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Bamboo Garden

190 Meraly Way, Silverthorne, CO 80498  •  Delivery Info

Delivery Fee $5 within 15.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $20.00
Estimated Time Between 90 and 95 minutes

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Delivery Fee $5 within 15.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $20.00
Estimated Time Between 90 and 95 minutes
Monday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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90 ratings


• 12/1/2018
It was good.
• 10/6/2018
Prompt delivery. extra egg rolls and ragoons. Delicious food. Friendly delivery guy.
• 9/24/2018
Food was good but restaurant failed to see my request for NOT spicy. Food was loaded with red peper.
• 6/21/2018
Tastes good but the way they packaged the curry in a styrofoam container exploded all over the bag. They need to seal it like they do the soup.
• 6/19/2018
Always great food here!
• 5/20/2018
Food was delivered fast, so that was a plus! However, food quality/taste was just meh.
• 5/1/2018
always great food, arrives hot, delivery is fast
• 3/25/2018
Food delivery was hot and food very satisfying
• 3/20/2018
The online order was done perfectly. Always get great lunches and dinners. The curry dishes are the best out there.
• 2/12/2018
Decent food, took a long time to make. Waited for about an hour.
• 2/6/2018
We were staying at The Hampton and did not want to get out tin the snow! storm Our order arrived much quicker than we expected, even though it was next-door! The food was very good and still very hot! What we had was tasty and well prepared!
• 2/4/2018
Better than JJs! And thats saying something cause JJs is good!
• 1/31/2018
I was disappointed that the chow neon wasn’t what I thought it would be. It was as mostly cabbage and no noodles
• 1/18/2018
Food was ready when I arrived. Everything ordered was delivered. Beef skewers and egg rolls traveled better than coconut shrimp and crab rangoon, which were a bit soggy after the 20 minute drive home. Probably better to save those for dining at the restaurant.
• 12/21/2017
All the food was very good, fresh and hot! Bamboo Garden is our go-to for Chinese in Silverthorne, and never disappoints. We definitely recommend! Only complaint is we didn't get a lot of sweet & sour sauce - they don't put it on the sweet & sour pork and we also like it with our egg rolls - so more of that would have made this even better.
• 12/18/2017
chicken pad Thai. IS THE BOMB
• 12/12/2017
Ordered for pick up. Fast, friendly service. Delicious food!
• 12/11/2017
Wonderful place! Speedy delivery & happy employees :) great prices and best Chinese in town :)
• 11/30/2017
Very convenient and tasty
• 11/20/2017
Always excellent!
• 11/14/2017
Overall the food was good. The coconut shrimp was delicious! The lo mein was just like any other lo mein I’ve had. I was not a fan of the Crab Rangoon. It could have used more flavor it was bland. 4/5
• 7/22/2017
online order ready at time requested; good flavors, spicy entrees could be a bit more spicy but that's personal taste.
• 7/17/2017
They forgot my rice. Chinese restaurant, forgot my rice. Driver was mean, food that arrived was good
• 6/26/2017
Great as usual. As prompt as humanly possible. Kind folks, good value, delicious food.
• 6/17/2017
When I first started using this website it was much better. The Family dinner let you select the number of soups per people and the different entrees. I have not used the website in a while since it changed and it was more difficult to order. I did last night since I am sick and my voice is hard to understand on the phone. I just put all the choices in notes. But it was better previously when it let you pick all the choices. Why did that disappear?
• 6/11/2017
Awesome! So easy to order one delivered in a timely manner!
• 6/10/2017
Delivery order arrived early, still very hot and delicious. Great delivery driver, real friendly guy too. Thanks again!
• 5/3/2017
Process was easy and fast but wish the app would list and recommend other restaurants in the area
• 4/11/2017
Great food nice people, Always a successful order with Bamboo!
• 4/3/2017
The food and service were both amazing!
• 3/4/2017
I placed the order at 7am to be delivered at 7pm and it was about an hour late and was only delivered after I called to remind them. I can understand the restaurant being busy but I just can't get over the fact that it was placed 12 hours in advance and it still being late. BUT once I took that first sip of bubble tea I couldn't stay mad! It was amazing, everything was fresh and tasted amazing. The bubble tea wasn't watery or anything and the driver was kind as well as polite. Thank you!! <3
• 3/2/2017
the cantalope bubble tea was a little watery but they were 20 minutes early! <3 the best delivery in the county without a doubt!!
• 2/20/2017
Wonderful food and the service was exceptional! I'll be ordering here more often.
• 2/18/2017
Delivery driver was rude about tip amount. Tips are not required whatsoever for employees paid by the hour. Never had this issue before, but I'm still upset all the same. Please don't let it happen again.
• 2/4/2017
Excellent food:)
• 1/16/2017
Everything from here is always so good. I can eat their crab Rangoon all night!
• 1/11/2017
Took nearly two hours to arrive. The food was all mushy, like it had been cooked two hours prior and kept warm until it was delivered
• 12/23/2016
Very fast, nice people, and food was delicious!
• 9/21/2016
Good food and good service
• 9/10/2016
Great food, timely service Family enjoyed all the food ordered
• 7/15/2016
I ordered egg rolls and got really bland tasting spring rolls and the egg drop soup was more of a cream corn soup and was just awful. However, the beef and vegetables, pork lo mein, and sweet and sour chicken were wonderful enough to redeem this place.
• 7/2/2016
Ordered it online, my husband waited 10 minutes before he left and when he got there they said it would still be another 20 minutes. Food was we've had in Summit County so far!
• 4/29/2016
Always good and fast delivery
• 4/28/2016
I'm so glad they deliver now!! I'm just a lazy collage kid so my friends and I will be ordering from here a lot I assure you!
• 4/13/2016
Always on time and fresh!
• 3/21/2016
I'm pretty easy to please and get standard Amerericanized dishes. Have been ordering from "that pink palace" for 5 years, every couple of months .Food and service have always been above average and consistant.