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Lin's Mandarin Chinese & Asian Restaurant

5050 N Cumberland Ave, Norridge, IL 60706  •  Delivery Info

Delivery Fee $3 within 4.50 miles
$3.5 within 5.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $10.00
Estimated Time Around 70 minutes
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Delivery Fee $3 within 4.50 miles
$3.5 within 5.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $10.00
Estimated Time Around 70 minutes
Chinese, Seafood, Vegetarian
Monday: 11:00 AM - 09:30 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 09:30 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 09:30 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 09:30 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Sunday: 01:00 PM - 09:30 PM
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4.64starstarstarstarstar_half85 ratings


starstarstarstar_borderstar_border • 6/17/2019
Peking pork was not peking but pork chop suey. Same brown sauce used in chop suey
starstarstar_borderstar_borderstar_border • 5/16/2019
The egg rolls have consistently become smaller and not even filled all the way. There is no filling for at least an inch of the already small item. I told them 3 x.
starstarstarstarstar • 3/12/2019
Food was excellent
starstarstarstarstar_border • 3/4/2019
The food was hot and fresh. Shrimp was too greasy. With the soup it would be nice if the chicken was mixed in and not all at the bottom. The egg rolls were a little greasy but delicious.
starstarstarstarstar • 2/25/2019
Large portions and very hot when delivered. We use them frequently.
starstarstarstarstar • 12/7/2018
Fast & Friendly Delivery! Food was Hot and Tasty!
starstarstarstarstar • 10/29/2018
starstarstarstarstar_border • 9/19/2018
Good value, decent food
starstarstarstarstar • 7/7/2018
Quick delivery and delicious meal
starstarstarstarstar • 7/1/2018
I like extra "Brown Gravy" with my Fried Rice , Please add it to the menu so I can order it and pay for it. Great Food, Thank You
starstarstarstarstar_border • 5/26/2018
Quick and easy, food was super super hot and was ready in an instant. Only slight issue I had was the menu not being hugely specific online.
starstarstarstarstar • 5/19/2018
The food was all very good. We got delivery & it was a fast delivery. Definitely recommend if you are in the mood for some good Chinese food.
starstarstarstarstar • 5/18/2018
Yummy food
starstarstarstarstar • 5/11/2018
Food was great. Fast, hot delivery.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border • 5/2/2018
Every order definitely needed more seasoning. Asked for extra spicy and only had a little kick. Pricing wasn't bad.
starstarstarstarstar • 4/29/2018
Quick delivery, friendly service, they threw in extra almond cookies, reasonable prices, good serving sizes
starstarstarstarstar_border • 4/27/2018
The food was good but the bag was soaking wet. The sauce from entree leaked everywhere. Maybe the delivery driver could have been more careful? Also it camr without a take out menu.
starstarstarstarstar • 4/26/2018
Food was ready when stated. All hot and fresh.
starstarstarstarstar • 4/18/2018
Vegetables were very fresh! We ordered Mongolian beef and shrimp with lobster sauce dinner specials. Been ordering and eating here for a decade. Love this place!
starstarstarstarstar • 3/16/2018
Everything was great but especially their Lo Mein, Shrimp Dumplings and veggie egg rolls..
starstarstarstarstar • 2/22/2018
This is a great new find for us. The food was delicious. We will order again.
starstarstarstarstar • 2/21/2018
very good food. delivery was quick/on time
starstarstarstarstar • 2/19/2018
Great food & Fast delivery. My lunch had enough food for 4 meals.
starstarstarstarstar • 2/4/2018
The food was delicious as always. And the delivery was exactly as planned
starstarstarstarstar • 11/15/2017
Yes, the delivery was timely - food was excellent!!! Will definitely order again. Thank You!!!
starstarstarstarstar • 10/18/2017
Great food!! Ready as always. Great portions for the price.
starstarstarstarstar_border • 10/14/2017
not bad, price was ok
starstarstarstarstar • 10/11/2017
I placed the order @11:21 and received delivery @11:45. My party of 8 was very happy. Great service.
starstarstarstarstar • 9/11/2017
Food was warm and flavorful and ready when the app said it was.
starstarstarstarstar_border • 8/8/2017
The food was delivered really fast and was still very hot which was awesome. It helps that Lin's is so close to work. People here order from there all the time. Today I got crab rangoon and beef egg foo yung. The efy was good.
starstarstarstarstar • 8/3/2017
First time trying this restaurant for carryout. It was excellent! Will definitely order again.
starstarstarstarstar • 7/24/2017
My go to Chinese restaurant. Always good. Quickly delivered. Reasonably priced.
starstarstarstarstar • 7/14/2017
The food was awesome and stayed hot, even though we had to wait half an hour after receiving it, before we could eat.
starstarstarstarstar • 7/1/2017
Free delivery fast, hot and delicious food.
starstarstarstarstar • 6/1/2017
The food is always consistent and it arrives hot and fast.
starstarstarstarstar • 4/7/2017
Amazing Shrimp Egg Fu Young! Orange chicken dinner varies from spicy to tangy depending on which chef is cooking. Potsickers are homemade.
starstarstarstarstar • 3/1/2017
Delicious food- they didn't skimp!
starstarstarstarstar • 2/3/2017
Lin's Mandarin is fantastic! Delicious every time. Consistently excellent! You won't be disappointed.
starstarstarstarstar • 8/24/2016
Great cashew chicken lunch! Just a lill too much veggies for my taste (bamboo I guess), nothing that is worth taking a star away..
starstarstarstarstar • 8/22/2016
Our food arrived on time and was excellent as always.
starstarstarstarstar_border • 8/13/2016
We have ordered from Lin's for a long time even with the newer restaurants that have opened . They have the best crab Rangoon around. We love their orange chicken and cashew chicken as well. This was the first time ordering the seafood combo and we didn't like it. It's a large container with noodles and the seafood on top and not a lot. Once you have a serving it's all noodles after that. It was worth a try though.