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Great Wall

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380 ratings
Delivery Fee $1.5 within 2.80 miles
$3 within 4.70 miles
$5 within 4.80 miles
Delivery Minimum $10.00
Estimated Time Between 30 and 45 minutes
Now hiring delivery driver. No delivery to ROCK ISLAND
Delivery Fee $1.5 within 2.80 miles
$3 within 4.70 miles
$5 within 4.80 miles
Delivery Minimum $10.00
Estimated Time Between 30 and 45 minutes
Chicken, Chinese, Healthy, Lunch Specials, Seafood, Soup, Vegetarian
Monday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM
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Sunday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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380 ratings


• 10/20/2019
Very good and fast delivery. I order our food and it was delivered less than a half hour.
• 9/3/2019
Never have had a prob l.j rm with them. Food is awesome.
• 8/29/2019
Have ordered from here many times always fast and food has been excellent.
• 8/24/2019
The crab Rangoon was good, but most of the food was re-dropped even though I asked for fresh. Edible, but not the best around. They deliver for lunch, though.
• 8/18/2019
Always a pleasant experience and great food.
• 8/11/2019
Usually the foods really good was disappointed today 😥
• 7/21/2019
You only get fresh food if you ask for it. No onion means mostly no, most of the time. We often receive food that tastes like it was pulled from a buffet. 6/10 for nice and prompt employees, mostly accurate orders
• 6/21/2019
Ordered food and an hour later still hadnt arrived. Called and they said they tried to deliver but couldn't get in sorry cause they didnt read my instructions
• 6/19/2019
Horrific! We were ignored, hung up on, lied to, and threatened!
• 6/13/2019
Can't go wrong here.
• 6/6/2019
Took an hour and arrived cold!
• 5/18/2019
Hot, fast and fresh
• 4/27/2019
Everything was so good. I am usually very picky about my chinese food but everything we ordered was really good. Great prices. Great food. Fast delivery. I couldn't have asked for more!
• 3/21/2019
The rice was the yellow and gross kind and they charged me an extra $1 for vegetable mei fun with no veggies and one egg. Probably won’t order here again.
• 3/14/2019
I'm on a quest, to find a Chinese food place in the Quad Cities, that makes a decent almond chicken, sesame chicken, crab rangoon and fried wonton, These are staples I'll eat multiple times a month, and I get frustrated that they're so often hard to find made properly. I had a place I was getting all three from, but they recently tried to short-change me in a way that makes me unwilling to patronize me again. So, as for Great Wall, this restaurant came fairly close on the crab rangoon, but that's it. It had almost no crab flavor, and the wraps weren't folded but pinched in a way that means the tips of of the wraps are overly crunchy. But the amount of filling wasn't too skimpy, and they were decently flavorful. The fried wontons however, were folded in the round napkin ring style, to disguise that they had so little meat in them that you couldn't even taste it. And they were actually harder to bite into than the rangoon. The almost chicken isn't almond chicken - it's chicken soup with almonds on top. I ordered it no-veggie deliberately, as I do not like chutes, water chestnuts or any other stuff they tend to put on almond chicken. But the important part of what makes almond chicken is the chicken, the almonds and the SAUCE. A sauce that's made with, in addition to other ingredients, soy sauce. That's what gives it a savory flavor. This came in a basic chicken broth with no specific flavor to it at all; i.e. chicken soup. The sesame chicken was, as is frustratingly common, covered in some kind of red sauce that is neither savory nor sweet. Typically, sesame chicken is a good sweet/savory blended dish, because the sauce is made with brown sugar, honey and soy. This is made with some weird, and overly citrus, red sauce. And there was WAY more breading in the bowl than there was chicken. Some hunks were entirely breading, without a sign of any chicken in it. Their red sauce for dipping isn't bad, but it came in two containers, neither of which was even half-full. I guess they assume two entrees means two people eating who might not want to share their red sauce containers - rather than one who wants a mix of entrees and leftovers. And that's fine, but if you're going to do this, use the small clear plastic cups instead of the larger foam ones. It's less wasteful, and the plastic ones are at least recyclable. So, my quest continues, because nothing at this location came close to what I wanted.
• 3/7/2019
Awesome as always, the Pepper Steak with tomatoes is my favorite dish from Great Wall! Love it!!!
• 2/11/2019
Everything was great
• 2/7/2019
Best chinese in the area.. everything is always delicious
• 1/25/2019
Arrived quickly and hot.
• 1/20/2019
As always the food was good, prices are reasonable, and delivery is always within 30 minutes to my house
• 12/26/2018
Great food at reasonable prices! One of our favorite restaurants in the area!
• 11/21/2018
Very good, as always. We passed several convenient Chinese spots to hit GW!
• 10/6/2018
Food was good, but the only small complaint we have is that when the food was delivered, it smelled like the delivery person was smoking in their car. So the bag smelled of smoke.
• 9/28/2018
Best Chinese food in Davenport
• 9/19/2018
• 9/15/2018
Food was great
• 9/2/2018
Very fresh excellent food
• 8/30/2018
• 8/26/2018
Fast delivery
• 8/19/2018
Fast service as always. Hot food. Great food. Definitely will order again.
• 7/28/2018
Food was good. But the address got mixed up somehow, even though I typed it in and checked it. So our food took an extra 20 minutes and we were charged double delivery fee on top of it. Not happy about that.
• 6/8/2018
Our food was fresh and delicious. Delivery service was fantastic. Online ordering was easy. We will order again. Thank you,
• 5/27/2018
Delicious and fast.
• 5/11/2018
Chicken Lo Mein wasn't as good. Egg Drop Soup Didn't like that at all. Both tasted kind of Plain.
• 4/5/2018
very efficient and delicious
• 3/24/2018
Great food
• 3/14/2018
Great Service and Food is Awesome!!!!
• 3/6/2018
Everything was good however the Mei Fun seemed overly salty to me. =
• 2/15/2018
Food is almost always right on and tasty. Always warm, and Always delivered quickly. This is a regular deal for us.
• 2/4/2018
Food was great!!! However soup was missing.
• 1/6/2018
I enjoyed the food. The delivery person was very nice.
• 12/31/2017
Excellent service! They called to confirm since what I ordered was more of a soup than meal and I was thankful. Great food!. Fast delivery!
• 12/15/2017
Love this place!!!! Great food and fast delivery!!! Perfect orders everytime.
• 11/21/2017
usually everything is good and delicious. But this time the chicken lo mein was disappointing. The chicken tasted odd. It tasted old or freezer burned. ;-(
• 11/14/2017
The best
• 11/2/2017
Food is delicious. Please update your delivery charge to the correct amount.
• 10/21/2017
The last 4 times I have ordered from here it has been the fried chicken wings/chicken fried rice huge great tasting wings and hot fried rice tonight my friend is trying the orange chicken All of our orders have been delivered on time and hot.
• 10/19/2017
It was overcooked and mushy... the pork In happy family tasted old and was stringy. Very unimpressed.