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Grace Japanese Steak House

3035 SE Maricamp Rd, Ocala, FL 34471

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Japanese, Sushi
Monday: 10:30 AM - 10:00 PM
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125 ratings


• 9/13/2019
I asked in my notes for extra yum yum sauce cups this time, and didn't get them in the bags once we got it home. Food is always pretty good though 👌.
• 9/1/2019
• 8/23/2019
Was missing one of my ordered items. Had to call the restaurant and order it again. Drive and pick it up.
• 8/7/2019
Food was okay. Could’ve used a reminder to tell the how I’d like the steak. And maybe a add on screen I forgot to order more noodles which was my main reason for ordering.
• 7/14/2019
Food was fresh and tasted great. Did not get any white sauce with the hibachi or any soy sauce for sushi. Definitely need to check the order before leaving.
• 5/10/2019
Great food but whoever is entering my order from the app isn’t entering my order the way it’s written. This has happened 3 times now in a matter of weeks. I will no longer be ordering from them.
• 3/2/2019
Consistently great!
• 12/8/2018
Very friendly, always smiling -- always happy to help. Absolutely excellent service!
• 9/30/2018
Asked for NO soy sauce but to substitute with the yellow sauce. I received zero yellow sauce and three containers of soy sauce. Stopped at the grocery store and picked up yellow sauce. Should not have had to do that. Other than the sauce mix-up, the order was complete. The food was ready, it was excellent ... as always. Will order this way again but must remember to look in the bag to assure the correct sauce is included.
• 9/25/2018
Sushi rolls were absolutely amazing!
• 9/20/2018
The sushi was smaller rolls than what I am used to and for a bigger price. Not sure that I will be going back. Was not impressed.
• 8/12/2018
Whenever we order take out from grace’s steakhouse our order is never ready timely, when we pick it up it is then started have to wait another 1/2 hour for it at the restaurant
• 8/9/2018
The food was great. All the rolls were fresh and tasty. The staff was courteous.
• 5/27/2018
Great food, great value, great service
• 5/21/2018
Great food, great service, great place
• 3/27/2018
Didn’t get all of it correct but always amazing food
• 3/27/2018
Great service and food tasted great.
• 2/26/2018
Always great!
• 2/16/2018
Great service, great food every time
• 1/30/2018
Order was ready and paid for upon arrival. Very easy to use and saved me time.
• 1/21/2018
Not sure if app was the problem but when my husband arrived 7 mins after the app said the order would be ready, the restaurant said they didn't have our order.
• 1/20/2018
Great food & great service! By far one of the best Japanese steakhouses in Ocala.
• 1/15/2018
The app is easy to use to order and pay with, and the food was ready when I got there. No issues, I loved it, and the food from Grace is always amazing!
• 11/12/2017
They were very skimpy on the shrimp this time around.
• 10/7/2017
Everything was as expected
• 9/2/2017
Food was ready when I walked in the door. Very easy to use
• 8/23/2017
• 5/27/2017
Great service
• 5/9/2017
Love France's! They called immediately for a question to make sure we got what we wanted.
• 5/7/2017
Best sushi in town, the fish taste like they come right out of the ocean and the vegetables are always super fresh, AMAZING!!!!!!!
• 5/1/2017
Food was great as usual- but some items were missing from order-that was rather disappointing (like no salad to Beef Katsu ........). only . 1 set of chopsticks & very little soy .Also asked in restaurant to change Mackerel sushi to Mackerel roll. We were assured that it was done ....but it wasn't ...... So food was great. Attention to order packing ...not good at all.
• 4/24/2017
Food was great and so was the service. Finally a way to order that actually works.
• 4/18/2017
Beyond Menu says my email is invalid. It is a perfectly valid address!
• 4/3/2017
Fantastic! Everything was prepared perfectly and I was amazed at how quickly they cooked everything. They even through in a family sized soup.
• 3/11/2017
very easy to order and great food
• 2/14/2017
I ordered the Vegetables, which I've done several times before and received the Hibachi Vegetables, and when I got home with our food this evening, the Vegetables were mixed with fried rice... 3 containers. I was disappointed about that.
• 1/2/2017
They have the best fried brown rice... and my 15 year old had the chicken fried rice... said it was amazing My only complaint is I ordered hand roll instead of regular roll... but that was my error
• 12/24/2016
Very good
• 12/8/2016
One of the best Bento Boxes I ever had and this was my first time eating Grace
• 11/22/2016
Great as always.
• 10/27/2016
Food was fresh and delicious - cooked to perfection. Easy ordering, courteous service at pickup. Very happy.
• 9/30/2016
missing one soup, instead received a salad, three meals two shrimp sauce. One set of eating utensils. Enjoyed the food, but next time I will check the order.
• 9/21/2016
Delicious as always!
• 9/2/2016
The food at Grace's is delicious. However, I ordered no wasabi on anything and wasabi was on the order. I also asked for extra eel sauce and there was no eel sauce. I think the problem is with the on line ordering not the restaurant itself. I love Grace's and will continue to eat there no matter what.
• 8/30/2016
The only thing I am disappointed about is the lack of description for some of the items do the tempura chicken and hibachi chicken have the exact same decscription except tempura has no noodles. I did not Google this word because the descriptions were so similar, but I ended up getting something totally different. Not what I had wanted and it was during my Lunch hour. Soups also should be explained and not just listed.
• 8/19/2016
excellent ordering process and meal
• 7/8/2016
Food is always delicious and fresh. We make the drive from Summerfield just to get their food. It's well worth the drive and the price!
• 6/30/2016
Food was ready on time and the food was good.