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China Chef

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Delivery Fee $2 within 3.00 miles
$2.5 within 3.50 miles
$3 within 4.50 miles
$3.5 within 5.50 miles
$4 within 6.00 miles
$5 within 6.50 miles
Delivery Minimum $10.00
Estimated Time Between 45 and 60 minutes
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553 ratings


• 11/4/2019
Very good, followed all instructions, would order again
Teana Goodsell
• 10/23/2019
Yes very good
• 10/4/2019
It's is ok for the price for lunch specials.... Spring rolls are tiny. Crab ragoon pretty good
• 8/22/2019
The eggroll was not good at all
• 8/17/2019
Glad to see all sauces are made with cornstarch and not flour. Love gluten-free choices!
• 8/14/2019
Food is always hot and delicious!!
• 8/3/2019
I ordered fried rice and received steamed. Ordered Sprite and received Pepsi. At least 50% of my order was correct.
• 7/19/2019
Very well seasoned and delicious food. Order was perfect.
• 7/18/2019
Fast cheap and delicious 😋
• 7/14/2019
Got the rice backwards (the one with pork fried rice on the menu had white rice and the one with white rice had the pork fried rice) the rest was great.
• 7/12/2019
Food was good, was missing all the eggrolls though from the special meals.
• 7/11/2019
Very disappointed in the rice. It tasted as though it had been refried several times. Not sure if it is because there is construction in front of the restaurant that they have lost business, bad tast
• 6/28/2019
Love the food
• 6/25/2019
Thank You!!!
• 5/23/2019
It was amazing!!!!
• 5/22/2019
Best food in Toledo!!!
• 5/3/2019
I'm unsure whether or not they Even deserve my 2 star rating. Those pictures are of this restaurants "puupuu platter" or whatever it's called. It had 4 chicken wings, 1was undercooked and the other 3 petrified... The rest of review is on social medi
• 4/28/2019
Quick and yummy
• 4/16/2019
China Chef was great for Chinese take out for years. Recently we have seen a marked decline in our orders. Last night was the worst, with our soup and meifun having a metallic tang to the taste. Our chicken looked to have been fried twice and was dry
• 4/12/2019
I ordered steamed and they gave me half old, ugly steamed/fried dumplings. When I returned to exchange them, only the bottoms of the dumplings were steamed. I won’t be ordering here again. Rice is ok.
• 4/3/2019
Great chicken and seafood!
• 3/31/2019
Awesome food!
• 3/19/2019
Great food and customer service at a good price!
• 3/19/2019
Awful customer service. Didnt get my order correct. When we called to inquire about the instructions listed when we ordered, they didn't know about them. We ordered veggie rolls and they gave us an egg roll with meat in it. No more china chef for us.
• 3/14/2019
Seems as though the majority of the food items were supplied by "Gordons" and has nothing to do With authentic Chinese cooking. The pu pu "platter" was uneatable, shrimp and chicken wings were rock hard, shrimp toast was just ok. I guess I remember when having a meal at our favorite "Chinese" restaurant was a taste treat Whether it was at the restaurant or take out. I think next time I'll opt for pizza.
• 3/9/2019
Everything about my order was perfect! The food tasted great, delivery was prompt and I experienced good customer service.
• 3/6/2019
Awesome food! I always order China Chef!
• 3/6/2019
Best Wonton soup I've had in a long time.
• 3/2/2019
Excellent Quality
• 2/28/2019
I asked for no rice with my chicken lo mein, but I was given rice anyway.
• 2/19/2019
Always great food at a great price
• 2/7/2019
I ordered my entrees to have beef and chicken "yes I paid for the extra" and they did not come this way it's the 2nd time this has happened. I'm sad because the food is so good
• 2/5/2019
Everything was amazing
• 2/5/2019
perfect as always! :))
• 2/2/2019
Excellent as always !!!
• 1/31/2019
Always on time, always polite, always be delicious!
• 1/30/2019
China Chef is my go to place. This was the first time it was messed up. The Roast Pork Egg Foo Young was Pork Lo Mein. I know, I could have called, but it was delivery and I didn't want them to have to come again. Also, I don't think they get the extra instructions on the payment page, so I suggest adding anything to the actual menu item. For example, I always ask for extra green onions in the soup and since it was only on the payment page I ended up with none. Not their best this time, but I'll try again after a break.
• 1/30/2019
Always good food!!!
• 1/25/2019
so tasty and the delivery boy was so nice too! the orange chicken wasnt soggy at all
• 1/4/2019
The food was hot & yummy! Also they were pretty quick in delivering too!
• 1/4/2019
PERFECT! As always, fast and DELICIOUS! Very friendly ❤️
• 12/31/2018
Very fast delivery , food very good
• 12/31/2018
Easy to use ordering system & our food arrived promptly on time, with all items included and delicious! The free egg roll was a little on the small side, but the lunch portions of the meals were perfect.
• 12/24/2018
Efficient service. Good meal.
• 12/17/2018
It tasted fine but my extra meat was either missing or wrong. Chicken instead of beef
• 11/12/2018
Always delicious
• 11/4/2018
Amazingly delicious!!!! This is one of the best Chinese carry outs I’ve had no bulls***. Order from here you will not be disappointed. I am very picky when it comes to Chinese food and this was delicious.
• 10/28/2018
Quick delivery and chopsticks included! (sometimes we don't get them.)