Yummy Yummy Asian Cuisine
2901 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657
4.58starstarstarstarstar_half265 ratings
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$3 within 2.00 miles
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Delivery Fee
$3 within 2.00 miles
Delivery Minimum
Estimated Time
Between 60 and 90 minutes
2901 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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4.58starstarstarstarstar_half265 ratings
starstarstarstarstar May 29, 2021
So good!
starstarstarstarstar Apr 14, 2021
I loved the sesame cold noodles the next day! Thank you for your help!
starstarstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Jan 12, 2021
No sauce came with the crab rangoons
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Nov 23, 2019
Delivery took over an hour
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Sep 27, 2019
Both rices (the fried and white) were missing from our order. The chicken was good but would have been better with the rice that we paid for and never got
starstarstarstarstar_border Aug 26, 2019
Walnut Shrimp is bomb!
starstarstarstarstar Aug 02, 2019
Great food
starstarstarstarstar Dec 14, 2018
always very good.
starstarstarstarstar Nov 16, 2018
Great food. Fast and on-time delivery. Food was hot when arrived. Great experience for a Friday lunch!
starstarstarstarstar Oct 06, 2018
Love the vegetarian food here!
starstarstarstarstar Oct 01, 2018
Always delicious and never disappointed!!
starstarstarstarstar Aug 17, 2018
Amazing as always
starstarstarstarstar_border Aug 13, 2018
This is normally my go-to Chinese food, but this time was disappointing. The egg rolls were dripping with grease, the egg drop soup was the constancy of pudding and the sesame chicken wasn't as crispy as normal
starstarstarstarstar Jul 30, 2018
My mom and I loved the food and the smoothies. It was a nice change. The lady working was super nice and helpful. I would definitely go again!
starstarstarstarstar Jul 29, 2018
Awesome Chinese food. We have been looking for a great takeout place and found it at Yummy Yummy.
starstarstarstarstar Jul 04, 2018
I've been ordering from Yummy since I first moved to Chicago and it is still by far my favorite. The woman that runs the place is always sweet and pleasant. A quick note to all the negative reviews. Being a regular doesn't make your food get delivered faster. And yes delivery times do go up and down. It's very standard in a restaurant. When everyone wants food at the same time it's not going to just appear in a flash. Plan on advance when ordering, understand that you're not the only person in the world and that this restaurant is probably dishing out a thousand orders a day out of a very small space. If anything you should be impressed that they've been able to keep up with the ever growing demand without sacrificing the quality. Quick tips: Try the House Chili Chicken it's phenomenal.
starstarstarstarstar Apr 25, 2018
Amazing as usual. On time, hot, delicious. Best vegetarian Chinese food in the city, and my partner loves their meat entrees as well.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Apr 06, 2018
Food is good and quality, but wait times have become unacceptable. Over 2 hrs for delivery and over an hour for takeout. Sad to say that after being a regular we won’t be continuing out patronage.
starstarstarstarstar_border Apr 03, 2018
Everything was great. Some of the best Ive had. Delivery took longer than I expected on a Monday at 5:30 pm it took over an hour (65 min).
starstarstarstarstar Mar 24, 2018
Asian cuisine is one of my favorites, and Yummy Yummy is so damn YUMMY! Their egg rolls are phenomenal. I haven’t disliked anything on their menu and consistently go back for more.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Mar 12, 2018
I love the food at yummy yummy normally. Did delivery for the 1st time. I live 4 blocks away. Ordered the food at 6:00pm and did not get it until after 8:00pm. The food was cold. Pretty disappointed.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 06, 2018
You're doing a disservice to yourself if you don't get the eggrolls.
starstarstarstarstar Feb 27, 2018
Food was excellent! Everything was hot!
starstarstarstarstar_border Feb 09, 2018
Great food and decent price for everything that you receive.
starstarstarstarstar Feb 05, 2018
So good
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Jan 19, 2018
Sweet & Sour chicken was not delivered with the rest of order☹️
starstarstarstarstar_border Jan 15, 2018
Took quite a long time for the food to be ready but other than that was pretty good. The chicken was a bit overcooked, but that is better than it being underdone I suppose. The egg fried rice was incredibly good though. I'm talking the best ever!
starstarstarstarstar Dec 27, 2017
I ordered everything on line so it was easy. Delivery was on time and the food was good. It wasn't outstanding but it was really good, I would definitely order from here again.
starstarstarstarstar Dec 14, 2017
Everything tastes super delicious, not like crappy chinese, chicken was actual HUGE pieces of chicken. Will definitely order again!
starstarstarstarstar_border Dec 03, 2017
Food was great but delivery was a bit slow
starstarstarstarstar Nov 28, 2017
affordable, great tasting food and wonderful, hardworking staff!!
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Nov 27, 2017
Service and delivery times have significantly gone down hill in the last several months. Very disappointing.
starstarstarstarstar Nov 09, 2017
So good its always the best
starstarstarstarstar Nov 04, 2017
Best egg rolls in the neighborhood.
starstarstarstarstar_border Oct 25, 2017
I have order from them several times. This time the Moo Shu Pork was NOT good. Tasted funny/off.
starstarstarstarstar_border Sep 21, 2017
Best egg rolls ever! Also their smoothies are fresh and amazing and the egg drop soup never disappoints. I wish they would change back to their other brand of mustard though. This new kind is terrible.
starstarstarstarstar Aug 05, 2017
Love this place for vegan vegetarian Chinese food.
starstarstarstarstar Jul 19, 2017
Hot and fresh, great meal!
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Jul 11, 2017
Garlic pork is more sweet thanks spicy. Korean beef is mild and about 25% of the volume is onion. Good tasting, salty Chinese food overall. Probably won't order from here again.
starstarstarstarstar Jul 05, 2017
Always super-fact delivery
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Jun 26, 2017
The pork was mostly fat chunks and disappointing. I liked the egg roll and egg drop soup. Everything else was pretty standard.
starstarstarstarstar Jun 26, 2017
Food is always fresh and cooked perfectly. We totally enjoyed our meal.
starstarstarstarstar Jun 19, 2017
Super-fast delivery. Food is fresh, hot and deliciou.
starstarstarstarstar Jun 11, 2017
Absolutely loved the fried rice and the fruit smoothies are a MUST
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Jun 02, 2017
You get a LOT of food for the money. For two dollars extra I got egg fried rice with the General Tao's Chicken. The fried rice and Wonton Soup were excellent. The General Tao's tasted more like Sweet and Sour, and it wasn't as crispy as I like it. The pieces were also too big. I ordered take out, and my order was ready within 15 minutes. However, the woman at the cash register was rude. I've been there three times, and they've always been rude. I'm going to try to find a place with better customer service.
starstarstarstarstar May 19, 2017
Quick delivery. Fried pot stickers are my favorite.
starstarstarstarstar May 12, 2017
Always great food & the best service ever!
starstarstarstarstar May 08, 2017
absolutely perfect......