China Rose In Freeport
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23 Main St, Freeport, ME 04032
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4.62starstarstarstarstar_half100 ratings
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Dec 27, 2021
I realize it was a busy night being Christmas Eve but the system for pick up was all wrong! My husband waited in the pick up line for almost an hour and the line of cars wasn’t moving at all. He wanted to leave but we had already paid for it online. He finally saw an employee who checked on our order and said it was ready. She brought it out only to find out that it was the wrong order! I like China Rose and their food but this experience was definitely not a good one that’s why I rate it at 0 stars however I couldn’t submit this review without giving at least 1 star.
starstarstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Sep 09, 2021
It was disappointing. We used to order all the time but this time the food didn't have a lot of taste. The egg rolls were too thick the dumplings were doughy.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Mar 06, 2021
We specifically requested HOT & SPICY and none of the food was even salted. The portion was decent and it was hot temperature wise but as bland as bland could be.
starstarstarstarstar Jan 01, 2021
Always awesome
starstarstarstarstar Dec 11, 2020
Great food!
starstarstarstarstar Sep 05, 2020
Best in the area by a mile. Been eating here for ten+ years.
starstarstarstarstar Dec 17, 2019
Order was ready on arrival. Food was cooked to order, very happy.
starstarstarstarstar_border Feb 13, 2019
Not to impressed. Rice smelled and tasted off. Garlic sauce had zero flavor. Not going back there again.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Jan 12, 2019
Food is ok. I have asked for spicy two times and both times got regular. Not sure they even read the info we are required to send.
starstarstarstarstar Jan 11, 2019
The website is super easy to place an order on. My order was made correctly and the food was delicious! The price is reasonable too. One little website change I would recommend is to tell how long it will take to make the order so that the customer can pick it up while the food is fresh and hot. :)
starstarstarstarstar Jan 04, 2019
Food was great & followed all the requests made.
starstarstarstarstar Oct 25, 2018
I have had the China Rose Duck many times before and it was good but last night it was inedible- a dried out mess!
john e
starstarstarstarstar Aug 25, 2018
Great meal. One issue...boneless pork is missing something. Can't nail it down, but the pork is short something. All other items were just super.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Aug 10, 2018
It clicked something I didn't want. Make sure to triple check your order. Place was good about exchange it though.
starstarstarstarstar_border Aug 03, 2018
Very fast, and the food was very good. They greeted me by name when I walked in and said I had ordered online.
starstarstarstarstar_border Jul 08, 2018
Order was ready to pick up quickly. Everything was great except the pork in the Pu Pu was almost all fat.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Apr 03, 2018
No appetizers included with luncheon special as advertised. No ginger sauce added to order. Otherwise ok
starstarstarstarstar Mar 13, 2018
Great service and the best Chinese food in the area!
starstarstarstarstar Jan 27, 2018
Great service, quick turn around and awesome portions for the price on the lunch menu!
starstarstarstarstar Jan 01, 2018
Ordering online for pickup the next morning worked great. All the food was piping hot and very good...especially liked the Beef with Ginger & Scallion, and the vegetable fried rice was very, very good! Looking forward to ordering again soon and trying additional menu offerings. Great restaurant, friendly service, very convenient! Thank you...
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Dec 18, 2017
Ordered my food, waited, went to pick it up and they didn't have my order. The owner found my order on his phone, and then sent it to the kitchen. About half an hour past that I finally got my food. Great food, and normally better service.
starstarstarstarstar Nov 15, 2017
We've been ordering from China Rose for several years and almost always use the BeyondMenu app. The food is ALWAYS delicious and prepared exactly how we like it (spice and flavor).
starstarstarstarstar Oct 27, 2017
Great Chinese. The Crab Rangoon was some of the best I’ve had. Love the General Tso’s too.
starstarstarstarstar Oct 20, 2017
starstarstarstarstar_border Oct 03, 2017
Lo Mein was “way over cooked”!! Tasted like it had been keeping warm for hours.
starstarstarstarstar Oct 03, 2017
Surprisingly good food. I'll be ordering again next year when I return to Freeport for my anniversary.
starstarstarstarstar Sep 22, 2017
Order was complete and ready at the time we requester.
starstarstarstarstar_border Sep 03, 2017
Chow Mein on menu indicates your choice of white rice or Brown rice, so I selected brown rice and when I picked up my order they said there would be a charge for the rice. If rice does not come with the chow mein then they need to change the on line menu. Other than that everything was great.
starstarstarstarstar_border May 15, 2017
Reliably good Chinese food.
starstarstarstarstar Apr 22, 2017
Always excellent! Their appetizers are the best!
starstarstarstarstar Mar 27, 2017
Always excellent food here!
starstarstarstarstar Mar 21, 2017
Our order was ready when requested and was delicious - thank you!!
starstarstarstarstar Mar 12, 2017
Yummiest chines food!
starstarstarstarstar Mar 07, 2017
While priced a bit on the high side for comparable Chinese food menus, the food was delicious. The sweet & sour chicken was moist and crispy with a tasty sauce that was, fortunately, not bright red.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 01, 2017
Food was amazing !!
starstarstarstarstar Feb 26, 2017
Excellent Pad Thai for a Chinese restaurant
starstarstarstarstar Dec 26, 2016
Best Chinese food around. It's worth the drive to Freeport.
starstarstarstarstar_border Dec 24, 2016
Over priced, but delicious when eaten only once a year.
starstarstarstarstar Dec 16, 2016
Always ready when I walk through the door (assuming I time traffic right). Tasty and fresh are the rule, not the exception. And the portions are generous.
starstarstarstarstar Nov 20, 2016
Great Food! Recently have stepped up the game from what was already very solid. In our family's top 4 Freeport restaurants.
starstarstarstarstar Nov 05, 2016
Food was great. Online ordering worked very well.
starstarstarstarstar Oct 25, 2016
We eat here atleast 3 to 4 times a month and the food is always great.
starstarstarstarstar Sep 29, 2016
We order here frequently and have a consistently good experience with the quality of how the food is prepared and flavor. And, unlike some Chinese food around this area, you aren't left feeling bloated :) Would recommend!
starstarstarstarstar Sep 18, 2016
They forgot to put the white rice in the bag when we came to pick up our food. When we called them to notify them of the mistake, they drove the white rice to our home! Very impressive!! We love China Rose and we will be back!
starstarstarstarstar Sep 10, 2016
Excellent food, very filling
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Aug 05, 2016
Not our favourite...fried rice had a peculiar almost greasy texture...the scallops did not taste cooked & the sauce for the egg foo young tasted of ketchup or something. Maybe this is "chinese" food in Maine but it wouldn't sell out west.
starstarstarstarstar Aug 05, 2016
Always good!
starstarstarstarstar Jul 17, 2016
Food was hot and delicious. App was easy. Food was ready when I arrived.