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China Palace Restaurant

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Delivery Fee $3 within 2.00 miles
$4 within 3.00 miles
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Delivery Minimum $15.00
Estimated Time Between 40 and 60 minutes

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Delivery Fee $3 within 2.00 miles
$4 within 3.00 miles
$5 within 5.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $15.00
Estimated Time Between 40 and 60 minutes
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123 ratings


• 8/8/2018
I can't believe this is the first time I ordered delivery from China Palace! This place is SO GOOD, and more genuine Chinese than most places I can get delivery from. I'm looking forward to exploring more real Chinese cuisine in the future.
• 6/19/2018
The egg drop soup is low on the salt, but mixing it with their soy sauce makes a perfect soup! The Vegitarian fried rice was good and my husband liked his BBQ fried rice. Thank you!
• 5/16/2018
The sauce for the General Tso's chicken was super watery but still very tasty. Overall pretty good and will definitely order again.
• 4/30/2018
Excellent food, super quick delivery, will definitely order again.
• 4/29/2018
Prompt delivery, great food, awesome price point
• 4/9/2018
Food was delivered quickly and was tasty! We didn't get our extra steamed rice that we ordered though :(
• 4/6/2018
It was really good
• 4/4/2018
• 3/4/2018
Always quick, delicious, and consistent.
• 2/10/2018
Service was fast and the food was excellent. The young lady who delivered my food to the door was also had a very pleasant attitude.
• 1/11/2018
food was delicious!
• 1/5/2018
Food was good but this survey left a bad taste in my mouth
• 12/5/2017
I ordered the shrimp w/lobster sauce for the first time. I would avoid the shrimp in general. They do not taste fresh.
• 11/5/2017
It was good food. It was exactly what we ordered. It arrived quickly. What's not to like?
Harriet L
• 10/9/2017
Chef changed Ma Po Tofu
• 8/10/2017
Fantastic food, actually pan fried dumplings not the deep fried you see a lot. Everything was full of flavor and the portions were perfect for a big dinner and lunch the next day. Definitely going to be my new go-to for Chinese
• 7/31/2017
Excellent food and service!
• 7/12/2017
I was disappointed in part of this meal. The scallops were neither spicy nor tangy and seemed to be alll breading with very little scallops.The shrimp rolls, on the other hand, were delicious. Full of shrimp.
• 7/8/2017
Chicken could use a longer cook but tasty
• 6/29/2017
Very fast delivery. Everything was hot! I love this place, they have the best hot and sour soup.
• 6/10/2017
Crab rangoon were pretty chewy at the bottom, had hardly any filling, and no crab flavor at all- just cheese. Broccoli was overly smothered in a gelatinous sauce, though it had good flavor.
• 5/29/2017
I have ordered from China Palace quite a few times and have never disappointed. My food always arrives warm and sometime between 30-45 minutes. The food is delicious and the portions are awesome; definitely high value for the price. So far my favorite dish at China Palace is the Orange Chicken. Great flavor and heat!
• 5/12/2017
Service is great. Food is good but not great. The soups are just fine.
• 4/21/2017
I have been ordering the same dish on and off for months. After I ordered, I received a call from the restaurant saying I didn't pay for extra broccoli in my order and if I wanted to pay that separately. This is the 2nd time in months this has happened. I'm unsure if it's the person at the counter receiving the orders or if in fact there is a charge since when we've visited and eaten here, we never get charged. I would like to know why this same counter person keeps insisting on charging for items I never get charged by anyone else at this restaurant. Otherwise, we love this place and the quality of the food
• 4/2/2017
Easy to use
• 4/1/2017
Food was good but they forgot the most important items for the Mu Shu Pork; the pancakes and the hoisoin sauce. 2nd time in as many tries that items were left out.
• 3/18/2017
Not as good as usual. Food arrived lukewarm, and fried items had steamed in their containers.
• 3/16/2017
Food was lukewarm when it arrived.
• 2/12/2017
It's always fresh and hot Everytime we order.
• 2/9/2017
Food good - but I was send Combination Fried Rice instead of Combination Rice Noodles.
• 2/2/2017
A bit pricey. Mediocre quality. Decent portions.
• 1/19/2017
Love it. The portions were huge and the food was so fresh and hot. Great prices also. Good place for lunch.
• 12/24/2016
Super friendly staff, accommodated a rush order at the last minute. Chicken broccoli and vegetarian steamed dumplings were delicious. Definitely recommend.
• 11/27/2016
Sesame tofu order was wrong, we received sesame chicken instead :-(
• 11/18/2016
Their food is fresh and delicious!
• 11/8/2016
great food and great job delivering!
• 11/5/2016
good i love
• 10/29/2016
Large portions and tasty dishes that were ready when I arrived to pick them up.
• 10/5/2016
I ordered plenty so I would have enough for a couple of days. SO glad I did! Everything is excellent. Thank you for the extra duck sauce.
• 9/17/2016
I've ordered a few times from China Palace now, and each time has been very delicious. My food always arrives hot and fresh. This last order I placed even arrived at my apartment in less than 45 minutes! The portion sizes are awesome, and the flavors are always fantastic. So far, my favorites dishes are the Orange Chicken and the Crab Rangoon.
• 9/9/2016
Awesome food!!! Def worth it!
• 8/31/2016
took a little longer than normal but great food!
• 8/29/2016
Very good
• 8/11/2016
Serviceable Chinese take-out.
• 8/8/2016
Keeps my daughter very Happy and the food is Excellent!!!!
• 7/12/2016
• 6/24/2016
Absolutely amazing. Food had wonderful flavor. Service was very courteous and prompt.
• 5/30/2016
Food was ready super fast - I picked it up. It was well packaged with lots of condiments and utensils, was hot, tasty, seemed very fresh, and it was relatively inexpensive. It was not the most delicious I've ever had - it was decent food though. Given all of the pluses, it was a very good experience and a good value.