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Me Con Bistro

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Delivery Fee $3 within 2.00 miles
$4 within 3.00 miles
$5 within 5.00 miles
$6 within 6.00 miles
$7 within 7.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $15.00
Estimated Time Between 60 and 90 minutes
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81 ratings


• 11/8/2018
Best wings in S. Austin
• 9/9/2018
• 7/14/2018
Me Con has the best Chinese/Vietnamese food that I have had in South Austin. It’s a neighborhood spot, so not fancy but ingredients are fresh and well prepared. They have great hot and sour soup, nice Cantonese dishes. Shrimp fried rice has lots of shrimp. The pho is very popular and huge. Staff is very nice, efficient.
• 7/8/2018
Forgot my favorite peanut sauce for the spring rolls. Otherwise, it was all very tasty.
• 6/23/2018
I am a regular customer. For this order, food was not good. Meats were too charred and burnt. Chicken wings were blend taste. I think it was missing salt and spice was just poured on not cooked in. I hope it gets better next time.
• 5/2/2018
There were not enough veggies for the soup.
• 4/10/2018
Food was great and ready to go when I got there !
• 4/9/2018
• 3/31/2018
Decent quality for Americanized food / not authentic but tasty nonetheless. Quick service - ordered via app and food arrived soon - warm ready to go
• 3/29/2018
• 3/26/2018
VERY slow delivery. Food was good but took forever.
• 3/16/2018
I just love me some Me Con Bistro!!!
• 2/14/2018
The food is delish!
• 1/9/2018
Pho is PERFECT. Everything was nice and hot and ready to be picked up. The person who helped me was very friendly. My friend had the egg rolls and said they were too thick/doughy, but the taste of everything was great. Glad to have this. Do wish they had spring rolls without pork.
• 11/26/2017
Food is usually great, but pick it up yourself. We live right down the street, and it's *never* delivered in under an hour, sometimes 90+ minutes. The delivery food arrives cold, but is ready in 15 mins if you go pick it up.
• 11/7/2017
The food was amazing, definitely will be back. The pho was missing the meatballs but it was still great. Huge wings, could be a meal by itself.
• 10/15/2017
The delivery was on time and the delivery person very polite. The food is always good at Me Con, but I found my flank to be extremely fatty today. It was so fatty that I had to just remove most of it and just ate the noodles and broth. I think I'll go with the steak next time. My husband got the Lo Mein and it looked/smelled/tasted delicious.
• 9/17/2017
Best chicken wings in Austin
• 9/10/2017
Hour delivery time. Forgotten drink. Pho was good though!
• 8/25/2017
The ribs and general tso's were great. I also love whatever your sweet and sour sauce is. I'm still waiting for the perfect egg roll from ya'll where all I will do is order multiple orders of them. Great order!
• 8/21/2017
The food was awful.
• 7/22/2017
The food was excellent! How had I not found this place before??
• 5/1/2017
I would say four stars for the food which is very tasty, but their delivery service is lacking. It always takes at least an hour to get my food and this last time an hour and a half. When I finally called, the response was "oh your food is ready, we'll get it right out". This was an hour and fifteen minutes after I ordered. Not even an apology. I'm torn as to whether to keep ordering from them. I like the food but the service is pretty sucky.
• 8/2/2016
Great meal and well priced. Securely contained and speedily delivered.
• 7/13/2016
Extremely fast delivery and very communicative. Portions were a bit small with the Happy Family meal but was still more than worth it and the food taste amazing! Definitely my go to Asian take out place!
• 5/24/2016
They have the best Sesame Chicken!
• 5/17/2016
Only thing that could be improved is the delivery time it was almost an hour. Although the food was amazing. :)
• 5/15/2016
Most everything was delicious! Loved the Spring Rolls. The Snow Biscuits were too oily.
• 5/8/2016
The egg rolls were kind of mushy on the inside but they still had a good taste! We ordered a few other plates and they all had a great tastes! The combo lo mein was delicious! Reminded me of the lo mein back home.
• 4/2/2016
I was pretty impressed that all food I got was pretty good. Basil Thai Wings was a killer. I would love to order it again. Rainbow shrimp was really good too. All veggies were fresh and crispy.
• 3/30/2016
The Sesame chicken was delicious. The fried rice could of been better. Otherwise you all would have gotten a perfect 5 Stars. Respectfully, Freddy Garcia. SEMPER FI!!!!!
• 3/6/2016
Prompt delivery, courteous service and delicious hot food.