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Asian Village

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Delivery Fee $1.5 within 5.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $10.00
Estimated Time Between 60 and 70 minutes
Delivery Fee $1.5 within 5.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $10.00
Estimated Time Between 60 and 70 minutes
Monday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Sunday: 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX
104 ratings


• 2/1/2020
Fast delivery! But chicken seemed a bit over cooked however I didn’t mind it was all very tasty.
• 11/6/2019
Crab Rangoon was thin, but tasty. General tsos chicken lunch special was good, not as zesty as I’m used too but if was ok.
• 7/31/2019
Very good, as usual.
• 3/14/2019
Great attention to detail and special requests!
• 12/28/2018
Food was great! Delivery a little slow for 2 pm on a weekday (over 45 minutes!) but would definitely order again.
• 12/12/2018
Good food...80 min min wait for delivery tho...they tell u half hour but come 80 mins later.
• 11/29/2018
If you want to eat Almost all onions in brown gravy and VERY LITTLE beef, than I’d suggest the Mongolian beef. Otherwise avoid this dish.
• 10/24/2018
Did not get ginger ale. Otherwise food was good, hot and delivered on time.
• 9/27/2018
Food is always good and fresh. First time ever it was about an hour for delivery, normally arrives within 15mins. Will definitely be ordering again.
• 9/24/2018
Good food and fast delivery
• 9/14/2018
Food was excellent. Delivery was fast. Prices are good!
• 8/22/2018
Best sesame chicken I have had from any restaurant and I’ve ordered from many
• 7/24/2018
Food was good
• 6/15/2018
The food, as always, was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!
• 6/5/2018
• 4/16/2018
Food was very, very enjoyable!!!!!!!!
• 4/8/2018
Delivery took over an hour to receive.
• 3/4/2018
The food was delicious, as always!!!!!!!!!
• 3/3/2018
Food is decent. Ordered late on a Friday night and delivery took longer than an hour to get here. Already had put tip paid everything on a card so they couldn’t take any off for the slow service. Won’t be ordering from here again.
• 2/23/2018
They must have read my issue with delivery time. Order was delivered VERY promptly. Food is delicious as always.
• 1/6/2018
Good delivery....
• 11/11/2017
it took an hour for my mom and i to get our order. we only ordered chinese pizza and sweet & sour chicken, both of which were overcooked. the chicken was so hard on my mom's teeth that she couldn't eat more than a few pieces. i did get the extra sauce for the pizza that i asked for, though.
• 10/21/2017
The food was excellent.
• 8/27/2017
excellent food and rapid delivery
• 8/23/2017
Everything was DELISH!!!!
• 5/20/2017
I appreciate the prmptness
• 4/8/2017
Great deal for Movie Night. We got the party tray of chicken wings (40 wings which are breaded and deep healthy! lol) they had a nice crunchy breading and were cooked perfectly. I made a dip with their spicy mustard, honey and mayo. The XL fried shrimp are more of a (medium/large size) cut fillet style, breaded and deep fried, also tasty! The french fries that accompany the shrimp were cold and bland. ( I did a quick flash fry in some avocado oil and added garlic and salt which made them YUM!) The egg drop + wonton soup could use improvement on the broth, but the wontons are delicious! We will try just wonton soup, not the mix next time. We used a coupon from ValuPak so for all that food, delivered (on time) was only $32 and we still have left overs! We will buy from Asian Village again.
• 2/10/2017
I have enjoyed every single item ordered from Asian Village, especially the orange chicken and chicken rice soup. You won't be disappointed if you order from them.
• 1/3/2017
Took over and hr and 15 minutes to finally get our order. When we did get it it was barely warm. The Generals chicken wasn't even crispy & the sauce was on the bottom of container. Husband said shrimp egg rolls were lousy. Dont have much hope 4 soup
• 12/24/2016
90 min delivery time anything over half hour 45 minutes customer should be advised that it's going to be at least an hour
• 12/18/2016
The food was delicious and the delivery was very fast.
• 12/11/2016
Food was delivered fast and hot. Quality was great, order was accurate. Only disappointed that 2 liter sodas are not on the menu.
• 11/4/2016
My go Chinese delivery spot in the area!
• 10/22/2016
The General Tso's wasn't too bad - but it was drowning in sauce. We asked for it to be cooked extra crispy but it wasn't. Overall, just mediocre.
• 10/20/2016
Always my favorite place. Delivery only took about 20 minutes and the food was great as usual!
• 9/2/2016
The orders are always right, if they have a questions they will call. It is delivered quickly. You can see your order as you place it and there is room for special instructions if needed. You can see the total and add the tip at the end so everything is taken care of right on the screen before you finalize your order. I like it.
• 8/12/2016
They always have my food ready fast and it's always delicious!
• 8/2/2016
Prompt and delicious. Lo Mein and Gen Tso's Shrimp is my regular order.
• 7/31/2016
I have had better General Tso's
• 5/28/2016
Delivery took a little longer than expect but the food was well worth the wait!
• 5/16/2016
Food was great but was missing the extra crispy noodles I ordered.
• 3/20/2016
Ignore the guy who criticized a Chinese restaurant for French fries. The food is good with fresh vegetables and they have great rice.
• 3/12/2016
The fries were not editable. Hard and dry. Other than that I enjoyed my meal