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New Golden Wok Restaurant

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Delivery Fee $2 within 2.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $20.00
Estimated Time Between 30 and 60 minutes

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Delivery Fee $2 within 2.00 miles
Delivery Minimum $20.00
Estimated Time Between 30 and 60 minutes
Monday: 11:00 AM - 03:00 PM
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56 ratings


• 11/24/2019
Wong food delivered at first, but worth waiting for. Food is Good!
• 10/17/2019
food was amazing thank you so much for saving my dead lunch experience
• 9/26/2019
Good hot food
• 8/1/2019
Lemon chicken was very good
• 7/23/2019
Best lemon chicken ever.
• 7/19/2019
Good food
• 3/20/2019
i loved the food the only thing that was a little too much for me was the batter on the fried calamari. Overall the food hit the spot and was a good portion especially for just one person.
• 3/9/2019
• 2/24/2019
the food came quick ,and was hot and yummy. only sad part there was something hard in one eggrolls, so was uneasy to eat any more, but othr than that my food was delious
• 1/27/2019
Great food and fast delivery
• 1/27/2019
Food arrived quickly and was nicely packaged. The food was delicious - the only thing that could be improved is not to burn the Pot Stickers, but everything else was perfect!!
• 1/7/2019
Great! Fast Service
• 12/30/2018
Excellent food, and great service, fast delivery
• 9/26/2018
The food was beyond delicious and was prepared as instructed - and the delivery service was quick! We were very happy with our meal and will be ordering from them again!!! Great job New Golden Wok!!
• 3/24/2018
Food was really good!!! As always:)
• 1/27/2018
The food was delicious as usual, but the delivery service was poor, as we didn’t get our food delivered for well over an hour, which was unusual. By the time the food was delivered it was no longer hot and we had to heat everything back up. This dinner was for a birthday surprise and by the time the food arrived, we were beyond hungry. Good food, poor delivery service!!
• 12/2/2017
Food was delivered quickly and the order was 100% correct and hot. My favorites are the potstickers and the Tomato Beef Chow Mein. I will definitely order again!
• 10/28/2017
As usual, the food is excellent and the delivery was quick. We are very satisfied customers!!
• 8/23/2017
Food is always good portions are good also
• 7/21/2017
Delivery was quick and food was delicious!!
• 5/14/2017
The food was delicious (as always). I didn't have to wait for my food. Can't wait to order again!!!!
• 4/9/2017
There were no tomatoes in the tomato beef - there was only pieces of beef and a small amount of sauce. Usually it's a sight to behold with all the beautiful red tomatoes. Other than that the rest of the food was delicious!
• 3/14/2017
Terrific. Hot and tasty!
• 3/11/2017
Took a while to get here (almost an hour) but well worth the wait. Ordered fried rice, chow mein organe chicken and veggie egg fu yung. 4 Containers came packed full of good basic Chinese food, enough to feed 5 or 6 people easily. For just over 30 bucks. Very Nice. Almost unheard of these days. Minor gripe? Don't skimp on the soy sauce, especially if I've asked for extra.
• 3/2/2017
Always great
• 12/9/2016
Good food, quick delivery and great service.
• 11/4/2016
Food is great when it shows up hot! My food took 1hr and was cold as ice.
• 11/2/2016
Always spot on and good food. Especially loved the delivery 🚚. On time and hot.
• 11/1/2016
All was good, except the fried rice wasn't fried - rest of food was good.
• 9/28/2016
Food was delicious, although they got the order wrong and delivered chow fun instead of chow mein. We were having a birthday party and unfortunately they said they were really busy that it would take a while for them to come back and deliver the correct item. They were very nice about it and said they'd provide an order of chow mein for free the next time we order. We order from this restaurant all the time and it always really good!
• 9/18/2016
I have been ordering from Golden Wok for roughly 20 years and have NEVER been disappointed. I have a friend from San Jose who always insists we order from them when she visits. Good portions and fresh!!!
• 8/18/2016
Menu was pretty good, but could show basic ingredients for easier choosing. The food was hot and delivered in reasonable time. I would buy again.
• 5/10/2016
The food was good and delivery time was perfect! Thank you for the good experience!
• 4/7/2016
Food was excellent but but I'm single didn't realize it was a lot of food. First time ordering but one little mistake which is no biggie I asked for a Diet Coke and got regular Coke but overall excellent.