• 9/23/2017
The food was great but unfortunately it was packed very sloppy and leaked all over the place. Rather disappointed because the reason I order takeout is because I don't feel like doing a bunch of cleaning up.
• 9/21/2017
The. Best.
• 8/19/2017
Absolutely fantastic! Ordered at 8:50 and it was delivered at 9:36. The pan fried dumplings were the best I've ever had. Egg roll and crab Rangoon were also fantastic! I already can't wait to order again.
• 8/16/2017
The food is excellent and the delivery was fine (I live about 3 blocks away but in a confusing apartment complex). My only negative experience for the second time I have ordered from here, is that I asked for no peanuts and extra sweet sour sauce. I always get the extra sweet and sour, so I know they are reading the special requests, however, I received peanuts on top of the entrée both times I have ordered. Fortunately, I am not allergic, but just don't like peanuts (unless they are covered in chocolate!)
• 8/12/2017
Tasty food.