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Asia Kitchen

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Delivery Fee $1 within 2.00 miles
$2 within 4.00 miles
$3 within 5.00 miles
$4 within 6.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $12.00
Estimated Time Between 45 and 60 minutes

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Delivery Fee $1 within 2.00 miles
$2 within 4.00 miles
$3 within 5.00 miles
$4 within 6.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $12.00
Estimated Time Between 45 and 60 minutes
Monday: 11:00 AM - 09:30 PM
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86 ratings


• 8/8/2019
Always great food. Been a customer for years.
James P.
• 7/27/2019
The Egg Foo Young brings me back to my childhood when we would go out to dinner. AWESOME!!!!!
• 7/22/2019
Food is always delicious!
• 7/11/2019
Food is always delicious, hot & fresh!
• 6/27/2019
I ordered my food at 11:50am and i was waiting it never got delivered... I got a call untill 1:15pm that they were baerly going to make my food if i still wanted it it would take another hour before delivery so i canceled my order
• 1/13/2019
My Walnut Shrimp plate didn't come with broccoli this time but maybe I ordered wrong dish. Even so it was really good.
• 12/28/2018
Always delicious and quick. Always our "go to" for chinese food delivery!!
• 10/18/2018
Excellent food fast delivery!
• 9/24/2018
Awesome food, awesome delivery service. I feel like I placed my order, turned around and my order was delivered!
• 9/4/2018
Love the food here. Freshly made to order.
• 9/1/2018
Overall all the items tasted well. However, even though we ordered mixed vegetable chow mein, it has too much vegetables and not enough chow mein. we loved that the Food was hot and it was fast delivery.
• 8/24/2018
always great service!
• 7/26/2018
Delicious and Fresh!
• 7/15/2018
We ordered and paid for a full order of sesame chicken but we got a half order only
• 6/7/2018
Love! the steam spicy dumplings and very good service.
• 5/7/2018
Very Delicious food! Delivery Fast and people is very nice!
• 4/13/2018
Food was great but the heat of the wonton soup made the lid weakened beneathe the egg drop soup sitting atop it..not too much spilled thanks to the bag it was tied in
• 4/11/2018
Food is ALWAYS delicious.... and most importantly (when you're starving).... ALWAYS timely and packaged neatly.
• 3/2/2018
Very good and service was great!!
• 2/14/2018
I live in Tennessee and ordered online for my Mom in Baldwin Park and she was very happy with the food. I was very pleased the restaurant did this for me since I am so far. Excellent Customer Service
• 2/10/2018
Took it a while to get here, but it was good. They said they were very busy today. Delivery was convenient for me.
• 1/31/2018
First time user and thought it was great, easy and very convenient....
• 1/13/2018
Honeslty couldn't tell the difference between the full order and half order so i feel like i gave them another $3 for nothing. But tasted great
• 12/14/2017
I like to treat myself by ordering from you guys. Whenever I do it’s always amazing. I’m lucky to have you guys so close by that I can order.
• 10/29/2017
Delicious and fresh as always!
• 9/25/2017
Food was hot and delicious. Delivered quickly.
• 9/23/2017
Very good Chinese food, and Beyond Menu is the best way to order (no mistakes or misunderstandings.)
• 9/4/2017
Food was acceptable. I wouldn't say it was great but acceptable. Honestly, I probably will not be ordering from here again just to explore other restaurants.
• 8/31/2017
Wasn't expecting the food to be delivered so fast, it took about 30 min from the time I placed my online order. The Lunch specials come with an abundance of food and is priced very affordably. The food was absolutely amazing, would order from Asia Kitchen using this method again and would definitely recommend it to others!
• 8/15/2017
Food is really good and they give you a good quantity for a good price.
• 7/27/2017
Good food and delivery was pretty prompt. The only thing is they should have put a lil more shrimp
• 3/27/2017
My favorite place to order from.
• 3/21/2017
It was delivered right on time.Food was warm and delicious! Crispy eggrolls and the Kung Pao had the perfect amount of heat. Love this place!
• 3/15/2017
Took 1hr to receive my food even though I live 12minutes away 😥 I did enjoy the food
• 1/22/2017
The food was amazing, absolutely delicious and flavorful. I'm definitely going to be ordering again soon!
• 1/10/2017
food was good but delivery took about an hour & 15 mins
• 12/30/2016
One of our favorites. Great bbq pork fried rice.
• 12/25/2016
We ALWAYS enjoy the food from Asia Kitchen! It's one for the only places around me that does almond & or cashew chicken & I LOVE both!! Amazing food, amazing service & they deliver to us & we are slightly a little ways away.
• 12/24/2016
Food here is excellent. Known about Asia Kitchen for a long time but only recently got around to trying. Delivery service is great and orders are on point. Highly recommended.
• 12/3/2016
The food was great just little cold when it arrived. I asked for no onions green or any kind and my kung pao chicken had scallions not very satisfied
• 10/25/2016
Very tasty as usual.
• 10/19/2016
The best shrimp fried rice ever and it was a quick delivery
• 10/16/2016
Asian Kitchen is the Best... We have been ordering from them for years... Their delivery people are very friendly and know us by name... We have never been disappointed with any of our orders... We would recommended The Asian Kitchen to everyone!
• 10/6/2016
great food
• 9/11/2016
The food was steaming hot and delicious, I am going to buy some more.
• 7/15/2016
Always great food!
• 7/2/2016
Very good food . Me and family enjoined it going to be our go to food now instead of pizza
• 6/6/2016
Great lunch specials with plenty of food!