China House

4.86starstarstarstarstar144 ratings
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Chinese, Seafood, Vegetarian
550 N Church St, Mount Pleasant, PA 15666
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4.86starstarstarstarstar144 ratings
starstarstarstarstar Feb 18, 2023
Always Great food
starstarstarstarstar Jan 03, 2023
We will not order from any other place. They have the best food
starstarstarstarstar Oct 08, 2022
The best Chinese food in the area. Always cooked to perfection and willing to adapt anything to your liking. Staff are always courteous and welcoming.
starstarstarstarstar Aug 30, 2022
Best Chinese food in our area.
starstarstarstarstar Aug 28, 2022
We only get Chinese every once in awhile, but always order from here, and its always delicious! Very fast, very friendly staff!
starstarstarstarstar Feb 06, 2022
Fast, hot, and fresh! Service is always excellent!!
starstarstarstarstar Oct 23, 2021
Always great food!!
starstarstarstarstar Sep 18, 2021
always friendly curious service there
starstarstarstarstar May 23, 2021
Fantastic, as always
starstarstarstarstar May 07, 2021
starstarstarstarstar May 07, 2021
Great food, as always!!
starstarstarstarstar Mar 31, 2021
Fantastic, as always!
starstarstarstarstar Mar 06, 2021
Fast and delicious! Always get my special orders right! Thank you:)
starstarstarstarstar Jul 18, 2020
Love the food here and the staff are wonderful
starstarstarstarstar Jun 22, 2020
Always great food. My fav takeout place!
starstarstarstarstar Dec 03, 2019
Excellent as always!
starstarstarstarstar Sep 28, 2019
So delicious
starstarstarstarstar Dec 26, 2018
The food from here is good
starstarstarstarstar Oct 17, 2018
Easy ordering and convenient
starstarstarstarstar Mar 17, 2018
Excellent friendly service. Would definitely recommend and I will continue to order there
starstarstarstarstar Oct 07, 2017
Good as always!
starstarstarstarstar Jun 24, 2017
The Moo Goo Gai Pan was as always excellent (I have ordered it many times over the years, and it remains one of my favorite dishes.) The egg drop soup was also excellent, I really love this soup when I'm feeling under the weather.
starstarstarstarstar_border May 29, 2017
food was great but missed my free item so have to stop in to get it it was not the 1st time a item was missed short of having to check the order be fore i leave
starstarstarstarstar May 17, 2017
Excellent, as always. My favorite treat spot.
starstarstarstarstar_border May 08, 2017
It was all very good and I had no wait
starstarstarstarstar Mar 26, 2017
I've been ordering takeout from China House for about 15 years or more so now (although I unfortunately still haven't eaten in at their restaurant or ate at their buffet!) Their egg drop soup is my number one comfort food, especially when I'm not feeling well (much better than our typical American chicken noodle soup stuff). Although I usually do add some thinly sliced scallions, black pepper, & maybe a tiny bit of soy sauce. But I love their base recipe dearly, and I always enjoy their soups. My daughter especially likes their chicken is packed full of these really thick noodles. Their hot & sour soup is always amazing, and I don't think I can ever make an order without it. I love how they use so many different ingredients in it, the broth flavor is just perfect, and I especially love the wood ear mushrooms they use....I can just never get enough of those mushrooms. I wish they would make a dish just with those beautiful wood ear mushrooms, lol, they are really that delicious. The pepper steak was great as always, and it's always one of my favorites. It's one of the most addicting dishes I know, and I just can never get enough of it. This is that one dish that usually prevents me from trying a new dish, lol. I just love it too much, and I can't help myself. The crispness of the peppers and onions is just wonderful, and so is that sauce. I think I could really just happily live for the rest of my life off of their pepper steak, egg drop soup, hot sour soup, spring rolls (which are always perfectly crispy), and their Crab Rangoon. My only word of advice (and my daughter eats them the same way I do), is to not use the orange sauce that comes with the Rangoon, but instead to just put a few drops of soy sauce in the corners of it. Then it's just perfection. Even when cold. Same thing with using only a little bit of soy sauce on their deliciously crispy spring rolls. But that may just be a difference in taste....we typically love more salty & savory, rather than the sweet and sour type foods. I love many of their other dishes as well...their Dragon Phoenix soup is just amazing. If you get the Won Ton soup? Then get their "House Special Wonton Soup", instead of the standard one, its really nice, every time I've ordered it. Their steamed dumplings are very nice (that dipping sauce is just perfect and I can't get enough of it.) The Szechuan string beans are absolutely addicting, I can never stop eating them. I also love their Moo Goo Gai Pan (one of my old favorites), and the Singapore Chow Mei Fun. I also love the spicy wontons (which I get a whole order for free ordering after ordering $20 or more online), and that spicy peanut sauce they come with is just wonderful. I could go on and on about their different dishes, but I just want to say that China House has always had excellent service, in all the 15 years or so that I've known them. They are always one of the absolutely most polite and friendly places around these parts, and are always the most generous and accommodating. Their hot tea is always lovely, too. They are my favorite restaurant around here, and have been for a long, long time.
starstarstarstarstar Feb 20, 2017
The black pepper Chicken is one of the best I have ever eaten.
starstarstarstarstar_border Jan 17, 2017
I love this place. Very friendly people and good food.
starstarstarstarstar Jan 14, 2017
Chicken was very tender and juicy and the egg rolls were perfect
starstarstarstarstar_border Dec 21, 2016
Food was great (love to order online so that we get the free donuts), but service was a little slow for pick-up. I selected "ASPA" and thought 10 min was enough time to get the order together. Ended up taking 20-25min for my order.
Mary Jo
starstarstarstarstar Dec 20, 2016
Alot of food for the price!
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Dec 18, 2016
No we went to pick it up and it was closed no one called to notify us
starstarstarstarstar Nov 12, 2016
The food was very good.
starstarstarstarstar Oct 19, 2016
Always friendly and tasty!
Mary Jo
starstarstarstarstar Oct 07, 2016
Wow! Alot of food for the price. Great value!
starstarstarstarstar Jul 22, 2016
food was so good
starstarstarstarstar_border Jul 09, 2016
It was really good and the people were very nice
starstarstarstarstar Apr 10, 2016
Food was wonderful as always!
starstarstarstarstar Apr 02, 2016
Food was great