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Wok N Roll

1637 New Garden Road, Greensboro, NC 27410  •  Delivery Info

Delivery Fee $2 within 4.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $12.00
Estimated Time Between 60 and 90 minutes
Delivery Fee $2 within 4.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $12.00
Estimated Time Between 60 and 90 minutes
Chinese, Seafood, Vegetarian
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday: 12:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX
157 ratings


• 12/1/2018
Great food, delivered hot and promptly by very courteous driver.
• 11/2/2018
Good food delivered hot
• 8/31/2018
Food is cooked in a timely manner and always fresh and tasty. Large portions means lots of leftovers. Staff is nice too!
• 8/25/2018
Love this place. Food is always fresh and delish. Delivery time a little long but definitely worth the wait.
• 8/18/2018
The food was delivered quickly and was still hot when it arrived!
• 8/11/2018
Always fresh hot and tasty! Best Chinese food around!
• 7/2/2018
Food arrived very quickly and the order was correct. Food was hot and in perfect condition. Impressive!
• 6/28/2018
Always consistently good!
• 6/21/2018
My teriyaki chicken was burnt
• 6/16/2018
Food arrived hot. Will definitely order again!
• 5/24/2018
Much smaller portions-----mostly rice!!. Greasy egg rolls, as always Nasty tasting grease--oil needed changed! Was hoping since we hadn't ordered from Wok n Roll for awhile it would taste different . Nope, sure didn't!! Golden Wok is our favorite!!
• 4/20/2018
Always satisfying, never had an incorrect order.
• 4/12/2018
Wok N Roll is always fantastic!! We love them! Hot and delicious every time!
• 4/6/2018
Easy to order. Super fast service. Good food. Thanks!
• 3/25/2018
Great food and awesome service
• 2/18/2018
Service is good......less chicken than usual and more rice........
• 2/18/2018
Overall was a good meal, I wouldn’t order the General Tso again asked for it spicy and it tasted more like bbq sauces. Everything else was great!
• 2/17/2018
The food is always delicious. Always piping hot! I've never been let down with the quality of food here! And I will always come back here based on the coupons BeyondMenu has for ordering certain amounts through them. Crab Rangoon is delicous!
• 1/22/2018
I really enjoyed my food, it was hot and fresh. My dumplings were good, so was the sauce that came with it. I was happy that they weren't mushy. My egg roll was a nice size, it was full of cabbage and meat and seasoned well, the cabbage was not soggy and my egg roll was not greasy. I also enjoyed my shrimp fried rice. I got a small size and the portion was just right for 2 servings. It came in a bowl instead of the usual cardboard container with the little handle. The bowls are reusable and that's a plus. I will be ordering again soon.
• 1/20/2018
Complete deliciousness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• 1/5/2018
It did take almost an hr to arrive. However the food was good, fresh and hot. Coming from NY im a little picky on food, but it was def good. And I enjoy that they deliver unlike the others around.
• 1/4/2018
Faster service ordered dinner at 6:30 pm and got it at 8 pm 😕 - food was good, still hot.
• 12/19/2017
Food was delivered hot, delicious and the order was accurate. I am a regular customer for a reason.
• 12/9/2017
Delivered fresh and hot....yummy!
• 12/8/2017
Always hot and fresh, delivered quickly.
• 11/11/2017
I usually love this place but this time my favorite egg rolls were tough to chew and tasted like feet. I tossed them after two bites. Also I ordered kung pow shrimp and I got kung pow chicken.
• 11/9/2017
Shrimp lo mein and egg roll were ok not the best but ok. The crab Rangoon was sweet and I like them to be savory so that's a no for me on the crab rangoon.
• 9/11/2017
Didn't get my edamame
• 9/9/2017
Food was excellent. It was delivered in a timely and courteous manner.
• 8/27/2017
Food was ready in great time. Delicious and well prepared.
• 8/20/2017
Really like the food here. I usually get Ma Po Tofu which is outstanding. I tried Sesame Tofu this time and wasn't happy because the fried tofu texture was very dry and chewy. I prefer the steamed Tofu. Everything else was very good!
• 7/16/2017
Always fresh & tasty.
• 5/8/2017
all good
• 5/4/2017
Best Chinese Delivery in Greensboro!
• 5/1/2017
Really great crab rangoon!! Delivery is a bit slow....45 min on average. Great customer service
• 5/1/2017
Didn't provide napkins or silverware.
• 4/19/2017
The fried shrimp was excellent.
• 4/15/2017
Always delicious and delivered quickly. Spring rolls are crisp and never greasy, the won ton and egg drop won ton soups are a year round favorites.
• 3/18/2017
Always fresh & delicious. Excellent service, Ready when promised.
• 3/10/2017
My order was complete and the food was good.
• 2/25/2017
Delicious food. Try something new every time and always pleased! Plus great deals (through the app) of getting free food with a purchase of a certain amount.
• 2/19/2017
I love that this place offers coupons if you buy a certain amount. I find myself spending more to earn the free food from the coupons. Very smart! Plus the food is delicious.
• 2/9/2017
Spectacular. Thank you!
• 1/28/2017
I usually enjoy this much more but something wasn't right tonight, the Pepper steak tasted like it was older and the white rice was so compact in the box it tasted like box rice. Usually better at lun
• 1/26/2017
Food is always fresh and tasty. Fast Delivery too!
• 1/1/2017
I've had crab Rangoon's from a few places in Greensboro and these are by far the best.
• 12/23/2016
Excellent, as always.
• 12/10/2016
The delivery took almost 1 hr 40 mins. Also, the rice was not properly cooked in the Veg Fried rice.