China House

4506 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224  •  Delivery Info

Delivery Fee $2 within 3.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $15.00
Estimated Time Between 30 and 60 minutes

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Delivery Fee $2 within 3.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $15.00
Estimated Time Between 30 and 60 minutes
Chinese, Seafood, Vegetarian
Monday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX
4.77starstarstarstarstar102 ratings


starstarstarstarstar • 7/19/2019
We've always had very good food from here,and fast delivery!
starstarstarstarstar • 3/8/2019
I always enjoy the food from China House. The service is always timely and very friendly.
starstarstarstarstar • 2/8/2019
Food was excellent and quick delivery.
starstarstarstarstar_border • 1/18/2019
Great food! But we didn't get the Kung Pao dish, it was something different. But everything else was great!
starstarstarstarstar • 12/11/2018
Delicious as usual.
starstarstarstarstar_border • 10/11/2018
The order came the way it was order and was still hot
starstarstarstarstar • 9/22/2018
Everything was great! Delivery was quick as always, food was hot and all orders were correctly made. Condiments were packed along with fortune cookies and chips. Always great food and service.
starstarstarstarstar • 9/20/2018
Always delicious!
Roger L
starstarstarstarstar • 9/9/2018
Great food as always!!
Wei Chuen
starstarstarstarstar • 8/14/2018
Record fast delivery of ~22 min.
Wei Chuen
starstarstarstarstar • 7/27/2018
I order from them weekly, deliveries are fast (~90% of the time). Food is always good.
Wei Chuen
starstarstarstarstar • 4/27/2018
Based on my experience, they typically deliver within 30 mins (35 tops). Their food are also delicious.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border • 3/11/2018
All the noodles kind of salty but still good just need to lighten up on salt
starstarstarstarstar • 3/10/2018
Great Food, quick delivery and good service.
starstarstarstarstar • 2/23/2018
The best!
starstarstarstarstar • 12/29/2017
Food and Service is the best. China House is the best Chinese Restaurant I know 👍
Wei Chuen
starstarstarstarstar • 12/29/2017
Always fast and friendly. Their general tso's and sesame chicken are highly recommended. The sauce is just delicious.
starstarstarstarstar • 11/16/2017
Although it took over an hour ( right at the peak of rush hour and the driver had to go over the 40th St bridge), our food was hot, and delicious. This is probably the best place we've gotten Chinese food from in years.
starstarstarstarstar • 9/11/2017
starstarstarstarstar • 8/31/2017
This is the best place to order Chinese food in shadyside. They deliver super fast and all the staff is super friendly!
starstarstarstarstar • 8/11/2017
Great service, Great Food and Super fast delivery.
starstarstarstarstar • 8/8/2017
Perfect food and service was excellent. Although communication skills were lacking but he made it to the right spot without any delay Loved it
starstarstarstarstar • 7/1/2017
Foods is always great.
starstarstarstarstar • 5/20/2017
Delicious, all the time, and they are always ON TIME!😋
starstarstarstarstar_border • 5/12/2017
Food was great!!! Really liked the chicken fingers, orange flavored chicken and cheese wontons! Chow mein was good as well! Service and delivery was fast and easy to order. Thanks!
starstarstarstarstar • 5/6/2017
I can truly say that every time I make an order the food is HOT and DELICIOUS, never a mistake and drivers are so courteous.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border • 3/31/2017
They were really fast and nice. The food is not very good quality though.
starstarstarstarstar • 3/19/2017
Fast, hot and tasty. Friendly delivery driver to boot. Will definitely order again.
starstarstarstarstar • 3/15/2017
starstarstarstarstar • 3/1/2017
The food was delicious. I will certainly be ordering again!
starstarstarstarstar • 2/3/2017
Very satisfied with my order, good value for good food. Fast delivery as well.
starstarstarstarstar • 1/20/2017
Food is always very good here,and delivery time is excellent!
starstarstarstarstar • 12/5/2016
Received my order in about 45 minutes and it was TRULY HOT, delicious. I've been ordering for over two years and they are the best!!
starstarstarstarstar • 11/2/2016
Excellent! When your 85 and 86 yr old parents enjoy it u know its 👍
starstarstarstarstar • 10/8/2016
I think this place has the best egg rolls and the best duck sauce that's in The packets not all taste the same this is the only one I really like best egg rolls only ones I like
starstarstarstarstar • 8/30/2016
Everything was good.
starstarstarstarstar • 8/29/2016
It was good.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border • 8/29/2016
Food was ok. Usually everything is hot and fresh, but not so this time. The shrimp egg rolls tasted old, like they were sitting for a while. Not crispy, but chewy. The food should have been much hotter (not spicy) than is was . The wontons were also chewy and not crispy like usual.
starstarstarstarstar • 8/5/2016
The Shrimp, Beef and Chicken in Garlic Sauce (supposedly is SPICY,but it's NOT) yet all in all it is a very tasty and well prepared meal. I wish the meal were spicier but then I live in Bloomfield also known as little Italy so I expect the lack of sp
starstarstarstarstar • 7/23/2016
The food is always hot and delicious. The delivery people are very courteous.
starstarstarstarstar • 7/6/2016
I love these guys, they never let me down!
starstarstarstarstar_border • 7/5/2016
Everything in our order was super delicious as usual and delivered in under an hour. One comment though... The Peppersteak has a little too much peppers and onions and not enough steak. I would love to see a better portion ratio in this dish. I have ordered this several time; this is like my second favorite dish from the China House, so I would like to a consistency with the portions. Thank you so much.
starstarstarstarstar_border • 6/5/2016
Forgot to get white rice but besides that it was good
starstarstarstarstar • 5/21/2016
Great delivery service, they brought it up to my office.
starstarstarstarstar • 5/19/2016
Timely delivery and good food! :)
starstarstarstarstar • 5/19/2016
Always quick and inexpensive. Our favorite Chinese restaurant!
starstarstarstarstar • 5/19/2016
Quick and delicious!
starstarstarstarstar • 5/9/2016
Food was great and the service was very good also.