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Golden Palace

2100 Riverside Pkwy #106, Lawrenceville, GA 30043  •  Delivery Info

Delivery Fee $1.5 within 5.00 miles
$2 within 7.00 miles
$2.5 within 9.50 miles
Delivery Minimum $12.00
Estimated Time Between 55 and 60 minutes

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Delivery Fee $1.5 within 5.00 miles
$2 within 7.00 miles
$2.5 within 9.50 miles
Delivery Minimum $12.00
Estimated Time Between 55 and 60 minutes
Chinese, Seafood, Vegetarian
Monday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX
110 ratings


• 7/20/2019
great as always!!
• 7/5/2019
as always, wonderful food and excellent service! thank you!
• 6/7/2019
always awesome!! thank you!
• 6/5/2019
as always wonderful! great service! awesome food! thank you! :)
• 5/29/2019
love this place!!!!! excellent food!
• 5/26/2019
thank you!!! awesome place!
• 5/23/2019
Great food and service
• 4/28/2019
great food as always! and, again as always, thank you for reading the note about my child being asleep!! :)
• 4/20/2019
thank you for reading the note about my child sleeping!
• 3/27/2019
awesome food!! i love that they read the notes because i have a 5 month old and ask them to knock quietly! great restaurant!!
• 3/13/2019
great food! fast! actually reads notes!
• 3/12/2019
The order took over an hour to be delivered. An hour later when I called to check the status of the order, they mentioned that the driver was just leaving because he forgot. When the food actually arrived all the chicken was bland and overcooked. The Lo Mein was like spaghetti noodles instead of the traditional thicker noodles. The beef bell pepper was the best thing but even that was filled with half peppers and onions.
• 3/5/2019
Great Food!
• 3/2/2019
Very good food! Delivery service was faster than minimum time and driver was very courteous. This is my preferred restaurant for Chinese food đź‘Ť
• 2/16/2019
Best Shrimp fried rice ever! You guys rock!!!
• 2/15/2019
Always enjoy their food no matter what I order.
• 1/19/2019
My go to restaurant for Chinese food. Delivery was quick and the food was what I wanted
• 1/2/2019
Best around the area, wouldn’t order from anyone else
• 12/29/2018
Everything good to great, except Lo Mein was very heavy on the garlic.
• 12/22/2018
Great as always.
• 11/5/2018
Great Food!!
• 10/17/2018
excellent food and service ! excellent both for delivery and inside the restaurant . great pricing and lunch specials !!
• 10/12/2018
I love Golden Palace, food is always good and plentiful. Delivery person is very friendly and on-time. Golden Palace is my go to place for Asian Cuisine.
• 8/1/2018
Mongolian Beef was pretty good. Closer to the sweeter side than most others which is good!
• 7/29/2018
Hot & Sour here is fantastic. Blows the "New York Style" places away. Portions are good, food was extremely hot and fresh when I picked it up. Had been a couple years since I had tried this restaurant, and it is just as good as I remember.
• 7/29/2018
I order several times a month from Golden Palace and the food is always excellent. The food arrives hot, on-time and the drivers are always very nice. I use the order ahead function on the menu so I can place my order earlier in the day and have it delivered for the time I want it delivered. Golden Palace is my go to place for Chinese food.
• 5/31/2018
Outstanding food. Mongolian Beef is amazing
• 4/15/2018
Golden palace is one of the best
• 4/9/2018
Love this place, the food is always good and delivered on-time nice and hot.
• 3/11/2018
The yellow curry was a huge hit!
• 2/21/2018
Fried wontons were so hard we couldn’t eat them . Everything else was good . Don’t order fires if delivery they are soggy .
• 1/7/2018
Food was very very tasty but my two issues and concerns is the egg rolls . They taste funny and very mushy. Also the egg fried rice had no egg in it in either platter
• 12/25/2017
Always receive excellent service from Golden Palace in Lawrenceville. The food is delicious, always delivered on-time and the staff is very courteous. This is my favorite restaurant in Lawrenceville.
• 9/24/2017
Great meal at a decent price. Delivery was fast and driver was very courteous. I eat here often and have never had a bad meal. I highly recommend Golden Palace.
• 9/7/2017
Awesome food and fast delivery!
• 8/16/2017
PROS: The beef and snow peas was very good, and arrived very hot. The portion size was generous. CONS: The crab Rangoons were somewhat tough and had very little filling in them. There was no red sauce to dip them into, as I am used to getting. I probably won't order these again, though I love good ones. It took nearly an hour for the order to arrive, though I live less than 2 miles from the restaurant.
• 7/10/2017
Food was delicious and the delivery was fast.
• 6/30/2017
I love the food from Golden Palace! I have been ordering from them for years and will continue to do so!
• 6/20/2017
Delivery was fast. The Sesame Chicken is hit or miss. Sometimes it's fresh and delicious. This time the chicken seemed over done and rubbery.
• 3/12/2017
We are regulars and love the food - friendly service
• 3/12/2017
Great as always
• 2/22/2017
The meals were delicious and the delivery was very fast. I recommend Golden Palace to everyone.
• 2/14/2017
Easy to order, delivery pretty quick, very nice gentleman who delivered
• 11/23/2016
I've always loved the food here and have never had a bad experience till last night. The shrimp rice was perfect but the General tso chicken was extremely soggy and chicken was tough. Just don't order near closing time. Maybe next time will be better
• 10/25/2016
All of the food was delicious the delivery was extremely quick and the delivery agent was very polite.
• 10/8/2016
Great portion size!
• 9/20/2016
I tried the Sausage Fried Rice. It was a huge portion size and was very good. Their fries are more of small size box but the fries inside or kind medium size.
• 9/20/2016
The Boneless Pork Ribs were good.. I was kind of hoping they had given more than what they brought. The size of container was the size your given for small fry boxes.