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Wang & King Asian Cafe

10720 S Tryon St #A, Charlotte, NC 28273  •  Delivery Info

Delivery Fee $1 within 5.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $15.00
Estimated Time Between 55 and 75 minutes

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Delivery Fee $1 within 5.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $15.00
Estimated Time Between 55 and 75 minutes
Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Sushi
Monday: 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Sunday: 11:30 AM - 10:30 PM
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176 ratings


• 6/5/2018
The chicken wings were very large and meaty, but I would have liked them spicier. I asked for, and got, my chicken with broccoli extra spicy, which I enjoyed. The steamed veggies with chicken was a large portion, and came with a side of brown sauce to add to taste. Overall the food was very good and reasonably priced.
• 5/6/2018
Good food
• 4/23/2018
Food is ALWAYS great here!!!
• 4/13/2018
Great Food! Delivery was fast and accurate. The food was amazing!
• 4/4/2018
Great food and fast service. Always enjoy Wang & King.
• 3/17/2018
There are not many places to get good takeout sushi AND Chinese. Love this hidden gem!
• 3/11/2018
great food
• 3/8/2018
Good food nice delivery drivers
• 2/23/2018
Great food enjoyed our lunch, we eat at this location all the time.
• 2/11/2018
We only got 1 spring roll instead of 2 that says on the order and they didn’t notice it until they got home.
• 1/27/2018
Great food!
• 1/16/2018
Always excellent! Thank you!
• 10/14/2017
i asked for a substitute of shrimp fried rice instead of pork and i received pork
• 10/13/2017
The main reason I order the dumplings is because of the sauce it comes with and we didn't get any with this order. It almost makes it not worth eating without it.
• 9/29/2017
It only took one and a half hours to get my food
• 9/26/2017
Very nice employees, however, asked for NO ONION and EXTRA Mushrooms.. I received NO Mushrooms and Extra Onion.
• 9/22/2017
• 9/20/2017
we asked to be delivered at 720 and it arrived at 755pm. unacceptable when the order was placed at 430! also, they did not include enough chop sticks or fortune cookies when i told them there were 5 people eating. the gave enough for 2. very sad for a restaurant we love to eat at.
• 9/17/2017
Not the best food we have had from there but still pretty good.
• 9/10/2017
Food was hot and they driver showed up on time. Can't beat that type of service.
• 9/7/2017
• 8/31/2017
Wang and King is always fantastic and affordable.
• 8/29/2017
The sushi was good. The udon was flavorless and the noodles were very overlooked. The steak teriyaki tasted like hamburger meat. Delivery took an hour and a half.
• 8/11/2017
It was very good and the tea is perfect! I will definitely order from here again.
• 8/10/2017
Food was amazing and arrived in timely manner!
• 8/9/2017
Everyone's food and soup was excellent. Very fast delivery!
Theresa D
• 8/1/2017
Prompt delivery and delicious food. Even those who lived in Asia found it tasty.
• 7/8/2017
Love the app, fast delivery. Good food and sweet tea.
• 7/8/2017
Good food, excellent egg rolls
• 7/8/2017
Fast delivery!!! Food was hot and tasted good.
• 7/1/2017
Everything was delicious!!
• 6/29/2017
Ordered Pad Thai w/ Shrimp but there wasn't any shrimp in it so big bummer. I was already home & wasn't going back through horrid 5 pm traffic to get it corrected. However, everything was yummy!
• 6/4/2017
I got the Thai Red Curry dish. I think I received yellow curry from my previous experience, but it was very good. I ordered it extra spicy and shared it with my one year old, so it was no spicy at all
• 5/5/2017
Really tasty and fast
• 4/26/2017
Love wang and king and their fresh sushi!
• 4/22/2017
We've been patrons for 3+ years and have NEVER had an unpleasant experience. WANG & KING'S service is excellent. The employees are helpful and curtious, the food is delicious and of course I recommend it highly.
• 4/20/2017
Pretty good food.
• 4/5/2017
Great food, FAST delivery!!
• 4/2/2017
A ton of food for the price.
• 4/2/2017
Food and service was good, I would rate excellent but I asked for extra peanuts and they did not add to the Kung Pao. Good prices, good sushi. Other than the peanut issue, I will definitely eat there again.
• 4/2/2017
This is my FAVORITE place to get sushi and other foods-- also incredible service. I go in all the time but I also order delivery, and they actually read and follow the special instructions because I never want pork fried rice. I've yet to receive an order that was wrong. Also, the chicken was fried well! That is sometimes hard to find in other Asian restaurants.
• 3/30/2017
Ordering online for delivery was very slow. It took nearly 90 min. That's totally too long for 5pm order. Not even close to that long in the restaurant.
• 3/22/2017
Very good
• 3/14/2017
Best sushi in Charlotte.....
• 3/10/2017
I give 3 simply because the food was great as ussual but the service was really poor. As we do with every order we had a few special request that has never been an issue in the past. We requested to of the lunch meals to come with shrimp fried rice rather than pork fried. we got rice with onions that wasn't even fried with egg in it, no shrimp, which we paid Extra for. we asked for extra duck sauce but received extra hot sauce instead. We have had many great orders from here so this was very disappointing. I will not say that we will not eat here again because that would be a lie but it will be a while, we have a new one just open closer so we give them a try for a while. With all this said, the food is very good and the prices are very fair.
• 2/12/2017
We love Wang & King!
• 2/10/2017
Fast delivery and taste great always!
• 1/29/2017
The best sushi in Charlotte!!!