Ichi Tokyo(South)
4.80starstarstarstarstar198 ratings
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102 20th St SE, Rochester, MN 55904
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4.80starstarstarstarstar198 ratings
starstarstarstarstar Sep 16, 2022
Ichi Tokyo is my favorite sushi restaurant. The staff is always amazing, and so is the food! In my years of going here they only made one mistake, and they fixed it immediately. I love this place!
starstarstarstarstar Aug 30, 2022
Always great sushi
starstarstarstarstar Apr 10, 2022
Quality food, nicely packaged to go.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 25, 2022
They make the best sushi!!!! Love this place!!!
starstarstarstarstar Mar 24, 2022
Love the sushi
starstarstarstarstar Mar 13, 2022
Sushi is the best in town and they are always accommodating to dietary restrictions. Would definitely recommend!
starstarstarstarstar Jan 24, 2022
The slices of fish on the sushi are huge! Thank you for a delicious lunch.
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Nov 22, 2021
Very slow to get food
starstarstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Aug 15, 2021
Claimed to have 2 separate rolls in same package but it was all the same kind
starstarstarstarstar May 28, 2021
starstarstar_borderstar_borderstar_border May 26, 2021
I always get the new crazy roll because I’m allergic to avocado and that specific roll contains no avocado. I’ve had no problems before but this time, there was avocado in the roll
starstarstarstarstar May 14, 2021
Always great food and service at Ichi Tokyo!
starstarstarstarstar Mar 27, 2021
Ichi Tokyo is always an amazing experience! They were fast to implement a pickup system during COVID, and are amazing with social distancing. My orders have always been perfect.
starstarstarstarstar Jan 05, 2021
Always a great meal, amazing service and great value! We order at least once a week.
starstarstarstarstar Sep 18, 2020
Excellent as usual. 😊
starstarstarstarstar Sep 06, 2020
The Love Boat was amazing and the sushi was fresh. I have eaten sushi in New Orleans, LA and Nashville, TN and Clevland, OH and this was probably the best I have had in a long while. Recommend Highly!
starstarstarstarstar Jul 18, 2020
As always the food was excellent! This is the first time we ordered takeout from the app and our order was done faster than we thought it would be.
starstarstarstarstar Jul 17, 2020
First time ordering
starstarstarstarstar Jun 27, 2020
The food was delicious and ready very quickly. The pick up process was very convenient.
starstarstarstarstar Jun 22, 2020
Tuna on king salmon roll was overcooked (OVER TORCHED)
starstarstarstarstar May 24, 2020
Always love the food here!
starstarstarstarstar May 15, 2020
Excellent food, as usual! We love Ichi Tokyo!
starstarstarstarstar Apr 20, 2020
Despite the Pandemic we're currently facing there doing there best to cater to the public and provide quality food. Thank you!
starstarstarstarstar_border Mar 27, 2020
Food is as always amazing, however even with an hour and a half pre-order they did not have my food ready at the specified pick up time. About 15 minutes late.
starstarstarstarstar_border Feb 18, 2020
Great food the only problem was that they forgot the salad
starstarstarstarstar Feb 12, 2020
Great food! Ready on time!
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Oct 13, 2019
Please see this receipt! This order was placed and when Carl came to pick it up he was told it was not there. I just wanted to write the comment on this order so you knew that it was placed.
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border May 25, 2019
Sent order to wrong location. I confirmed North location yet it still sent to south
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Mar 18, 2019
I struggle with take-out from Ichi Tokyo. Last time we ordered, we ordered from the north location because it’s closer to where we live. When we went to pickup, we were told out order was transferred to the south location because that’s where they send all their to-go orders. It was a bad snow storm and there was only one couple in the restaurant, so it’s not like they were too busy to make our order. We opted not to drive across town in the poor weather and they lost their sale. Then, with this order, we called both locations to make sure our order went to the correct place. Not only could they not find out order anywhere, but then my boyfriend had to re-order once he got there. They charged $80-something on the re-order, but then 30 seconds later gave us the original order which should have only cost $70. I don’t know what the issue is on their end, but you should be able to order from either location and *especially* when you call to confirm there shouldn’t be any ambiguity about whether you even placed an order at all... How frustrating. Their food is great, but service needs helps. Maybe next time, we’ll try Otori.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 14, 2019
Order was done quickly and tasted great!
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Jan 18, 2019
Usually, in fact almost always very quality. Tonight must have been the rare off night. Ordered the beef and shrimp hibachi and my beef consisted of four pieces of pure fat, and forgot lobster sauce
starstarstarstarstar Jan 18, 2019
Food was delicious and the service was excellent as always!
starstarstarstarstar Oct 19, 2018
Fast and fantastic!
starstarstarstarstar Oct 12, 2018
excellent food always friendly staff
starstarstarstarstar Oct 05, 2018
Fantastic food and quick service. In and out quickly, and the food was hot, fresh, and fantastic!
starstarstarstarstar Sep 28, 2018
Great employees, amazing food and service! :) Phenomenal!
starstarstarstarstar Aug 16, 2018
Sushi made right
starstarstarstarstar Aug 03, 2018
Always awesome. Dine in or carry out, still one of the best sushi joints around!
starstarstarstarstar Apr 20, 2018
Food was ready very quick. Best sushi in Rochester.
starstarstarstarstar Apr 13, 2018
It was SO easy placing my order, paying online and it was ready for me when I went to pick it up. The Spring Time Roll is AMAZING and my new favorite, I haven't tried Ichi Tokyo before, but I will definitely be returning again and again. Wonderful sushi selection.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 19, 2018
Online order, App was texted to me for a free download for even easier ordering next time, easy all the way through and the food was ready immediately when we arrived for pick up. Great service and use of technology.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Feb 19, 2018
Please modify the app to make it MUCH CLEARER when delivery is not available. That's why most folks use apps like this. Food at this restaurant was good.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Dec 15, 2017
Food was warm and ready when I arrived, but was a little burned. It tasted good apart from that.
starstarstarstarstar Apr 18, 2017
So, so good as usual. The tuna sushi I got for 6.75 was only two pieces, which didn't really feel worth 6.75. I actually called and said "I think you forgot something." Turns out, I didn't. Wouldn't do that again. Everything else was fantastic.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 09, 2017
Never disappointed
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Dec 27, 2016
Food was outstanding as usual. One of the rolls I ordered was accidentally replaced with another. Still amazing, but I was looking forward to the Alaskan Roll vs a Salmon Roll.
starstarstarstarstar Dec 15, 2016
Great food and service! Love this restaurant!!
starstarstarstarstar Oct 27, 2016
Perfect as always. So fresh and flavorful.