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Yet Wah Classic Chinese Cuisine

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Delivery is available from 5:00pm to 9:30pm daily.
Delivery Fee $4 within 2.50 miles
$6 within 6.00 miles
$8 within 8.00 miles
$10 within 10.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $20.00
Estimated Time Between 45 and 50 minutes
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39 ratings


• 3/17/2019
Fast delivery and great food!
• 3/16/2019
Rice was dry, no flavor, and hardly any meat. Soup was not good either. Would give zero stars if possible.
• 3/10/2019
They were wonderfully accommodating and the food was hot, fresh and delicious.
• 3/5/2019
Great timing with the delivery. My tea was forgotten for the order, but Beyond paid me back for the tea same day.
• 1/5/2019
Great food and good service, however we were a bit disappointed that two ordered items never made it (ice cream and 1 order of rice)
• 1/2/2019
The delivery was super quick, food was hot, driver found my hard to find house even before I had turned on the porch light, and was not bothered at all by my barking dog. While I didn't realize they would not be able to make change for a cash purchase, the driver quickly contacted the restaurant and facilitated my credit card payment. The food was good, not at all greasy or salty. I would not order the combination chow mien again, I somehow got automatically sent to a special holiday menu when ordering online and didn't realize that was why there were limited options.
• 12/4/2018
The best,
• 12/1/2018
• 11/18/2018
• 10/4/2018
Order was ready on time. Food was great and restaurant was clean.
• 8/15/2018
Love Yet-Wah -- their Wah Wonton Soup and Oysters are my favorites -- and they provide great service whether you pick-up or dine in. Always a pleasure!
• 2/15/2018
Great service!
• 2/2/2018
The Moo-Shoo Pork was pretty flavorless, as was the Orange Chicken. The Orange Chicken had glued itself together in a difficult-to-extract ball of battered chicken and orange goo in the box, as well. The steamed rice was good. Delivery was brilliant and quick.
• 12/21/2017
First time on app. Well done!
• 11/27/2017
Fast service, excellent food, large portions.
• 11/3/2017
Majority of the time this place is great but lately had a few little hiccups. A little shy withthe hot mustard and condiments but overall the food is consistently delicious. I do recommend!
• 9/10/2017
• 8/25/2017
Requested delivery at 5:15 pm. Delivered at 5:00 pm and food was barely warm when it has been hot in the past. Improvement needed here.
James A.
• 8/11/2017
Excellent soup and spicy tofu. I will order again soon!
• 11/4/2016
Everything was outstanding! The food was all hot and the ice cream desserts were in plastic containers in separate plastic bag with ice so no melting at all. Delivery was fast with a very friendly delivery person. Overall an excellent meal and service.
• 9/12/2016
Food was excellent but would love to have had more sprouts in the Chow Mein.
• 8/11/2016
Food tastes great but they forgot the crepes and sauce for mu shoo pork
• 5/11/2016
Never received the rice! Pot stickers were soggy & tasteless. Mandarin beef was not great. Wish we had ordered oyster sauce beef instead. Delivery service was great!