Pho 1 Waltham

374 Moody Street, Waltham, MA 02453
4.55starstarstarstarstar_half139 ratings
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Delivery Fee
$6.98 within 10.00 miles
Delivery Minimum
No minimum
Estimated Time
Between 55 and 60 minutes
Asian Fusion, Japanese, Korean, Seafood, Thai, Vegetarian, Vietnamese
374 Moody Street, Waltham, MA 02453
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4.55starstarstarstarstar_half139 ratings
starstarstarstarstar Oct 14, 2022
starstarstarstarstar Dec 02, 2020
Tamarind duck wasn't supposed to be spicy but it was. It was also loaded with chunks of cartilage One dish was supposed to come with rice but didn't. Tom yum soup was very oily /greasy
starstarstarstarstar_border Aug 19, 2020
There was no cilantro on the Bahn Mi =/
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Jun 27, 2020
No rice with red curry
starstarstarstarstar Dec 06, 2019
Thought there should have been one more piece of the cha gio for the price.
starstarstarstarstar Nov 13, 2019
absolutely delicious, delivery was quick driver was very nice
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Aug 17, 2019
Order cancelled. 1 hour after order app indicated food was delivered however it was not. Called and woman who answered said...oh I changed that 'delivered' by accident. 25 min later I called back and they she said oh, let me call the driver. Nope
starstarstarstarstar_border Jul 13, 2019
Double fried wings were delicious. The rangoon tastes better that any I had had. Will order from them again.
starstarstarstarstar Jun 14, 2019
Awesome Food. I love it!!
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border May 10, 2019
cmon!i received my food 3 hours after ordering!Thats too late
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Mar 19, 2019
I order from this place all the tie and pretty much order the same items because I like them so much. The Pad See you I always ask for no vegetables because I don't like veggies partially cooked. Usually they comply. This time I got it loaded with veggies and had to pick around them. I was not happy. Also, my food usually arrives somewhat hot, this time the apps were lukewarm. Not sure what was happening last night but I was not happy this time.
starstarstarstarstar_border Mar 18, 2019
Everything was great but we did not receive the Sticky Rice.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 11, 2019
Good food!
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Mar 11, 2019
There was a large piece of plastic in my Pho, aside from that the food was delicious.
starstarstarstarstar Feb 18, 2019
Best pho in Waltham.
starstarstarstarstar_border Feb 07, 2019
Excellent and on time
starstarstarstarstar Feb 01, 2019
Overall food taste good but I expected papaya salad is more spicy when I requested "very spicy"
starstarstarstarstar Jan 25, 2019
starstarstarstarstar Dec 18, 2018
It took longer than expected for the order to be ready, but I think the restaurant was unexpectedly busy for a Tuesday night. Two of the soups had the wrong broth, but they brought us the correct ones quickly. The food is really good.
starstarstarstarstar Dec 02, 2018
I love their food and order from them often. I have never eaten there, always get delivery.
starstarstarstarstar_border Sep 07, 2018
It wasn't as hot as I assumed it was going to be when I ordered it. But the flavor was excellent.
starstarstarstarstar Aug 26, 2018
I order from here all the time because I love their PadSeeYou. Also, they have good scallion pancakes and stuffed wontons. My friend loves their Tofu Choo Chee Curry. I have tried other things that were good. We always do delivery so I don't know what it is like to eat in.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Aug 24, 2018
I think you guys forgot salt in your ingredients today. Usually the food is always good here.
starstarstarstarstar May 23, 2018
starstarstarstarstar May 05, 2018
So good. Yummy!
starstarstarstarstar_border Mar 05, 2018
Pho #1 has been my favorite for a long long time. I crave their Dac Biet all the time. This particular delivery was disappointing because everything arrived cold. Plus I asked them to pack the rice noodles in a separate container so they wouldn't get here in a big congealed cube at the bottom of the takeout box, but that request was ignored. I'll heat up the broth and untangle the noodles and all will be fine. But I was a little sad when the food first arrived. :-(
starstarstarstarstar Feb 10, 2018
I order from Pho 1 frequently. I had never done so through BeyondMenu, but Pho 1 has the same consistency through this service too. They never fail me! :)
starstarstarstarstar_border Jan 31, 2018
Good, but not quite as good as usual. Chicken bites were notably soggy, but still yummy, the rest very good.
starstarstarstarstar_border Jan 31, 2018
Food is absolutely delicious. Especially if you like spicy food :) My only recommendation is to add a little bit more meat.
starstarstarstarstar Jan 24, 2018
The duck soup was excellent. highly recommend if you a fan of duck
starstarstarstarstar_border Jan 13, 2018
Not sure, but I think I might have gotten beef red curry instead of pork curry. However, the dish was good so I just went with it. Loved the Goi Vit salad with duck.
starstarstarstarstar Dec 27, 2017
starstarstarstarstar Dec 22, 2017
Great food at a great price
starstarstarstarstar Dec 19, 2017
Excellent food and excellent delivery service. Will order again. Thanks
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Dec 18, 2017
The kimchi fried rice is quite bad actually and does not taste like kimchi fried rice at all. I have always loved Pho 1 and I was surprised by the low quality of this dish.
starstarstarstarstar_border Oct 07, 2017
The order took a really long time to arrive but I think that they are becoming very popular and trying hard to keep up. The food was excellent, well prepared and the order was complete; although my soup needed to be warmed up. The delivery man was apologetic and obviously working very hard. I will definitely order again despite the wait time. The best reasonably prices Asian take out around!
starstarstarstarstar Oct 05, 2017
starstarstarstarstar_border Sep 10, 2017
We asked for no peanuts on the bun but it still came with peanuts. Otherwise the food was good like always
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Aug 30, 2017
#50 says "egg noodles" thats the ACTUAL name of the item. They gave me rice noodles. When I complained the response was "this dish is usually made with rice noodles. You need to choose egg noodles in the option". There was no such option. However they gave me credit for next order. So service was good.
starstarstarstarstar_border Jul 09, 2017
I decided to try this because I saw they had Pad See You which I love. It was tasty but I would have liked less veggies and more noodles. The yummy surprise was the fried rice...I loved it! The shrimp in the blanket were a bit on the blah side. The tempura chicken is not what you think of when you order tempura in a Chinese restaurant. This chicken was dark meat and very crunchy. It had a good flavor but not what I expected. I prefer white meat. I may order from here again and definitely be specific about what I order.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Jul 03, 2017
Delivery took a long time to arrive! When I called the restaurant they had a hard time finding my order
starstarstarstarstar Apr 24, 2017
It was delicious!!!!
starstarstarstarstar Apr 24, 2017
great food!
starstarstarstarstar_border Feb 23, 2017
The food was good. Delivery took longer than usual
starstarstarstarstar Jan 27, 2017
it wasn't warm enough
starstarstarstarstar_border Jan 22, 2017
Solid Thai and was delivered super fast. Gave 4/5 because they forgot the shrimp in my fried rice and the mango wasn't ripe yet. Chicken was still crispy!
starstarstarstarstar_border Dec 14, 2016
Food is great, altho the delivery time is a little longer than expected
starstarstarstarstar_border Dec 01, 2016
The food was wonderful, but it took one hour and forty-five minutes to arrive!