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Peking Kitchen

1659 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA 02169  •  Delivery Info

Delivery Fee $3 within 3.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $10.00
Estimated Time Between 45 and 60 minutes
Delivery Fee $3 within 3.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $10.00
Estimated Time Between 45 and 60 minutes
Asian, Chinese
Monday: 04:00 PM - 01:00 AM
Tuesday: 04:00 PM - 01:00 AM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Sunday: 11:30 AM - 01:00 AM
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120 ratings


• 11/1/2019
Good overall, but we asked for no seafood as I am allergic, and was not able to eat any of the rice, it was full of shrimp. :(
• 10/13/2019
Food never came
• 7/21/2019
Sent me the wrong items and the stuff was burnt, I had to throw it out. I was allergic to onion and they put them in anyway, I will never order from here again
• 7/20/2019
Great food😍
• 4/26/2019
Give extra duck sauce
• 4/23/2019
Appreciate the delivery
• 2/21/2019
Awesome food and service as always
• 2/5/2019
In each place that I could put special instructions, I stated that I wanted crispy noodles with my meal. I was so disappointed with paying $30 and $4 tip to find soft noodles delivered. Unless I get some sort of credit towards my next order, you have lost a new customer who loves your food.
• 1/19/2019
I really like Peking House’s food the rice is excellent ! I don’t care what type you order! The rib on the bone is so juicy, the egg foo young the best! No more Mr. Chan for me.
• 1/15/2019
Amazingly fast delivery!!!
• 1/14/2019
Love the food!! Always fresh & wonderful & Super fast friendly delivery too!!
• 1/14/2019
Fast delivery and delicious food
• 12/7/2018
Much less sweet & sour sauce this time - wasn't quite enough. Otherwise good, as usual.
• 11/28/2018
Great food fast delivery 👍
• 9/9/2018
Excellent food! We have been ordering from Peking for years! Fast delivery too!
• 9/4/2018
Always great food!!
• 8/17/2018
Most orders delivered in less than one hour. On busy days, could be up to two hours. Such is life.
• 8/14/2018
All the food in the past from Peking Kitchen has been great. Our latest order,wasn't great. No sauce for the pan fried raviloi's. We'll still order from them again.
• 8/10/2018
Best pan fried noodles in Quincy!
• 7/31/2018
it was a good size- tasy and ready when I got there!
• 7/3/2018
Very good! Thank you
• 5/12/2018
Easy app to use. Food was here within 30 minutes.
• 5/12/2018
They are my go to Chinese food restaurant in Quincy. I've tried other places and have been disappointed. I'll stick with Peking Kitchen
• 5/8/2018
Very good
• 5/6/2018
Great food fast delivery.
• 4/26/2018
the wontons were stale everything else was good
• 4/25/2018
Great Food and Service.
• 3/10/2018
Always great food! Great service! Usually pick it up had it delivered and it was here in no time hot and tasty!
• 3/5/2018
THERE WAS ONLY 4 SCALLOPS !!!!!! in the Szechuan Spicy Scallop entree, the rest was icky vegetables for $10.95
• 2/11/2018
I'm at the Howard Johnson hotel
• 12/18/2017
Waited over and hour for delivery. Food was good although it arrived cold. Shrimp was almost entirely batter but everything else was good. Scallion pancakes, crab Rangoon, chicken lomein awesome!
• 12/1/2017
Great food! Super fast shipping. Thank you.
• 11/29/2017
Amazing service, simply amazing
• 11/29/2017
Very slow delivery. About an hour and 15 minutes
• 11/10/2017
Everything was great, but not the broccoli and beef, it was looked like, and tasted like it had to much flower in it. It was not in the region dark brown sauce. Not good. By the way, this was a first time this happen to us. We will still order from them because they do have great food, we been ordering from them for years, and always loved our food from here.
• 10/22/2017
quick and easy online order, food hot when arrived , will order again in the future
• 10/18/2017
Food arrived a little while after my window time. But that wasn’t a big deal. The general Gao had a dissatisfying after taste and the rice was pretty dry. Overall the food was pretty average. My drink, however, was flat by the time it arrived
• 10/16/2017
Crab Rangoon was really delicious!
• 9/5/2017
Two family favorites, Orange flavored beef and and sweet. Delivery is usually 30 minutes, food is hot and fresh. Their Moo shi pork, pork fried rice, and egg foo young are also very good. I highly recommend Peking Kitchen for a taste treat. Portions are large and well worth the price.
• 8/26/2017
The shrimp was soggy. The soup was all rice, no broth and a little chicken. Everything else was good. Have ordered from here before and it was better last time. Will try again though definitely!
• 8/25/2017
They screwed up my order
• 8/25/2017
Special requests when ordering NEVER get communicated to the restaurant!! Food was excellent. Service was excellent. But my special request that I write everytime, that I am requesting extra bread, NEVER gets communicated to the restaurant staff and so I don't ever get the extra beard that I request.
• 6/13/2017
rice was sooo fresh , crab rangoons are my fav, very satisfied, ordered online and picked up,
• 3/31/2017
Love your food, and staff. We have only order food from you for the pass 5 years. We never had a problem. Thank You.
• 3/3/2017
Good quality of food, fast delivery. Will order again! Thank you!
• 1/23/2017
I've been ordering from Peking for years and years and always been happy with their food. This time, however, it was not quite up to par. Nothing seemed as fresh as usual, the chicken fingers and wings were dry and a little tough, in fact, the wings were a bit hard in places. Boneless Spareribs were over cooked and tough, the Crab Rangoon were just OK. The Egg Roll was only slightly better, although the Teriyaki Beef was very good. It was all edible but not the same quality that I'm used to. I am chalking this up to a "bad night in the kitchen", and I will order from them again, but I hope they will be more careful next time!
• 1/23/2017
good portions and very tasty
• 12/18/2016
We love Peking Kitchens food. It's always fresh, and good. Thank You.