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China Star II

877 W Main Rd, Middletown, RI 02842  •  Delivery Info

Delivery Fee $1 within 4.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $10.00
Estimated Time Between 30 and 60 minutes
Delivery Fee $1 within 4.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $10.00
Estimated Time Between 30 and 60 minutes
Chinese, Seafood, Vegetarian
Monday: 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Sunday: 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX
256 ratings


• 6/12/2019
The delivery was very quick!
• 5/7/2019
We moved to Middletown in 2005, accidentally stumbled upon CS2, and basically never left. Whenever we get egg food young, we order the quart size of the brown gravy extra and pay for it just so we can have it on other stuff for dinner. It'sTHATGREAT.
• 5/7/2019
Really, I've run out of GREAT things to say abt our beloved little China star 2. Been eating here since 2005, NOT ONE SINGLE DISAPPOINTMENT, ever. Food great, super fast,hot delivery, amazing prices. If they'd close, we'd STARVE.
• 4/4/2019
My husband had the beef and broccoli, he said it was okay. I had the crab Rangoon, chow mein, and boiled dumplings and my stomach was in a ton of pain after I ate it. Delivery driver was very nice.
• 2/22/2019
As usual, the order was correct and the driver very courteous. The food is/ was great!
• 2/12/2019
Fast delivery, great quality.
• 1/27/2019
Assuming the 3 China Star places in Newport/Middletown are related but this one to me has the best food. Their soups (wonton, hot and sour) are pretty amazing for not fancy places. Really enjoyed the Egg Foo Young too - very flavorful.
• 1/12/2019
So happy I can order online as this is one of my favorite restaurants and the food is excellent. And so is the service.
• 1/5/2019
Food is always awesome and there is never a long wait. A good spot for consistently good Chinese food.
• 1/1/2019
The food was very good, What surprised me was how fast the food was delivered! 30 min on New Years Eve!!!!
• 12/22/2018
Great flavor, never disappointed! Only thing is they forgot the soda I ordered but not too big of a deal!
• 12/13/2018
i didn’t get my Diet Coke, and the chicken for the pineapple chicken was tough inside, like chicken jerky. Otherwise it was all great.
• 12/13/2018
Great food every time and very friendly deliverers, definately my favorite place for Chinese food!
• 12/1/2018
Very good than you
• 11/20/2018
Food was hot and delicious. This is my favorite Chinese food restaurant
• 10/25/2018
Delivery was quick and correct.
• 10/18/2018
Food was INCREDIBLE!!!! FRESH, HOT, AMAZING!!! Beef teriyaki so soft and tender, amazing flavor! 5 stars FOR EVERYTHING, INCL. SERVICE, DELIVERY!!! WE LOVE CHINA STAR!!!!!
• 10/13/2018
Great tasting dinners, FINALLY found a good local Chinese restaurant. Delivery time was very quick! Thank you!
• 8/19/2018
Good Food, Great Service.
• 7/11/2018
We always get great quick delivery and excellent food!!
• 6/23/2018
Really great
• 5/31/2018
This is the best Chinese food in town! Delivery is SUPER fast and the food is always hot & tasty! I would recommend their chicken and broccoli.
• 5/24/2018
I was supposed to get two root beers, I got two diet cokes. I asked that the fried noodles not be included, and I got them too.
• 5/20/2018
We arrived from Europe in 2005, and we're BLESSED with finding an apt close to this little GEM of a restaurant! In 13 YEARS of ordering food from this place, we've found the food to be CONSISTENTLY AWESOME, delivery ppl the same, prices, also same.
• 4/19/2018
Awesome! Delivery is awesome! Staff is great!
• 4/15/2018
The boneless spare ribs weren’t well cooked.
• 3/22/2018
In 2005 we moved from Europe to Middletown. It was just our luck that our apt. Was just steps away from our BELOVED China Star. We have been eating their food for 13 years now, and dread the idea of them ever closing or moving! We LOVE them!!!
• 2/22/2018
Great food for a great price honestly usually take 20-30 minutes for delivery sometimes quicker been eating here my whole life and nothing ever compares to the value or the quality
• 12/30/2017
Inexpensive but totally delicious!!!!
• 12/15/2017
Food was delicious thank you!!!
• 11/27/2017
Boneless Ribs juicy but not oily. Shrimp Fried rice excellent as usual. Quick. Love it.
• 11/27/2017
Quick delivery - great food. Ribs were very big and very meaty. More than I expected and thus I got two meals out of one order.
• 11/2/2017
Delivery was fast, food was warm, tje delivery guy was very friendly and it was very good. It was my first order, but I'll be ordering again :)
• 10/29/2017
You guys are grwt
• 10/16/2017
Great Food. Great Price. Quick Delivery.
• 10/12/2017
Awesome food! Not the highest quality of meat (chicken was fatty) but again everything tastes great!
• 8/23/2017
I recommend this restaurant the food tastes very good 😋
• 8/23/2017
great food great employees!!!!
• 6/22/2017
Fast, hot, delicious. The people who deliver as well as those who work in the restaurant are very friendly and accomodating.
• 6/5/2017
Spring rolls were unusually greasy.
• 4/23/2017
They have delicious food and I order from them frequently!
• 4/22/2017
Love the food and they always have great customer service.
• 3/28/2017
Great food!
• 3/24/2017
great service great food
• 3/22/2017
Delivery drivers never read the comments about the entrances, nor do they bring utensils, even when requested. Also the delivery driver was very rude.
• 3/4/2017
Good food and not too expensive.
• 2/16/2017
I like my chow mein and noodles separate so that they are crunchy if you make them that way. I like Hoo Mee noodles.
• 2/4/2017
Great quick, hot Chinese. Typical take out..but make sure to start heading in after ordering. They cook your food up quick.