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Wu's Kitchen

19324 Lighthouse Plaza Blvd, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

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Chinese, Japanese, Mandarin, Szechwan
Monday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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77 ratings


• 2/17/2019
Everything I ordered tasted very good, would highly recommend this restaurant.
• 1/6/2019
It was yummy! Definitely recommend Wu’s!
• 12/27/2018
For the first time in a long time, we were disappointed with the overall experience. The egg rolls were oily, the hot and sour soup (which is rarely very hot or sour, but that's easily remedied with pepper flakes and rice vingegar) tasted old, not fresh. The fried rice was ok, but again tasted like it had been made long before and just reheated. For the first time ever, there was actually some spice (as we requested) in the General Tso's Chicken. Typically it would come with just the citrusy sauce and no heat whatsoever, even when we'd mark the order to be highly spiced. So, all in all, the meal was edible, but not special. We know from experience that Wu's can do better.
• 10/10/2018
Excellent food and service. Our go to Chinese in Rehoboth Beach
• 9/3/2018
Asked for spicy but it wasn't spicy. The food was good but not anything special. The vegetables we're overcooked.
• 9/1/2018
Delicious! Great food!
• 8/18/2018
Ordered Online ..... Hot and Ready to go upon arrival .... Fod was great
• 8/14/2018
Everything we ordered was delicious. Even my vegan daughter who got the General Tao "Vegetarian" chicken said it was the best she's had. The actual General Tao chicken got rave reviews from others. I also loved my vegetarian lo mein.
• 7/20/2018
Good food, fast service. Love the on-line ordering.
• 6/17/2018
Outstanding food. We had takeout and it was delicious!!!
• 4/8/2018
Food amazing as always!
• 3/16/2018
Best General Tso's Chicken in the area!
• 3/12/2018
One of the better Chinese restaurants in the area. Well-priced and nicely prepared. Just wish they offered scallion pancakes!
• 3/3/2018
Would have preferred the coconut sauce with small shrimp with the shrimp with walnuts, but it was still delightful.
• 1/23/2018
Quality of food was fantastic. Singapore Mei Fun is my favorite and this place does this dish the way i have had it in the past from other chinese restaurants in other states.
• 1/22/2018
Fast preparation, good food, friendly staff
• 1/13/2018
Great quality efficient timing
• 12/2/2017
The food is always good here. The shrimp egg roll is SO good!!
• 9/10/2017
Even better than usual. Great service.
• 8/25/2017
Food was good but not spicy enough.
• 8/2/2017
Best take out around!
• 7/7/2017
Service was very good. The food was nearly ready when I reached the restaurant. Everything we ordered was in the package. The shrimp egg rolls are among the best we have ever had in the US. The fried dumplings are not bad, nothing special -- there are better fried dumplings to be found at several restaurants here in Rehoboth Beach. The General Tsos Chicken was fresh, which is a plus. But we had noted "medium" spicy on the chicken, but what we got was totally devoid of spice, only sweet. The beef with snow peas was a disappointment. The vegetables were good, though there were way too many carrots in the dish -- far, far more than snow peas. The beef tasted had little texture and no flavor. We'll certainly pass on that dish again. We would love to see more vegetable-heavy dishes on the menu and would particularly love to see them add an Eggplant and sauce dish of some sort.
• 6/1/2017
I just wish they took American express.
• 5/29/2017
• 5/23/2017
Just wish I could pay online
• 3/28/2017
Our food was outstanding! So hot and delicious best Chinese in town!
• 3/27/2017
Everything was very good as usual.
• 2/4/2017
Excellent service. Good was good.
• 12/23/2016
Egg rolls seemed fresh and tasty. Spare Ribs were good but be aware that there is only four of them in the one size order. You may have to indicate to Wu's to increase the quantity. Unfortunately, the Triple Hunan Flavor dish was extremely salty and we did not enjoy it.
• 12/6/2016
Delicious everytime!
• 11/26/2016
Best I have found in the area . . . keep up the quality . . .
• 11/11/2016
Food was delicious! I will always order from Wu's kitchen from now on! No other takeout Chinese can compare!
• 10/25/2016
The order was incorrect. The food was delicious but one item in our order was incorrect. My husband was not happy.
• 10/14/2016
Good food, great prices! A real nice alternative to the other Chinese restaurants in town!
• 10/6/2016
We enjoyed these items this time around. Egg rolls were hot and crispy and not rubbery as they sometimes can be if they are old. The spare ribs were very meaty but be aware that the order comes in one size and you do get four large ribs. They were also very good. The Hunan beef was supplied with hoisen sauce which compliments the dish nicely. White rice was our choice this time. There wasn't a morsel left after our dinner…a good sign.
• 8/29/2016
Forgot to include the dumpling sauce
• 5/23/2016
The food is always good. You really can't go wrong. I particularly like wanton soup here. Highly Recommend.
Sophia I
• 5/22/2016
Ordered quart of beef Lo mein, it seemed more like pint size. Disappointed with that but Lo mein was tasty!
• 5/21/2016
Disappointed with our order. Asked for Hot Spice on both dishes, both were either not spicy or just barely spicy. The Wonton & Egg Drop Soup was good, though.
• 5/21/2016
Overall Average fare. Depends on what part of the USA you might have experienced Asian cuisine. Major cities will present a diverse take on the otherwise standard and "universal" Chinese menu. Wu's is not alone and is not the exception in this demographic area when it comes to patrons expecting something exceptional? It's not going to happen at these prices and locations. Here is the lowdown about our order: The forgot to give us the pancakes for the Moo Shu Chicken. OK, not the end of the world. The Moo Shu was average. There were only 4 spare ribs. They were large and quite good, but the menu offers only one size. We're used to seeing a large or small choice from other stores. The Beef w. Broccoli was Just OK. Meat was tender and there was a lot of it although a bit slimy but digestible. This particular item seems to be required at every Chinese Take out menu. Perhaps I am expecting too much? The best item was the Veggie Spring rolls. Fresh and Crisp. On a positive note, Wu's offers reasonable prices for their food. Because of their convenient location, I will go back and try some other dishes. Perhaps I'll find a diamond in the rough?
• 5/13/2016
Very quick and courteous service. Included a free soda with my meal.