La Villa Pizzeria
4632 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20011
4.52starstarstarstarstar_half56 ratings
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$1.99 within 2.80 miles
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Between 40 and 55 minutes
Delivery Fee
$1.99 within 2.80 miles
Delivery Minimum
Estimated Time
Between 40 and 55 minutes
Pasta, Pizza, Salads, Sandwiches, Wings, Wraps
4632 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20011
11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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4.52starstarstarstarstar_half56 ratings
starstarstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Apr 11, 2021
Pizza’s fine. Big order, but ordered way ahead of time. 30 minutes late and the driver said the restaurant was 5 miles away. I revealed I knew it was 0.2 miles down the road. No real explanation.
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Jan 06, 2021
Restaurant took hour and half to confirm order and after two hours said it would be another 45 minutes before it arrives. Three hours for cold pizza is not worth it.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Mar 06, 2020
Food took more than an hour to arrive, closer to an hour and a half, and it was cold. The service is usually pretty good. Would have appreciated a courtesy call for the delay. I called the restaurant and was rudely hurried off the phone.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 20, 2019
It was totally acceptable!
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Mar 13, 2019
The food here is always delicious but they forgot my order and had to scramble to fulfill it when I called to ask why it wasn't already here. The order arrived as quickly as they could manage but it was 45 minutes late.
starstarstarstarstar Sep 20, 2018
Definitely not that generic stuff from a chain restaurant. So much better than the chains!!!
Eva David
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Sep 12, 2018
Pepperoni was very light and the delivery guy asked me for for a tip that was already included ($4.5) and they also called me because they were out of garlic... Pizza was delicious but the delivery process wasn't...
starstarstarstarstar Aug 31, 2018
Warm and delicious Pizza, a bit small
starstarstarstarstar Aug 27, 2018
La Villa pizza is SOLID. Best local pizza in DC in our opinion.
starstarstarstarstar Jul 14, 2018
The pizza is one of our favorite delivery pizzas. The wings are not saucy but usually very meaty; this time however some were very small.
starstarstarstarstar May 01, 2018
Food was just as described. Delivery was swift. Driver was friendly. It was all good.
starstarstarstarstar Apr 06, 2018
Oh it was so good, delivered fast too. This restaurant is becoming an office fave!
starstarstarstarstar_border Jan 14, 2018
Pizza was great, however, it was delivered to the wrong address. Once I figured out where the delivery guy was and went to get the pizza from him it was fine.
starstarstarstarstar Jan 12, 2018
The items were delivered timely and everything tasted delicious and fresh!
starstarstarstarstar_border Dec 19, 2017
Very yummy, but the whole wheat crust isn't stiff enough -- pieces curl and toppings slide off. The delivery time (1.25 hours) was below average.
starstarstarstarstar_border Dec 07, 2017
Chicken Paradiso Sandwich was AWESOME - thank you!
starstarstarstarstar Nov 17, 2017
Great food - delivered before ETA
starstarstarstarstar Nov 15, 2017
Our delivery driver was just brilliant, cheers. Received our order in less than an hour. Food was hot and delicious. This was our first time using this service, we will be using this service again.
starstarstarstarstar Nov 07, 2017
Pizza was very good, delivery driver very friendly and on time. Will order from here again soon.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Sep 23, 2017
Bland sauce, poor selection of veggie toppings.
starstarstarstarstar Aug 15, 2017
Great Pizza and Great service. We order as part of our weekly routine!!!!
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Jul 16, 2017
Food was ok, not something I would order again.
starstarstarstarstar Jun 27, 2017
Tasty, delivery quickly, arrived hot, reasonable price. What you want in a pizza delivery place!
starstarstarstarstar Jun 10, 2017
Tough to enter toppings for two pizzas, but I put it in the comments and they got it right.
starstarstarstarstar Dec 22, 2016
What is not to like? Great pizza, super delivery (and speedy), reasonable prices... these guys are great!
starstarstarstarstar_border Oct 17, 2016
The use of Beyond Menu saves time with finding the menu, identifying selected items, calculating my total, and placing my order. The delivery time was pretty quick. I felt that my credit card use was secure (which is a big plus, compared to sharing it by phone). My food from LaVilla was tasty (as always) I will use this site again to place future orders.
starstarstarstarstar Sep 18, 2016
Really fast, hot & delicious.
starstarstarstarstar Sep 18, 2016
I made a mistake on the order and they fixed it. Totally awesome service. The pie could have been hotter when it arrived, but it was still great for delivery pizza here in DC. Definitely going back!
starstarstarstarstar Aug 05, 2016
It was fast delivery, and fantastic pizza. I'm happily impressed!
starstarstarstarstar Jul 13, 2016
It was delicious and fast.
starstarstarstarstar Jun 30, 2016
Always fast and always great!
starstarstarstarstar_border Jun 27, 2016
Good food and good timing!
starstarstarstarstar Mar 16, 2016
Good food, good service!