Siam Splendour
1125 Emerson St, Evanston, IL 60201
4.82starstarstarstarstar134 ratings
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1125 Emerson St, Evanston, IL 60201
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4.82starstarstarstarstar134 ratings
starstarstarstarstar May 18, 2022
Always get the customization correct. Greatly appreciated!
starstarstarstarstar May 14, 2022
Great restaurant! So glad they have survived through the pandemic. Eat here!
starstarstarstarstar Apr 11, 2022
Siam Splendour has the best Thai food in Evanston! It tastes very authentic and homestyle if you’re looking for amazing Thai food. The owners are super kind too if you ever stop by to eat. ♡ ♡ ♡
starstarstarstarstar_border Mar 11, 2022
No napkins or utensils were included. Other than that it was a great experience.
starstarstarstarstar Nov 26, 2021
The panang kuay tiew was DELICIOUS! I’m absolutely ordering it again. Everything we got what amazing and when we asked for a dipping sauce for the sticky rice, they gave us 3 different sauces! 10/10
starstarstarstarstar Oct 17, 2021
One of my favorite places order - everything is always delicious and fresh!
starstarstarstarstar Apr 20, 2021
Please ask Beyond Menu to send confirmations with pickup time. Silly that I have to call you for that, if you are paying them. Seems to happen every time.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 26, 2021
Surprisingly GOOD!
starstarstarstarstar Mar 07, 2021
If Siam Splendor were a person I’d marry them. Amazing food! I never order the same thing twice because I’m on a mission to try everything. They are wonderful about following special instructions.
starstarstarstarstar Feb 08, 2021
Dedicated delivery person. Our porch lights went out, and she brought a flashlight to make sure she was at the right house. All that and the food was still hot and delicious. We decided this will be a regular order. We'll get the light fixed lol.
starstarstarstarstar Jan 15, 2021
Yummy yummy in my tummy!
starstarstarstarstar Oct 21, 2020
really good Thai food!!
starstarstarstarstar Jun 12, 2020
Love this place. Good food. Fast, hot, and healthy.
Mei Mei
starstarstarstarstar May 04, 2020
It's amazing food
starstarstarstarstar Apr 16, 2020
Delicious! The best Thai food around!
starstarstarstarstar Dec 11, 2019
I love the chicken pot stickers (I highly recommend getting them fried) and the Pad See Iew. I tried the Khao Soy for the first time, and while I enjoyed it, I could not eat much because I have no tolerance for spice. I requested the dish mild, but I knew I was taking a risk with the curry in it, and I guess that is what did it for me. I gave the rest to my dad, who really enjoyed it. This is my go to Thai restaurant in Evanston. The food is authentic and delicious.
starstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border Sep 25, 2019
Given the wrong item??
starstarstarstarstar Apr 24, 2019
Fast and good food
starstarstarstarstar_border Mar 02, 2019
The food was delicious but delivery took almost tow hours!! I had to call twice to find out what in the world was taking so long and then they even called me saying they were sending out my delivery!
starstarstarstarstar Feb 04, 2019
Good food. Quick delivery.
starstarstarstarstar Feb 01, 2019
Tom Ka Kai and Drunken noodles were awesome! So was the green curry. Definitely my favorite Thai restaurant! I just wish they would add crazy noodles to the menu. I'm sure they would make it great as well.
starstarstarstarstar Jan 12, 2019
Food was delicious! Our favorite Thai!
starstarstarstarstar Dec 06, 2018
Well done! Instructions followed.
starstarstarstarstar Nov 25, 2018
Food is always very good when we order. We were surprised when we ordered on beyond menu that there are now spicy questions. We had ordered the Splendour Noodles on other occasions by phone and never asked about spicyness. This time we put medium and could tell the difference, it was pretty spicy.
starstarstarstarstar Oct 22, 2018
Food was here in less than 30 minutes and delicious as always!
starstarstarstarstar Sep 30, 2018
Excellent service and food.
starstarstarstarstar Aug 23, 2018
We love Siam Splendor!! The delivery was quick and the food was hot and delicous!
starstarstarstarstar Jul 22, 2018
Delicious as always
starstarstarstarstar May 17, 2018
Love this place. All items are very good.
starstarstarstarstar Apr 19, 2018
This place is really solid and has very good food.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 07, 2018
Delicious, fast delivery.
starstarstarstarstar Mar 05, 2018
Great place. Great food! The real deal.
starstarstarstarstar Feb 25, 2018
Everything was perfect as always
starstarstarstarstar_border Feb 02, 2018
It's funny we ate at the restaurant the same day and we order the wonderful Tom Yum Soup, with coconut. The same evening we decide we wanted more. We ordered the same large bowl of soup, unfortunately a smaller amount was delivered than what we ordered in the restaurant that day. If we had known the order would be smaller we would have ordered 2. While in the restaurant we were going to order 2 large bowls and our waiter mentioned one might be enough since it was so large. We are pleased with his honesty, because it was a huge bowl. So for us to think we only needed to order one large was a practical decision. Otherwise great food! Great Service!
starstarstarstarstar Jan 03, 2018
fast delivery and great food
starstarstarstarstar_border Dec 10, 2017
The Satay was a little chewy
starstarstarstarstar Dec 04, 2017
This is my favorite Thai restaurant.
starstarstarstarstar Dec 02, 2017
Great tom yum. I asked for spicy, and I got my wish.
starstarstarstarstar Nov 11, 2017
Everything was delicious! Drunken Noodles, green curry, tom kha soup. We ordered everything "hot" and it really was. If you are not into super hot, you might try medium.
starstarstarstarstar Oct 27, 2017
Everything was absolutely delicious!
starstarstarstarstar Jul 20, 2017
the service was good. The spring rolls I liked- I liked the sauce for rolls and tod mun. I did not like the tod mun/fish cake. Too gelatinous.
starstarstarstarstar_border Jun 18, 2017
Siam Splendour's food is always good, arrives hot and the delivery time is always reasonable.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border May 24, 2017
The Pad Thai Shrimp was good -as were the Splendour Crab Legs. The Pad See Iew needed more sauce - it was very dry. The Rard Nar with Flat Noodles didn't have much flavor. Overall - meh
starstarstarstarstar May 23, 2017
Very tasty! Well definitely order again!
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border May 20, 2017
We ordered mild spicy and got hot spicy.
starstarstarstarstar May 12, 2017
Everything was outstanding. The Num Tok beef salad is always a great choice.
starstarstarstarstar May 10, 2017
This is a hidden gem in Evanston with authentic Thai food that is absolutely delicious. I chose delivery; something I rarely do, and the food arrived exactly on time. This place is amazing.
starstarstarstar_borderstar_border May 08, 2017
For the price, you get such a small portion - mostly rice.