China Star
4219 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
4.55starstarstarstarstar_half177 ratings
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$2 within 3.00 miles
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Between 40 and 50 minutes
Delivery Fee
$2 within 3.00 miles
$3 within 4.00 miles
Delivery Minimum
Estimated Time
Between 40 and 50 minutes
4219 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
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4.55starstarstarstarstar_half177 ratings
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Aug 09, 2021
It was very unprofessional for the delivery person to tell me to tip online. I had a cash tip waiting for him but after that comment I felt that I didn’t want to give one.
starstarstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Jul 19, 2021
chow mein had no noodles
starstarstarstarstar Jul 18, 2021
Food arrived so quickly, 25 minutes, so hot but the best thing is how really tasty and delicious everything was. The portions were really large and very very generous with the meats. The price is also great.
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Jun 16, 2021
Used to tip the delivery driver but he’s been rude in experience I’ve had with him. I had to walk downstairs barefoot, in snow while pregnant because he refused to come upstairs to deliver.
starstarstarstarstar_border Jun 10, 2021
Food was great. Took longer then I thought to get delivered but still worth it.
starstarstarstarstar Jun 08, 2021
And yes the food like always was great.this osmy one and only Chinese place .The cook is awesome.Thank you
starstarstarstarstar Apr 15, 2021
Wonderful food
starstarstarstarstar Mar 20, 2021
We love it all
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Mar 14, 2021
I absolutely hate to write bad reviews but after this being the SECOND time it took 1 1/2 to get my food and really no resolution Other than 15%My food was Luke warm when it showed up and some burnt
starstarstarstarstar Jan 24, 2021
starstarstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Jan 13, 2021
The only thing good was the crab cheese wontons. Every piece of meat in the rest of the food was either stringy, tough or rubbery. Completely inedible. I have eaten from this restaurant for 20 years probably and this was the first time I've had a terrible experience.
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Dec 25, 2020
Delivery never came. Called restaurant after a 90 min wait... no answer. Finally get someone to answer and the poor woman tried to tell me they were closed (in broken English).
starstarstarstarstar Dec 25, 2020
Just what I needed for Christmas dinner!
starstarstarstarstar Aug 14, 2020
As always China Star delivered a delicious meal. The delivery driver was most courteous and called upon arrival to put the order on the front porch.
starstarstarstarstar Aug 01, 2020
China Star is my favorite Chinese food in Pittsburgh, lo mein is to die for.
starstarstarstarstar_border Jul 20, 2020
Long to get my food
starstarstarstarstar Jun 21, 2020
Everything was perfect! Thank you :-)
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Jun 16, 2020
I didn't get my drink
starstarstarstarstar May 30, 2020
can't go wrong with China Star, even when you do go wrong and give the wrong street address; caught it in time, corrected it. Love my favorite driver, trying to learn Chinese to thank him better!
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Feb 20, 2020
Fast delivery and accurate order, the General tso’s sauce just had a really weird flavor and the won ton soup wasn’t very appetizing
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Dec 10, 2019
The three star rating is due to the poor delivery. Food is great, but the delivery driver was abysmal. The delivery address is a business and he wouldn't leave his car to deliver the food. I was told "they don't go up stairs". He was parked outside an apartment building that was NOT the delivery address (and we are ground floor, right off the street). I had to go to his car, which he never left, to get the order. I spoke to him 2x on the phone and he would not come into the building. Employees get delivery here frequently from other restaurants with NO problems coming into the building and actually delivering ordered food.
starstarstarstarstar_border Nov 07, 2019
Great take out y'all
starstarstarstarstar Oct 10, 2019
Quick delivery. Love China star
starstarstarstarstar Sep 30, 2019
delivery was very quick, food was hot fresh and delicious, every time thanks
starstarstarstarstar Sep 01, 2019
food was hot fresh and delicious, delivery was quick and courteous ordering was easy. glad to have found this will be back many times
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Aug 20, 2019
$25 I ordered the combo meal #19 they sent it with no rice. Of all things. They then want to say we will send extra on next order. NO that is ridiculous.This is 2 orders in a row that i have had a issue with. Last order was hard chicken that was old. Now my family's dinner will be cold by the time they show back up with ONE OF THE MAIN INGREDIENTS.I guess it is time to start looking for somewhere else to order from.
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Aug 06, 2019
I order from here once a week. Well this time they sent me the spiciest kind of general tso chicken they had it was to spicy and old and hard for most of my family to eat. We never get the spicy kind but i guess this is what they had to get rid of because it was getting old under the heat lamp is my impression. Not happy this time...
starstarstarstarstar_border May 18, 2019
Food was tastey and arrived warm!
starstarstarstarstar Apr 10, 2019
Extremely fast and friendly delivery every time. 5 stars!
starstarstarstarstar_border Mar 12, 2019
took too long
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Feb 28, 2019
Food was good but took 1.5 hours to get to me even though the restaurant is 15 mins down the road
starstarstarstarstar_border Feb 14, 2019
The food was great. However it took an hour and a half to get here
starstarstarstarstar Feb 05, 2019
Everything was great
starstarstarstarstar Jan 06, 2019
The best Chinese food in PGH! Always fresh, spicy, and authentic.
starstarstarstarstar_border Dec 13, 2018
Everything was amazing and the price is really good!
starstarstarstarstar Dec 11, 2018
The food was good as always.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Nov 13, 2018
food was dry, like it had been cooked a while ago and absorbed any sauce. no vegetables in fried rice and no shrimp in Shrimp egg rolls
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border Oct 24, 2018
The China Star is our go to chinese food source. Last night, they didn't include the sweet and sour sauce for the chicken and didn't include duck sauce for the egg roll. Usually complete. Maybe someone called off last night.
starstarstarstarstar Oct 23, 2018
I love china star! They're the best!
starstarstarstarstar Oct 08, 2018
Great food and great service
starstarstarstarstar Aug 24, 2018
Quick delivery and food was piping hot.
starstarstarstarstar_border Jul 22, 2018
The food was excellent. Will order from them again. Unfortunately the driver was rude and insulting. Will not use BM again.
starstarstarstarstar Jul 12, 2018
Fast delivery....driver was super kind and professional.
starstarstarstarstar May 16, 2018
Fresh and fast! Loved it!
starstarstarstarstar Apr 15, 2018
Everything was very good
starstarstarstarstar Mar 23, 2018
Great food friendly service.
starstarstarstarstar Jan 29, 2018
Some of the best food around
starstarstarstarstar Jan 23, 2018
Great food.. And delivery was quick