Jade Inn Chinese Restaurant
7259 Boulder Ave, Highland, CA 92346
4.47starstarstarstarstar_half107 ratings
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Around 60 minutes
Delivery Fee
$2.5 within 3.00 miles
$3 within 5.00 miles
Delivery Minimum
Estimated Time
Around 60 minutes
Chinese, Seafood, Vegetarian
7259 Boulder Ave, Highland, CA 92346
11:00 AM - 08:00 PM
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4.47starstarstarstarstar_half107 ratings
starstarstarstarstar Jan 07, 2021
I loved the food, it’s delicious and you get a good amount for the price. They package it in plastic sealable containers and even put everything in a small cardboard box so it was easier to carry out!
starstarstarstarstar Sep 20, 2020
Delicious and hot. Fast and friendly delivery.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Aug 07, 2020
I wish the app had worked correctly to let me know what time to pick up my food or that restaurant would have called me to tell me it was done. Instead of letting sit there for a hour. I had to call l
starstarstarstarstar Jul 05, 2020
Food was fresh, tasty and very hot. Very fast and friendly delivery.
starstarstarstarstar_border Apr 09, 2020
They did a great job of separating the Sweet and Sour Sauce from the fried chicken, which was not always done in the past.
starstarstarstarstar Apr 05, 2020
Everything was exceptional but didn’t quite like the orange chicken but that’s ok because that just means there is more food to explore from their menu.
starstarstarstarstar_border Mar 26, 2020
For some reason the tangerine chicken wasnt as good
starstarstarstarstar Oct 18, 2019
Always so fantastic! I love jade inn and the owner is so great. She certainly runs a great restaurant!
starstarstarstarstar Mar 20, 2019
Super fast delivery
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Feb 02, 2019
Food was good however still had to wait another 15 mins even though I ordered online for food to be ready by 5 pm.
starstarstarstarstar Dec 01, 2018
Always great service and great food. The SizzligvRice Soup is my favorite.
starstarstarstarstar Nov 11, 2018
The food is always excellent. Everyone is polite and helpful.
starstarstarstarstar_border Nov 05, 2018
Food is good but pricey
starstarstarstarstar Sep 28, 2018
Outstanding food. Great delivery service! Top notch.
starstarstarstarstar Jul 30, 2018
Delivery was made in good time with everything that was requested. Friendly delivery driver. Delicious food.
starstarstarstarstar Jul 26, 2018
The vegetable Chow Mein was delicious!
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border May 07, 2018
The egg fu long was awful. Everything else was good.
starstarstarstarstar_border Mar 25, 2018
The milk tea was delicious. The boba in one was fantastic, the other however was extremely hard in the center.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Mar 21, 2018
The food as usual was good, but on one of our orders we asked for fried rice and received steamed white rice. Not the end of the world, but I feel they should fill the order correctly. Also had to wait about 5 minutes past the designated pick up time.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 12, 2018
They are always so nice at Jade Inn! They never mess up order and are always very prompt.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Mar 11, 2018
Meat in fried rice was over cooked. :(
starstarstarstarstar Jan 26, 2018
Food was great as always! Delivery person remembered our preferences and very courteous
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Nov 25, 2017
I ordered food for a specific pick up time. When I arrived to pick up my order at the specified time, it was not ready, and I had to wait for them to complete it.
starstarstarstarstar Nov 09, 2017
The service was great, the food was great, overall good experience
starstarstarstarstar Sep 02, 2017
I'm never disappointed when I eat here
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Aug 16, 2017
food was excellent no problems
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Jun 29, 2017
The service was wonderful...the delivery was timely...the food was...good but not...the best that I have eaten. I was disappointed with the cheesecake.
starstarstarstarstar May 15, 2017
Excellent food!!! Easy ordering and simple pick up process.
starstarstarstarstar Apr 02, 2017
So good!
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Mar 17, 2017
Ordered delivery, took an hour and a half and the food was cold.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 15, 2017
Loved the ability to order online and pick up dinner, it was so easy. We'll do it again in the future.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 04, 2017
The service is always very good. I no longer want their food as it is horrible now. We have been eating there for several years but something has happened to the quality of the food as it is now the worst.
starstarstarstarstar Feb 04, 2017
Always great food highly recommended. Mine was take out this time usually I prefer to dine in fantastic service. Many places that serve good food seem to let their service slack off. Not here always great service and Fantastic food
starstarstarstarstar Jan 29, 2017
Excellent service and great food
starstarstarstarstar Jan 05, 2017
Food was amazing
starstarstarstarstar Dec 29, 2016
Very convenient. Ordered ten minutes before my lunch break and when I arrived everything was packed and ready to go!
starstarstarstarstar_border Dec 17, 2016
Soup was half empty
starstarstarstarstar Dec 09, 2016
All of it was great. Fast delivery
starstarstarstarstar Oct 08, 2016
The service was outstanding but.......the red wine beef was not good. It seemed like very poor cuts of meat and was chewy.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Aug 28, 2016
I have been a customer of Jade Inn for 14 years. We go at least monthly. The reason is that we have always loved the food. But our last order was awful. One of our favorites, the Kung Pao Trio, was almost too salty to palate. In a time when salt consumption is seen as a negative, cooks, chefs and restaurants should throw the salt away and let the consumer apply so this type of incident does not occur. We will go again for years to come, but the Jade Inn should have a chat with the cook/chef that was working on the night of our order.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Aug 17, 2016
Chicken tasted old- dry on inside and the outside was a little slippery. Fried rice= OK, combo veges= not enough to justify price. Overall 35 dollar meal that was worth 15.
starstarstarstarstar Jul 29, 2016
I have been eating here since it first opened. Best Chinese food ever.
starstarstarstarstar Jul 16, 2016
Fast Service, Fresh Food, Definitely get what you pay for
starstarstarstarstar Jul 05, 2016
The food here is great, big portions and the best chinese food in the area
starstarstarstarstar May 15, 2016
Great food as always!
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Apr 09, 2016
I love their food but my order was wrong and that's disappointing. I received sweet and sour shrimp instead of chicken.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 02, 2016
Delicious as always! Worth the expected extra wait during lunch hours. :)